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Featured Presentation

Nichole McMinn shares her story, learning to face her fears and push herself in what she loves. A discussion of the struggles of the creative mind, the challenges faced as a young artist, and the realizations reached during this pursuit. 

"Presentation of the Day" on October 29, 2014.



@ VOL 13 ON NOV 11, 2014

Three years ago my brothers and I got together to work on our first short film together; It was for the 48 Hour Film Festival in Asheville. If you're not sure how the 48 Hour Film Festival works, you essentially show up on a Friday night, draw a genre out of a hat, are given a character, prop and line of dialogue and then have 48 hours to make and turn in the film. It's a stressful but very fun way to spend the weekend. Our film that year, MALK, went on to win the Audience Choice Award as well as best use of genre, Mockumentary. 

It was the story of group of guys who in an effort to feel a stronger bond with their children, began lactating. They formed the Male Lactation Koalition, or Malk for short.

The film was a hit and we still get great comments on it to this day. Since then we've gone on to win the Audience Choice award for the past two years with two separate films however the soft spot in our heart has always been for our first film together.

We then figured why do we only work together once a year for a weekend? Let's do something bigger.

This presentation would be about the start of our journey to turn our off-the-wall short film into a feature: MALK the movie. By far our most ambitious project yet, it would be a followup feature mockumentary that will tell the "where are they now" story of 5 guys who have turned their local lactation group into a worldwide movement. It will all be shot locally around Knoxville, Asheville and Bristol and will be a great way to gather our friends, family as well as every new crew connection we've made through the past few years. Just three brothers trying to make a movie while still trying to live our everyday lives. 


"Presentation of the Day" on January 22, 2015.


By All Means, Craft

@ VOL 13 ON NOV 11, 2014

Matt Culver's focuses on the University of Tennessee School of Architecture Fab Lab. While this facility may be similar to fabrication shops at other design schools, Matt firmly believes that the University of Tennessee School of Architecture Fab Lab is uniquely poised to draw upon a regional legacy of craft. This potential opportunity can help set it apart from other facilities.


A Writers Journey: From Abject Failure to Marginal Success at Inside of Knoxville.com

@ VOL 13 ON NOV 11, 2014

Alan Sims focuses on his blog about the culture and life of downtown Knoxville after his failed attempt in pursing song and short story writing. His blog centers around the development, events, business, and issues of his city.


Let Me Learn the Lessons You Have Hidden In Every Leaf and Rock

@ VOL 13 ON NOV 11, 2014

Matthew Debardelaben shares excerpts from a short book he is writing for his boys titled, "Let Me Learn the Lessons You Have Hidden In Every Leaf and Rock." The first time we hear grandpa speak he says to the boy, “That which is lacking in the present world is a profound knowledge of the nature of things.” The book follows grandpa and the boys as they experience the world together. The book is being illustrated by Dani Collins.


Evelyn & Elsie

@ VOL 13 ON NOV 11, 2014

Brenna Elrod comes from a long line of collectors.  She feels that she was destined to either love or hate old stuff. And she loves it. Brenna loves it because she believes objects have stories to tell, for better or worse.  However, She finds it disconcerting because we produce so much stuff. And we produce this stuff at a cost to the environment and people. This juxtaposition of values informs the content of her blog (evelynandelsie.wordpress.com) and more recently her creations. Brenna Elrod's expands on these topics and explores how she choses to pursue the study of 'old stuff' and what it means to her. 



@ VOL 13 ON NOV 11, 2014

Bob Sutton strums a guitar, retelling the story of a boy who finds salvation in Coalfield, Tennessee. This childhood story is told with photography by James Newby playing in the background.


Brigid KO Designs

@ VOL 13 ON NOV 11, 2014

Designer Brigid Oesterling of BrigidKO creates couture costuming and clothing made primarily from innertubes and recycled materials. Her focus has been to use innertubes from cars, motorcycles and bicycles. Not your typical recycled-wear, the recycled rubber material often has a leather look which the designer masterfully balances with other materials, often masking the identity of the innertube. Her work is innovative and, these unique pieces are both delicate and bold. 


Right Angle Reply (Tall Grasses): Expanding A Studio Practice

@ VOL 13 ON NOV 11, 2014

A recent permanent public artwork in Knoxville, Right Angle Reply (Tall Grasses), was recently unveiled at the Knoxville Botanical Garden and Arboretum (July 10, 2014). This is a project that, while complete as a visual, sensory experience, has a notable story behind its creation. Artist Brian Jobe presents this story, revealing what influenced the project as well as the process of constructing the final finished work. He also shares his views about the potential benefits of artists engaging the community, something that has shaped his work and is a focus of his studio.




“We’re a bunch of weird brothers making a film about male lactation.”
Filmmaker Noble Robinette speaks on his unique project entitled “MALK.” In “Malk” from PKN Knoxville Vol. 13 Noble describes what started as a mockumentary on male lactation and the efforts of a group of men to get closer to their families.

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