Past Groningen Event: VOL 17


VOL 17

November 01, 2011
@ Voormalige Rijksluchtvaartschool
We love flying. Who doesn't? It changes your view on things. Puts everything in a different perspective. And sometimes you even get free meals.
So please come fly with us to the 17th edition of Pecha Kucha, at Groningen Airport Eelde. Good chance the latest flight you enjoyed, was flewn by someone who was taught right here: it's the former national flight academy. Now it doesn't look quite so educational… but ever so smart!
Presentations all guided by the special place the venue represents: it’s not only an airport, it’s also right in between the cities of Groningen and Assen, the area called the Koningsas – translated: ‘the King’s Ax’ -. Sounds weird? Expert (and king) Hans Venhuizen will host you on this special flight. He will tell us everything about it. You want to share your story? Contact us! Please mind your step and… thank you for flying with us.
Notice: If you don’t like cycling, walking or driving, please be aware of the shuttle buses that can take you from Groningen and Assen (reserve your spot via
Date: Tuesday, November 1st | Start: 20:20 h. | Entrance fee: presale €2,50 (, door: €5,00 | Bus shuttle: €2,50 (let us know you want to join: | Venue: Voormalige Rijksluchtvaartschool, Burgemeester Legroweg 45, Eelde

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