Past Huntsville Event: VOL 2



May 11, 2017
@ Rocket Republic

We made it to Volume II!

We will be in Madison at Rocket Republic this time around with musical entertainment by Bookie Wilder starting at 6:PM and again during the Beer Break.

Come out and see the great cross section of Alabama's talented and passionate doers, makers, and thnkers. 

Rocket Republic:

Bookie Wilder:


Laurie A. Malone, PhD, CBDT
Bio-Dog Trainer, Sprout and Penny Canine Foundation in Homewood
Aladin Bashir
The Huntsville Islamic Center in Huntsville
Cindy Roberts
Sprout and Penny Canine Foundation in Birmingham, AL
J. Leko
Furniture Maker, J. Leko Furniture Maker, LLC in Huntsville
Ben Payment
Alabama Land Trust in Birmingham, AL
Richard Richardson, M.D., F.A.C.S.
The Breast Cancer Alliance of Huntsville in Huntsville, AL
Carol Labriola, LMT
Culori Arts in Huntsville
Christopher Taylor
UAH in Huntsville
Chef Will
in Huntsville
James Robinson
in Huntsville