PechaKucha Night İstanbul Vol. 18 was held at Building Information Center (YEM) on Thursday, December  19, 2013. In this volume, we had been looking for  at  social responsibility from a creative perspective.

It was our last Pechakucha event for 2013.  In the night, 150-200 guests were with us.  9 speakers were on the stage with their projects on social responsiblity.

We were talking about urban transformation, design, architecture, parks, ecology,  food, social media and more titles. Under the subjects of "how could we make the world a better place to live? what can we do for sustainability? what 'a creative touch' could add to social responsibility projects? " After the presentations, at the break time, presenters met with guests.  They answered questions and explained how can they involve in these projects at the real time.

Now, we are really excited for 2014. Follow us for the new year headlines and events


Last 1 day to PechaKucha Night Istanbul Vol.18! Event place and presenters are ready to stage. We are waiting for the night. At this time, will take a look at  Social Responsibility from a creative perspective
How could we make the world a better place to live? What can we do for sustainability? What 'a creative touch' could add to social responsibility projects? 

There will be so many projects on the stage from creative sectors. We are talking about urban transformation, lighting design, social media, design studios, ecology and etc etc.

If you are in town, please join us, tomorrow at  YEM 20.20 pm. And dont miss the night!

PechaKucha Night Istanbul Special Event amberFest'13 ( technology and digital art festival)  was held on November 1 at Roxy Club in Istanbul. So many guests and speakers came all around world for this special EU festival. on the stage, they were telling about their projects and works about technology, art and digital culture. Here is the some presenters details and photos links. And videos are coming soon! Please check the photos on  :

Susa Pop- Public Art Lab and Connecting  Cities Susa's project was about connection with festival cities on public street with Outdoor LEDs 

Martin Brysnkov Life Between Systems   He spoke about how difficult it is for people who build technical systems for cities  to  predict what kind of life that people will live between those systems.

Hideaki Ogawa - Ars Electronica Futurelab as Creative Catalysts Hideaki's project is known as a simple and consecutive interaction design combined digital technologies and analog technologies. 

Mahir Yavuz- United Colors of Dissent   He was talking  about his project with Orkan Telhan entitled United Colors of Dissent

Yılmaz Kıymaz-  A Growing Indie Community in Turkey He is independent game developer and GDT ( Game Development Turkey) admin, will talk about the GDT community and the game jam that will be organized as part of AMBER


PechaKucha Night Istanbul Special Arkimeet : ByPass was held at Halic Congress Center on 7 October. Safak Pavey was on the stage for special closing speech to explain of Istanbul’s secret beauties. In the night, presenters came to event with 20x 20 presentations to discuss  to problems of capital cities and public spaces .

What should we do to protect  our cities? How can we  transport the beautiful things  to  the future? What is our responsibilities?  Quests were thinking about  these answers with important and nice presentations.

Architect and City Planner Yasar Adanali, Architect and Photographer Ali Taptik, Architect and Curator Ertug Ucar, Journalist and Academic Member Koray Caliskan, Architect Arman Akdogan, and Architect Omer Selcuk Baz joined to special “PechaKucha Night Istanbul Arkimeet :ByPass ” with presentations.

Photos of the event:

We are ready to SPECIAL night for Pechakucha Night! So we will be on the stage with little presenters on Friday PechaKucha Global Night. Kids are ready, presentations are ready. And we are so exciting. If you are in the city, plase join us! You could see our presentations headlines. Please dont miss the night in Istanbul! 

Speakers announced of PechaKucha Night Istanbul Vol. 17 “Being A Child” on 20 th September, at The Building Information Centre. 8 Speakers will be on the stage between 8-12 years old.

First, Doga Efe Polat will be explaning “Irregular Structuring”. And he will show us “why and how”.

After Mina Nazaretyan will tell us her important projects and ideas little street cats. We could do something for them.
Sanem Kaytancı will be on the stage for technology and computers world. What do they expect from web generation?
“Madness of Fashion”. We will be listening fashion issues from Derin Karaduman and Irmak Horoz.

We are not alone on this earth. We have so many little friends. And what happens in their life? we will be discovering to this interesting world with presentation of Kumru Candar.

And after Gunes Pehlivanoglu will be on the stage with big real problem and she will tell our problems about world pullition. “Smoke… a poison for humanity.”
And last speakers Sarp Turker will be showing us dangerous of smoke with his perspective.

For photos of the night:



Dear All, we are ready to PechaKucha Night İstanbul Vol. 17. It  will take place at Building Information Center (YEM) on Friday 20 th September, 2013, PechaKucha "Global" Night . It will be so exciting!

In this volume, we will be hosting 8 young speakers, 6-12 year old, under the title: “Being a Child”

Children have got different world, different words and ideas. So they will share their minds with us. For example what do they want create?or what do they think about animals life , design, architect or technology? 

If you would like  to know , please join the discussion in our audience at 18.30. For details and registration please

PechaKucha Night Istanbul Vol. 17 " Being A Child"



Hello! Countdown to PechaKucha Night Istanbul for kids. PKN Istanbul  Vol. 17 "Being A Child" on Friday 20th September, 2013.

Next generation is coming. What world holds for next generation? They are so excited. Little presenters will share projects and ideas about creative world on the stage.

Our speakers details are coming soon.

We are waiting all of you, if you are in city.  

Friday 20th September, 2013. The Building Information Centre ISTANBUL , 18.30 pm.




PechaKucha Night İstanbul Club: Gotta Be My Party was held on 14 March with different stage, hosted by  Urban Bug Lounge.

 In the night , presenters were talking about different and interesting style parties idea (music, dance, design, quit party, smart phone application, farewell party) on the stage with pechakucha night presentation format.  After the presentations,  the winner announced with audience’s vote.

Barış Atiker’s idea “Be your  best and worst design” will take a place at Urban Bug Lounge in April.  For more information and event details you can click on and follow Urban Bug Lounge on social media.

Many Thanks for all of presenters and guests!

For photos of the night :

Videos are coming soon!

Last week, we finished PechaKucha Night Istanbul Vol. 16 "Creating a Character". It was very special night with 11 speakers 20* 20 ppt's, interactive stages and live performances. Videos and photos of night are coming soon! We will be sharing them with you, as soon as possible. Now we are working on new PKN Istanbul! See you at next PechaKucha Night Istanbul!  And many thanks speakers and guests for coming and sharing night with us!

On a warm January afternoon just over two years ago in Port au Prince, an earthquake the likes of which Haiti had not seen in over 50 years struck. The magnitude 7.0 tremors destroyed buildings, residences and resulted in an estimated 316,000 deaths -- making this the 2nd deadliest earthquake of all time. 

Among the responders was Turkey's GEA-SAR Team (a member of the International Search and Rescue Advisory Group) which collaborated with US SAR teams to comb through debris and destruction to find the few trapped survivors of this horrendous natural disaster. 

This week's "City Focus" is on Istanbul, so we've picked this wordless edition (from PKN Istanbul Vol. 1) of Presentation of the Day to highlight Turkish GEA Team's heroic efforts. It should also be noted that this presentation was originally a part of our Global PechaKucha Day effort for Haiti Reconstruction