Podcast No.6 - Paul Speed


Despite some technical difficulties and a hangover for Sagar, our latest podcast is withPaul Speed, one of the founders of the much-loved 京都醸造株式会社 Kyoto Brewing Company. They have taken the city by storm since launching last spring, supplying thirsty Kyotoites with their line of beautiful, well-crafted beer. Listen to find out more about their brew and how it got started! 

Hosted by Eric Luong and Sagar Patel. (Sound trouble present!)

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After a short hiatus, we are back with PKN Kyoto vol.18 speaker Robin Hoshino. Originally from Ireland, Robin presented just after a few months living in Kyoto, providing a fresh perspective on the city. Here she gives more details about her many passions: coffee, aikido, illustration, and most recently, working in a Japanese izakaya.  (英語のみ)

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"We are different, but we have something to share, like all of you ... I think the concept of love or empathy is not based on race or color or gender or religion. We all share this amazing feeling."

One of the biggest stories in 2015 was the migrant crisis from Syria and parts of the Middle East. Kyoto-based researcher, and Syrian national, Rodi Alkader, has been drawing his thoughts on paper for years, but as the crisis unfolded, his drawings became a profound way for him to deal with his emotions. In this very personal presentation, "Drawing Tells a Better Story", from PechaKucha Night Kyoto Vol 19, Rodi shares his family's situation and adds a unique voice to the conversation. This presentation was part of the special PechaKucha Night Huddle held in Kyoto in October 2015. 

Our "City Focus" this week heads to Kyoto, where in addition to recently hosting PechaKucha's first annual national PKN organizer "Huddle," they held an incredible 19th volume on the grounds of a historical temple in true Kyoto style! For more details on the event, as well as a look at the full list of presenters, please visit the official event page!

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Take a listen to our Podcast#4 with Vol.15 speaker Nike Dattani, computational scientist who was at Kyoto University for a work stint. From genetic mapping to Einstein's theory of relativity, we tried to ask the hard questions. After a few drinks, the conversation truly became interesting!
Hosted by Ash Ryan and Eric Luong

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This is the third volume of Pecha Kucha Night Kyoto’s podcast. Our guest is photographer Rafael Roman who talks about how he got into taking photos and tells us the stories behind some of his recent shots.

Hosted by Eric Luong and Ash Ryan.

Edited by and music by Ash Ryan.

Eric Luong is a full-time instructor at Kyoto University of Art and Design and a freelance translator of art-related literature.

Ash Ryan creates music and WordPress websites, translates Japanese-English, and is co-founder of alternative creative space イタチshelter in Osaka.

This is the second volume of Pecha Kucha Night Kyoto's podcast. Our guest is Australian textile artist Melinda Heal, who tells us about making traditional Japanese textiles, dyeing, and kimonos.

Hosted by Eric Luong and Ash Ryan.

Edited by and music by Ash Ryan.


Introducing PechaKucha Night Kyoto Podcast!

oin us as we interview past speakers for a deeper look at what they are most passionate about. We'll introduce you to some interesting people in Kyoto, Osaka, Kansai, and beyond.

Pecha Kucha Night Kyoto is held once every 3 months in Kyoto, Japan. We love locals and visitors! Get in touch if you want to present. Or just come to watch and enjoy the community.

For details and contact info, check out our official site at the link below.

On the week where we are again celebrating on the front page of the site the fact that we love seeing videos from our PechaKucha Nights around the world, here is another great one to fall in our laps, this time for a series rather close to our HQ, and that's PechaKucha Kyoto. Watch the video here, or embedded below.

Vol.13, 2014年3月16日: Introducing some speakers!


Indonesian designer Adit Respati shares his unique design works! インドネシア人のデザイナーAditさんが自分のユニークな作品を紹介します!

"The term ‘graphic design’ was often related to prints, publication, and other 2d format designs. However as time goes, technology develops and it gives more option on how you can present your design works. In this presentation I will share how I make use of other media to create a graphic design solution that doesn’t really stick to the 2d formats."

Speaker JS Mayrand will talk about his work and up-coming solo exhibition! Join us! スピーカーJS Mayrandが自分の作品や個展について発表します。是非応援に来てください!


Vol.13 speaker: Tamami Suzuki!
「親友が全身脱毛症に罹ったことがきっかけで、髪を失った女性のための、オリジナルウィッグを考案し、制作・販売しています。髪を剃って商品開発に努めました。プレゼン頑張りますので応援しに来てください!」"When a good friend of mine lost all of her hair, I wanted to help women in her position, so I started to study, make and sell original wigs. I shave my head to develop new products. Come and cheer me on!"

Masahiro Nakata will introduce his cool jewelery designs! ジュエリーデザイナー中田さんが作品を紹介します!


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