Poster for PKN Jacksonville Vol. 14 Jacksonville plays host to its PechaKucha Night Vol. 15 tonight (September 21) at 5 Points Theatre. In this post we share the posters for the previous two events (Vol. 14 above and Vol. 13 below), and you'll find a few more in this Facebook gallery. Poster for PKN Jacksonville Vol. 13

Posters for PKN Jacksonville Vol. 11

Poster for PKN Jacksonville Vol. 11

The latest PechaKucha Night in Jacksonville (Vol. 11) was held last night at the 5 Points Theatre, and even though it's over, we still wanted to share these two great posters that were commissioned to help promote the event. The designs are by Karen Kurycki.

Poster for PKN Jacksonville Vol. 11

PKN Jacksonville on the Marquee

PechaKucha Night in Jacksonville Vol. 7 took place last night, and as you may remember when we posted the flyer for event, the venue was a movie theater. Flickr user Fotobia.com has already posted a photo from the event -- it was sent from his mobile -- and we must admit that it's rather nice seeing "PechaKucha" written on the marquee like that.

Flyer for PKN Jacksonville Vol. 7

Jacksonville will have its seventh PechaKucha Night next week (January 19), to be held at The 5points Theater -- you'll find all the presenters listed on the flyer above. And that movie reel you see pictured isn't just for show, as the evening's presentations will be followed by a screening of Jason Reitman's Up in the Air.

Why Should You Do a PechaKucha?

Why should you do a PechaKucha? There are certainly many reasons, but please take a look at the terrific comic created by Stephanie Soden in collaboration with PKN Jacksonville for a few good suggestions. Personally, I'd absolutely love to see a presentation on "how I tap-danced my way out of that one," wouldn't you? And take note that the next PKN in Jacksonville, Vol. 7, will take place January 9.