"Boardgames are as old as civilization itself."

In Press Start to Begin: A World of Board Games from PechaKucha Night Hong Kong Vol. 27Vincent Siu and Wes Mui share a bit about the history, development and social aspects of board games, and its new renaissance.

This week's PK People Spotlight lands on continental media designer, Huschang Pourian. Self-admitted PKN Hong Kong "groupie", he is the co-Founder of ChowPourianLab, the renowned design firm, that in addition to focussing on art/architecture/design-related projects, cranks out the occasional bicycle.


Shining a spotlight on PechaKucha Hong Kong who released an monstrously graphic design for their Vol. 26 event poster this month. We were so electrified by its high-voltage charge, we put it on our official PechaKucha Poster tumblr! Click through to see all the other amazing poster designs we are constantly adding to it. Be dazzled to design one for YOUR city's PechaKucha! 

"Yoga helped me when life got shaken through illness and the death of a family member. Thats when I decided to become a yoga teacher."

In "Bye-Bye Boring Desk Job, Hello Health and Happiness", from PechaKucha Hong Kong Vol. 24, Triathlete, Paddle-Board Yoga Instructor, and Entrepreneur, Nadine Bubner talks about escaping the corporate world and heading up a full-time business teaching yoga and meditation classes, while indulging in Ironman triathlon competitions on the side, evolving into a practice that combines yoga and endurance sport. This is her empowering story.

The latest PechaKucha Night in Hong Kong was held in early March, a collaboration with Fotonian Open Studios. Catch the photos from this event in this Facebook gallery, and find out about the presenters from official event page.

As we shared here on the blog, Hong Kong recently played host to a special Swedish design edition PechaKucha Night at PMQ, and here's a Facebook gallery with photos from the event from the organizers, as well as another one with photos by Cheehaur Tan (the photo in this post is from that set). 


PKN Hong Kong in the News

As we shared last week, Hong Kong has a special PechaKucha Night happening tonight (Thursday, December 4), a celebration of Swedish design. Organizer Sonia Chow (pictured) took to the radio to promote the event, and you can listen to it here.

Hong Kong is about to meet Swedish design, in a special PechaKucha Night set for December 4 at PMQ, in collaboration with the Detour festival. Visit the official event page for all the details. 

“For classical music we want longer reverberation times so all the instruments can mix together.”

Acoustics Engineer Kito Sousa Coutinho explains the nuances of acoustics and space. In “Acoustics…What?” from PKN Hong Kong Vol. 17, he describes the differences between noise and sound, and how his work is to bridge the gap between architects, engineers, and builders to improve the quality of sound in a space.

“The idea is to introduce the movement of peoples between Asia and the rest of the world.”

Curator Aric Chen takes us on a tour of the under-construction M+ Museum of Visual Culture (to be completed late 2017) in Hong Kong, and the exhibition he has put together of numerous architectural works in the form of model and drawings.

In “Building M+” from PKN Hong Kong Vol. 19 Aric demonstrates the way by which the exhibition conveys the processes of architectural design, places the M+ construction within history, and surveys unrealised and failed construction plans.