Words fail me to describe the evening events. Again, the co-sponsorship by Kingston on the Edge guarranteed a large turn out as we squeezed together and became friends within the book laden confines of Bookophilia. A few rearrangements later we were comfortable - some seated, other standing, all enamoured by the presentations. The crowd was made up of a number of familiar faces, Pecha Kucha Night Kinsgton veterans and past presenters, and a couple new faces as well. All swearing to return. The nights presenters took us on a visual tour of Kingston, and parts of the Caribbean, others in their varied life they call a profession. Each image touched us, leaving us swelled with inspiration. Thanks to all who came out... however we have more planned for the summer.

To all our speakers, all our sponsors and all who came out last night - A heartfelt Thank You!  I think we've found our niche and groove, let's take this energy into our next event.

Anyone interested in presenting at any of our events please feel free to contact me. 

- DC

PKN Toronto Vol. 16 Presentations The Design Walkin -- a project created by Zahra Ebrahim ( and Ken Chong (The Baitshop Inc) and presented at PKN Toronto Vol. 16 -- is a drop-in clinic created to make design and design advice accessible to the general public. ‪ In this presentation (in Japanese, from PKN Sendai Vol. 2), Kazushige Monou talks about his Tsurezure Dan project, in which he tries to produce fun and creative activities in the Tohoku region, with the hope of sharing them with others. PKN Springfield, IL Vol. 8 Posters There's only one new addition to the Tumblr blog today, and it takes the form of the poster you see above, for next month's PKN Springfield, IL Vol. 8. PKN Kingston Vol. 3 Photos Today we'll point you to this Flickr photoset from last week's PKN Kingston Vol. 3 (pictured above), and what a night it was. "Our heads are still spinning from the event," says PKN Kingston organizer David Cuthbert. "It went really, really well, and we had our largest event to date, over 200+ (totally unplanned)." We'll share one more photo today, this one in a series that our PKN Tokyo photographer Michael Holmes has been taking for our event flyers (see the first one here). A lovely hovering photo taken near our venue, SuperDeluxe, just before the start of last month's PKN Tokyo Vol. 93. PKN Tokyo Vol. 93 Calendar Here's what you can expect in terms of PechaKucha action this weekend. Tonight (July 13), we start with PKN Chattanooga Vol. 11 and PKN Moscow, Idaho Vol. 2. On Saturday we have the following trio of events: PKN Tulsa Vol. 1, PKN Ostrava Vol. 8, and PKN Nara Vol. 3. Since Monday is a holiday here in Japan and so we won't be updating the blog, take note that PKN Leeds Vol. 12 is taking place on that day, and then on Tuesday you can look to Jacksonville as it celebrates its Vol. 20. 

Robots for All, the Art of Communication, and Bahraini Visuals

PKN Curitiba Vol. 1 Presentations In a culture where robots are everywhere -- whether as a toy, in an industrial setting, or as a movie villain -- it's good to have someone like DJ Sures, CEO, roboticist, and the visionary behind EZ-Robot. Watch as he shares (from PKN Calgary Vol. 12) his passion for robots, particularly the ones that are easy to control. With "The Art of Communication" (in Portuguese, from PKN Curitiba Vol. 1), Michelle Thomé fully embraces the 20x20 format -- specifically, the numbering -- as she covers effective and efficient ways of speaking in public. PKN Bahrain Vol. 5 Posters We've got a few new posters on the Tumblr blog today: the proper poster for PKN Williamsburg Vol. 1 (we shared the flyer a week or two ago), PKN Kingston Vol. 3, PKN Katowice Vol. 7, and the poster for tonight's PKN Bahrain Vol. 5, pictured above. PKN Bahrain organizer Mohammed Jannahi adds a few details for that poster:
The poster is designed by Bahraini designer Muna Yateem, who recently launched her brand HARAKA (a common word used by Bahrainis which means to wear or do something with swagger). The idea behind the poster is making fun of Bahrainis and their reaction when they hear and pronounce PechaKucha, some find it very difficult and its even funnier when elder people try to say PechaKucha. The great thing about this parody is the fact that PechaKucha has an audience from all age groups and the word itself makes it "special" in Bahrain.
And although not a poster, here's a look at the new logo for PKN Seoul -- the series has been on hiatus for quite a few years now, but is about to relaunch this summer. PKN Seoul PKN Nara Vol. 2 Photos We've got another fresh batch of photo galleries from around the web, and if you missed the live streaming of the recent PKN Edmonton Vol. 13, you can still watch the video here, courtesy of the Edmonton Journal. Above, the scene at PKN Nara Vol. 2. Links and press A pair of links (that second link is also an invitation to read more interviews with PKN Birmingham's presenters), as well as some press coverage. Below, a scan of recent coverage for Jersey's first PKN from the Jersey Evening Post. Jersey Evening Post Calendar After a rather busy week, the PKN network slows down a bit over the weekend. Tonight (June 8) you can catch PKN Cagliari Vol. 3 and PKN Bahrain vol. 5, and then tomorrow night (Saturday) look to PKN Cancun Vol. 5, an event that was supposed to happen last month, but got postponed due to bad weather (yes, you guessed it, it's an outdoor event).

PKN Kingston Vol. 2 There was worry that PechaKucha Night in Kingston Vol. 2 wasn't going to happen because of the threat of coming storms, but as the photo above reveals, it all worked out. From organizer David Cuthbert: "We were blessed with rain free skies for 2 days leading up to the event. We were at capacity packed into a photo studio as the 20x20 roared into action." More photos to follow.

Flyer for PKN Kingston Vol. 2 The second PechaKucha Night in Kingston is set for June 11, and will be held at the JUST WRIGHT Studios. A few of the presenters are listed on the flyer (above), and you can check in later on the official event page to find the full list.

Poster for PKN Kingston Vol. 1

PechaKucha Night is coming to Kingston, with the first event set to happen later this month (July 23) at the Chilitos JaMexican restaurant. As the poster suggests: "Come early, leave late. Share and delve into the minds of some of Jamrocks's leading creatives." The official event page lists all of the presenters, with a few links.