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PechaKucha's People spotlight shines this week on Kyiv Organizer Timofey Yevgrashyn, who with his wife Maria have been organizing PKNs in the Ukranian capital for 5 years, joining the family back when we were only 100 budding cities strong. Now 883 cities and growing, Timofey says "This is amazing! We are proud to be a part of this community!" Check out Kyiv's amazing archive of presentations and take Tim's lead in starting a PechaKucha Night series in YOUR city! Thanks again, Tim - You're a star organizer! 

Kyiv is but one of the many cities that will take part in Global Night 2015 next week, and here's the wonderful poster that was produced to help publicize the event. You can find more details about the event -- the city's Vol. 18 -- on the official event page

On 26 February in Kiev will host one of the biggest events in the PechaKucha format!

12+ stories from creative people who are close to the «Design in your city» theme. Among the storytellers there are architects and designers of all kinds: object designers, interior designers, graphic designers, landscape architects, experts in the field of dynamic architecture, and also illustrators, journalists, copywritiers, musicians and other creative people.

We're going to hear and see stories about design, about communication, about the harmonization of the environment, about green roofs, the revolutionary parametric design tools, the human language in the urban environment, about the principles of formation in everything, about the redesign of the city through crowdsourcing, about design-education and "samizdat" (self-published books).

Poster by Olga Protasova

City Focus: Kyiv

For this week's City Focus, we look to the Ukrainian city of Kyiv, to shine a light on its fantastic -- and ever growing -- archive of presentations, latest of which were recorded at the city's Vol. 17 in October.

14 июня прошла очередная встреча Pecha Kucha Night. В этот раз темой встречи «Память. Время. Фотография». Открыл встречу Тимофей Евграшин, представитель фонда PechaKucha в Киеве. Так как к нам постоянно присоединяются новые участники, которые впервые узнали о формате, Тимофей специально для них поделился рассказом о формате, о проекте и о том, что мы делаем в Киеве и почему. Далее мы перешли к самим рассказам. Это были семь абсолютно разных рассказов. Кто-то своим рассказом вдохновил, кто-то заставил задуматься, кто-то глубоко затронул душевные струны. В любом случае каждый рассказ подарил незабываемые впечатления. Спасибо всем рассказчикам, кто решил поделиться своими историями. Уже скоро можно будет увидеть слайдкасты этих выступлений на нашем сайте, а сегодня — фотоотчет, как же это происходило. За приятную и камерную атмосферу мы благодарим нашего партнера — Музей Сновидений. И как всегда, каждый рассказчик получил в подарок записную книжку от нашего постоянного партнера Brainshop, что всегда приятно!

PKN Dunsborough Vol. 5 Presentations Christian Fletcher is a landscape photographer who photographs not only the beautiful South West of Australia but is now expanding his portfolio to include the rest of Australia and locations around the world. His presentation (from PKN Dunsborough Vol. 5) covers a new photography collaboration, exhibition, and workshop that is coming up in the near future. How did Jonathan Norton get out of writing a 20-page assignment? He promised a 100-page play instead, based on the Nina Simone song "Mississippi Goddam." Here's the story (from PKN Dallas Vol. 10). As we find out in this presentation (in Ukrainian, from PKN Kyiv Vol. 9), Kids-Coins is an educational project -- held inside and outside school -- that teaches children and teenagers the basics of financial literacy and entrepreneurship. Sergey Bidenko and Irina Zolotarevych -- co-authors of the "Kids-Coins" projects -- are experienced business coaches who have implemented 37 training and educational programs for adults and youth. PKN Miami Vol. 20 Posters Today's addition to the Tumblr blog is for Miami's upcoming very special Vol. 20 -- we always love seeing a city reach that number -- which doubles as a pre-Art Basel evening. It happens on December 1, and you'll find the full list of presenters with links on the event page. PKN Mikkeli Vol. 1 PKN Mikkeli Vol. 1 Photos Mikkeli recently held its very first PKN (and two weeks later, its Vol. 2), and here's the photo gallery [Flickr] to prove it -- you'll also find the full list of presenters with links on the event page. Calendar There are no PKNs tonight, but tomorrow night (November 20) you can look forward to the following two events: PKN Calgary Vol. 14 and PKN Coquitlam Vol. 8.

PKN Tokyo Vol. 95 Presentations In her presentation (from PKN Tokyo Vol. 95), artist Yuko Hishiyama shares the striking work she's been producing, mostly in the form of sculptures made of aluminum mesh. The resulting "people" she creates have not only starred in their own shows, but have also been made to interact with other famous pieces. Ixchel Lechuga's presentation (in Spanish, from PKN Xalapa Vol. 8) is all about why the city center can and should produce agriculture products. She makes her point by highlighting some of the advantages that can be felt by both the countryside and the city. PKN Istanbul Vol. 15 Posters We have two new additions to the Tumblr blog today, one for PKN Ornskoldsvik Vol. 2 and one for PKN Istanbul Vol. 15, pictured above. Below, more details on the Istanbul event.

