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We haven’t scheduled our next PechaKucha Night yet, but in the meantime you can watch some presentations, look at our map to see if there are any scheduled PKNs in nearby cities, or have a look at the long list of upcoming events, to see if there’s one you can attend!


Featured Presentation

Nichole McMinn shares her story, learning to face her fears and push herself in what she loves. A discussion of the struggles of the creative mind, the challenges faced as a young artist, and the realizations reached during this pursuit. 

"Presentation of the Day" on October 29, 2014.


Emory Place Block Party

@ VOL 16 ON AUG 06, 2015

As an architect I'm a proponent for saving historic buildings and I constantly see potential in unique and underutilized spaces. There are areas of town which may have both but sometimes need that "something more." After living near Emory Place for 3 years I decided the "something more" it needed was a stronger connection and community and more activity in general. This isn't an issue that is solved by renovations alone. This is where a group of like-minded people came together to make that "something more" a reality. This is how the Emory Place Block Party came to be. 


Tennessee Underground

@ VOL 15 ON MAY 07, 2015

People from diverse backgrounds are drawn to the adventure sport of caving for a myriad of reasons. They come to Tennessee from all over the world to cave in this very special region where some of the longest caves, deepest pits, largest chambers, most fantastic formations, and widest variety of cavelife in the world are found. This is an introduction to caving and the mysterious, awe-inspiring, underground Tennessee landscape that few have seen!


The Gnomes of Wrocław

@ VOL 15 ON MAY 07, 2015

In the summer of 2014, I had the opportunity to go to Wrocław (Poland). While there, I noticed many small gnome statues around the city. These figurines first appeared around the city in 2001 and, since then, their numbers have been continually growing. Although initially referring to the Orange Alternative movement, they have become a tourist attraction.


An Office of Yes

@ VOL 15 ON MAY 07, 2015

What is needed to tap into Knoxville’s hidden potential? How can we engage every person as a valuable resource? Is there something we could do, or do more of, that would make Knoxville a world-class city with unique and interesting cultural niches showcasing the very best of what everyone has to offer? The Answer: YES


Photo Adventures


Jessica Tezak is a photojournalist who loves telling stories through her photography. In this presentation, Jessica shares some of her favorite photographs, the stories behind them, and how the people involved have influenced her.


Skyscrapers to Corn Fields, A Quest for KiloWatts

@ VOL 15 ON MAY 07, 2015

Cultural shock would be an understatement for Hoi Chun Ho, a Hong Kong native moving to Fort Scott, Kansas, a town with a population of 8000, when he was 16. No more skyscrapers and no more sidewalks and crossroads for pedestrians as big as football fields (of course, American football); however, besides from feeling lonely and bored, he also felt immensely excited. Through the open fields in America, he sees opportunities. Come learn what opportunities a Hong Kong city boy saw to boost America’s clean, reliable, domestic, base-load, renewable energy production.


Flips Batter Bar


Flips Batter Bar is Melody Ratliff's playful spin on the traditional morning routine, where the customer participates with the creative expression of their meal. Flips has multiple batter choices, things to put in your pancake, and an incredible syrup bar with all homemade syrups. A gourmet breakfast that is just how you want it. 


The Literacy Imperative

@ VOL 15 ON MAY 07, 2015

A vision from God, led Jackie Holloway to become Art Director for The Literacy Imperative; Inc. in 2008, offering free classes, exposing students to art history and education. The studio provides students an overview of art instruction, trends, techniques and styles, enhancing their ability, bringing spiritual change through art.  Student art exhibits were held at local & regional venues to assist students marketing art work becoming profitable artist. Students have gone on to college, become business owners, and even instructors.



How To Make Printmaking Accessible To All

"Our goal is to teach people how to run the presses and then allow you guys to come in here and use them for your own purposes."In How To Make Printmaking Accessible To All from Knoxville, Vol. 14Bryan Baker shares his collaborative printmaking project and garage-turned-studio-workspace-gallery-space, Striped Light. Team headquarters for a trio of creative minds, they will be publishing, collaborating, and exploring tangents of their own volition as works are developed for the Striped Light catalog and portfolio, at the same time opening their printshop to the public for learning workshops. The team of experienced printers will also be available for hire, offering limited-edition custom letterpress design and printing for events, business ephemera, and artistic ventures.

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About the City's Organizers

  • Dianna Osickey

    Dianna graduated from the University of Tennessee School of Architecture. She is a licensed architect with a specialty in lighting design. Her desire to combine the design process with a high level of craftsmanship have merged to create Fourth Year Studio - a custom design and letterpress company in Knoxville, TN. You can find her combing through antique stores for wooden type or inking up the press in her spare time.

  • Lorie Matthews

    A lover of all things creative, especially her designer husband, Lorie is currently pursing a Master's Degree in Conflict Management. She enjoys finding creative ways to bring people together to create collaborative outcomes. Lorie is happy to be part of the team that connects creatives in Knoxville through PechaKucha Night!

  • Ashley Pace

    Ashley is a Registered Architect in the State of Tennessee. She currently works at Sanders Pace Architecture as an architect and in business development. Ashley received her Master of Industrial Design graduate degree from the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn and her undergraduate degree from The University of Tennessee where she was valedictorian of her School of Architecture class. With degrees in both architecture and industrial design, Ashley's work covers a broad range of design including furniture, product, interiors, and architecture. Ashley teaches at The University of Tennessee as an Adjunct Studio Professor. She spends most of her free-time wrangling her three beautiful and crazy kids.

  • Katie Schulz

    New on the scene in Knoxville, Katie recently graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). She has an A.A. in Liberal Arts, a B.F.A. in Interior Design, and a minor in Design for Sustainability. As a self-proclaimed adventurist and design enthusiast, she finds her passion in creating memorable experiences within interior space. When not in her creative cubicle, you can find her exploring new neighborhoods, pretending she is Julia Child in the kitchen, or supporting local coffee houses while catching up on pinterest, pop culture references, and design trends.

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