Silo 468 Light Art Project

In this edition of Presentation of the Day (from PKN Frankfurt Vol. 21) Tapio Rosenius of Lighting Design Collective (Madrid, Spain) talks about his organization's work on the Silo 468 light art project for the City of Helsinki. This urban light art installation uses wind, swarm intelligence, and logarithmic lighting controls to achieve its artistic vision. The project is part of the 2012 Helsinki World Design Capital initiative.

This presentation was given prior to the project's completion, but to see its construction and debut, check out LDC's Vimeo post

PKN Helsinki Vol. 13

We absolutely love getting to look in on all of the PechaKucha Nights that happen worldwide -- and you may be surprised to find out that, conservatively speaking, there will probably be over 1000 official PKNs held in 2011, and that doesn't count one-off events. Today we take a look at Helsinki's Vol. 13, which was held last month -- there's more to see in this Flickr photoset.


PKN Helsinki Vol. 8

PKN Helsinki Vol. 8

PechaKucha Night in Helsinki Vol. 8 was held back in January, and was organized in conjunction with the University of Helsinki, with speakers including a mix of both scientists and creatives. We've highlighted a few photos from the event in this post, but there's much more to see in this Flickr photoset. Thanks also to co-organizer Anni Puolakka for the descriptions of each presentation.

PKN Helsinki Vol. 8

PKN Helsinki Vol. 8

PKN Helsinki Vol. 8

PKN Helsinki Vol. 8

PKN Helsinki Vol. 8

PKN Helsinki Vol. 8

PKN Helsinki Vol. 8

Below, a look at the presenters who took part.

Tapio Vapaasalo, Professor of Graphic Design, to talk about 20 negative things (including 'Deadline') that are integral as well as essential in a designer's work. His presentation was purely typographical.

Timo Vesala, Professor of Meteorology, to talk about his passion for movies (he was wearing a t-shirt with Jack Nicholson in The Shining) and unpretentiousness as well as about why he likes making scientific research (starting with chaotic piles of paper and and finishing with one neat document where it's all figured out).

Ilkka Niiniluoto, Chancellor of University of Helsinki, to talk about the internationalisation of the University of Helsinki. He showed images of his travels all around the world and gave the audience a good idea about the highly global nature of the world's university network.

Toni Kauppila, Architect and Lecturer in Spatial Design, to talk about his sources of inspiration: Japanese information graphics, human traces of life in the city and people's movements in a space.

Sampsa Vanhatalo, Docent of Clinical Neurophysiology, to talk about the development and protection of premature babies' brains. Among others he showed a picture of his own baby, which became a natural object of home-based research when born (with sensors attached all over the child's head).

Meiju Niskala, Performance artist and writer, to talk about serendipity in her life and art: e.g. how she chose the name for her dog (by putting a list of names on the floor and seeing where the puppy pees) and how she found a spouse (by leaving a note between a library book – and getting response).

Pekka Timonen, Cultural Director of Helsinki, to talk about the designation of Helsinki for World Design Capital of 2012. His presentation implied that design should belong to everyone and take place everywhere in the city, and that the city of Helsinki is strongly committed to take things forward concerning this.

Teemu Leinonen, Professor of New Media Design and Learning, to talk about his heros Steward Brand (who made the Whole Earth Catalog) and Douglas Engelbart (best known for inventing the computer mouse).

Kari Enqvist, Professor of Cosmology, to talk about how we can look at history by looking at heavenly bodies. He was also just about to tell us the meaning of all life and universe as the time ran out!

Heath Nash

A special edition of PechaKucha Night was held during Helsinki Design Week earlier this month, and one of the presenters was lighting designer Heath Nash. His presentation covered his recent work, including Bottleformball (pictured above), made up of found pieces. MoCo Loco posts a few photos from Heath's installation at the show.

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