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If you are interested in joining us as a presenter, please send the following details by Sunday, May 25th to pechakuchakyo@gmail.com.

1. Name and occupation / professional title (ex. photographer)

2. Brief introduction of yourself/short biography (up to 50 words)

3. Proposed presentation topic and summary of talk contents (up to 50 words)

4. Language of presentation (English or Japanese)

このイベントでプレゼンテーションをしたい!とお考えの方は、5月25日まで以下の情報をメールにて「pechakuchakyo@gmail.com」までお送りください。ご応募されました後、再度こちらから御案内のメールを差し上げます。 ※応募者多数の場合は、発表者は後日メールを持ってお知らせさせていただきますのでご了承下さい。

1. 氏名、職業/肩書き 2. 簡単な自己紹介(約100文字) 3. プレゼンテーションの題目と話の内容のまとめ(約100文字) 4. 発表言語(英語・日本語)



PKN Kyoto Vol.13 speaker intros

Vol.13, 2014年3月16日: Introducing some speakers!

Indonesian designer Adit Respati shares his unique design works! インドネシア人のデザイナーAditさんが自分のユニークな作品を紹介します!"The term ‘graphic design’ was often related to prints, publication, and other 2d format designs. However as time goes, technology develops and it gives more option on how you can present your design works. In this presentation I will share how I make use of other media to create a graphic design solution that doesn’t really stick to the 2d formats."

Speaker JS Mayrand will talk about his work and up-coming solo exhibition! Join us! スピーカーJS Mayrandが自分の作品や個展について発表します。是非応援に来てください!

Vol.13 speaker: Tamami Suzuki!「親友が全身脱毛症に罹ったことがきっかけで、髪を失った女性のための、オリジナルウィッグを考案し、制作・販売しています。髪を剃って商品開発に努めました。プレゼン頑張りますので応援しに来てください!」"When a good friend of mine lost all of her hair, I wanted to help women in her position, so I started to study, make and sell original wigs. I shave my head to develop new products. Come and cheer me on!" https://www.facebook.com/wigsuzutama

Masahiro Nakata will introduce his cool jewelery designs! ジュエリーデザイナー中田さんが作品を紹介します!

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    Ash Ryan is a beatmaker and musician. Heavily influenced by electropop, hiphop, and folk-country music, he creates beats, tracks, and remixes at his studio at Ponte M in Osaka. With much of the spirit of his music coming from traveling, Ash started the Beat Journey in 2011. Get in touch for events, video game music, software sound, film BGM, and collaborative creative projects.

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    Originally from Canada, Eric Luong is a translator and full-time instructor at the Kyoto University of Art and Design. He has a soft spot for Spanish wines and anything with shrimp. He supports the Toronto Maple Leafs.

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