Past Huntsville Event: VOL 3



August 17, 2017
@ Straight to Ale, Leeman Ferry Lounge
We have a phenominal line up of presenters to educate, entertain, and inform you about the nooks and crannies of Huntsville's finest philosophers, creators, hot sauce makers, roller derby players, philanthropists, and more!  Of course, there will be a broad selection of Straight to Ale's finest on tap.
The presenters this time around:
Dr. Deborah Heikes - An Age of Inequality 
Cindy Wagner - Cindy Wagner Arts
Doug Canida - Earl's Ghost
Shalis Worthy - Public Libraries
David Nuttall - Hand-drawn Plausible Fictitious Maps
Danny Davis - Tangled String Studios
Dwaynia Wilkerson - The Art of Storytelling
Kupcake Kamikaze - Dixie Derby Girls
Jenny Juceviciute - No-I Fest
We will be at the Straight to Ale Leeman Ferry Lounge this time around:
3200 Leeman Ferry Rd SW
Huntsville, AL 35801.  
Join us and have a beer with some of Huntsville's most passionate doers, makers, and thinkers!
Shalis Worthy
Librarian, Huntsville Public Library in Huntsville
Cindy Wagner
Artist - Painter/Mixed Media, Self Employed in Huntsville, Alabama
Dr. Deborah Heikes
Professor of Philosophy, UAH in Huntsville, AL
Doug Canida
Hot Sauce, Earl's Ghost in Huntsville, AL
Kupcake Kamikaze
Jammer, Dixie Derby Girls in Huntsville, AL
Dwaynia Wilkerson
Prose and Pens, Prose and Pens in Huntsville, AL
Danny Davis
Guitar Builder, Tangled String Studios in Huntsville, AL
Jenny Juceviciute
philanthropy, Blossomwood Foundation in Huntsville, AL
David Nuttall
Artist, Artimaps in Huntsville, AL