City Focus: Hamamatsu

We're pointing the PechaKucha "City Focus" spotlight towards the shadow Japan's Mt. Fuji, on the coastal city of Hamamatsu, where Okada-san, a PechaKucha Night Tokyo veteran and Hamamatsu native has returned home after many years away, to pick up the torch in bringing the community's creatives together in celebrating all the cool things that make the city unique. Keep your eyes and ears peeling for their upcoming presentations from their recent Vol. 5

Aki Tsuji

For PechaKucha Night in Hamamatsu Vol. 3 -- see our post on the event -- mechanical designer Aki Tsuji had a presentation on the glider that he and his "Team Ocean Man" created for a televised "Birdman" contest. Tsuji-san walked the audience through the process of building the aircraft, and as you'll see, it was quite an undertaking.


PKN Hamamatsu Vol. 3

PKN Hamamatsu Vol. 3

Hamamatsu held its third PechaKucha Night earlier this month to a packed audience of 300 at radio station K-MIX's Space-K hall, and as you'll see from that city's greeting (teased above), it was an enthousiastic crowd at that. Vol. 4 will be held sometime this summer.

PKN Hamamatsu Vol. 3

What better way to kick of the New Year and our daily feature on PechaKucha presenters from around the world by focusing on the amazing firework photography of Takeshi Fukuda who presented at PKN Hamamatsu Vol #1 in Japan. He has spent years perfecting this way of shooting firework displays. The incredible images speak for themselves - more of his work can be seen on his blog http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/fire5220jp PechaKucha Night Hamatsu is run by Satoshi Ohashi, over 300 people attended each of the first two events.