PechaKucha Night İstanbul Vol. 15 Special Edition will take place at The Building Information Centre (YEM) on October 17th. This PechaKucha Night will be organised within the "Dutch-Turkish Connecting Creativity" program during the opening week of the Istanbul Design Biennale titled "Imperfection." "Oh God! Please Give Me A Makeover!" As all the efforts on urban transformation/regeneration/revitalisation go on, what are we transforming into as citizens? Has new urbanism regenerated the way we are and the way we behave? Are we really getting revitalized? What is the new URBANITAS? Architects, designers and fashion designers from Turkey and the Netherlands will present their cases around the theme of "Urban Transformation."

PKN Kyiv Vol. 5 Photos The photo above is from this photo gallery [Picasa] for last July's PKN Kyiv Vol. 8. Here's also a report on the event (Google translated). Calendar The three events happening tonight are PKN Aalborg Vol. 9, PKN Norrkoping Vol. 19, and PKN Malaga Vol. 3. Tomorrow marks Szczecin's first PKN, along with PKN Bilbao Vol. 13.

PKN Miami Vol. 14 In his presentation (from PKN Miami Vol. 14), Juan Calvo uses a series of projects to explain and illustrated the psychological impact of the architectural environment. As you'll be able to tell after watching this presentation (in Ukrainian, from PKN Kyiv Vol. 7), Tatiana Tsvelodub is quite passionate about Mikhail Vrubel, an artist of the late 19th century. You'll see his paintings of St. Cyril's Church, St. Vladimir's Cathedral, and St. Sophia.

Urban Exploring in Kyiv and a Dog's Life Presented

PKN Kyiv Vol. 7 Presentations It would be difficult for a dog to give a presentation -- not many of us speak "dog" -- so in comes Lesley Ann Beck who, on behalf of Hamish McPuppy, describes a dog's life. It was recorded at PKN Pittsfield Vol. 1. Dan Voronov is a writer and director, and in this presentation (in Ukrainian, from PKN Kyiv Vol. 7) he explains how he has developed what he considers to be an improved way of conducting urban hikes. He's behind the "Kyiv Explore Together" project in which, under his guidance every Saturday, a group gets together to cross difficult terrain within Kyiv. PKN Tbilisi Vol. 2 Posters After yesterday's poster explosion -- which were also featured in the post -- we just have one new addition to the Tumblr blog today, for PKN Tbilisi Vol. 2 (above), which is happening this Friday.   Calendar First, a reminder on what to expect tonight (July 25): PKN Derby Vol. 6, PKN Znojmo Vol. 1, PKN Helena Vol. 2, PKN Tokyo Vol. 94, and PKN Providence Vol. 40. Tomorrow night we have the following four PKNs set to take place: PKN Milwaukee Vol. 11, PKN Portland, Maine Vol. 20, PKN Detroit Vol. 12, and PKN Los Angeles Vol. 31.

PKN Kyiv Vol. 7 Presentations Tatiana Guryeva's presentation (in Ukrainian, from PKN Kyiv Vol. 7) is based on recollections of her childhood. You'll see the Kyiv of the 70s and 80s, or at least how it has remained in her memory, as well as Pechersk, the area where she grew up, and Podol, the area where she currently lives.

Art’s task is to Save the Soul of Mankind, and that anything less is a dithering while Rome burns. Because if the Artist, who are self-selected to be able to journey into the other... if the Artist cannot find the way, then the Way cannot be Found. 

Adopting this Terence McKenna quote as his mantra and accidentally stumbling into what he calls "Thought Structure" through his art, blakeArt® (aka Matt Blake), with all his might and good intent, attempts to do just that: find a way for All. We are all "One" in the "Same," and he expands on that idea in this presentation (from PKN Chicago Vol. 18). PKN Guimaraes Vol. 3 Posters New on the Tumblr blog today are posters for PKN Guimaraes Vol. 3 (pictured above), PKN Springfield, Ohio Vol. 5, and PKN Cape Town Vol. 19.  PKN Buenos Aires Vol. 21 We've also added a few posters and flyers from PKN Buenos Aires that we hadn't come across in the past, including the flyer you see above, for the city's Vol. 21. PKN Buenos Aires Vol. 25 happens tonight. PKN Barcelona Vol. 16 Photos and video We have a few photo galleries to share today, including from the recent PKN Barcelona Vol. 16, which is what you see above. After the link, you'll also find a great video round-up from the event -- we sure love that "20th Century Fox" intro done PK-style.

Calendar Tonight (June 26) your PKN satisfaction will come from the following two events: PKN Amersfoort Vol. 7 and the previously mentioned PKN Buenos Aires Vol. 25. Tomorrow, on top of PKN Tokyo Vol. 93, you'll find PKN Kingston Vol. 3 and PKN Providence Vol. 39.