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Featured Presentation


Andrea & Laura Figosa

Craftsmen in Genova



Andrea Morando e Laura Arbanelli presentano Figosa:

Siamo Laura e Andrea, due trentenni di Genova, amanti della fotografia e collezionisti di macchine fotografiche antiche. Questa nostra comune passione ha fatto sì che ad Aprile di quest’anno nascesse il progetto di “Figosa”. 

Figosa è una tracolla di cuoio, adatta soprattutto per macchine fotografiche analogiche o per moderne mirrorless, che produciamo artigianalmente con le nostre mani. L'idea nasce dalla necessità di avere alcune tracolle in stile vintage per la nostra collezione di vecchie macchine fotografiche. Per poter rendere infatti le nostre macchine antiche utilizzabili, oltre al cercare i rullini giusti, serviva una cosa fondamentale: delle tracolle che potessero essere adeguate, confortevoli e in stile vintage! Ed è proprio da qui che nasce Figosa.

Il risultato che siamo riusciti a ottenere è stato sorprendente. Basta cercare il nostro nome su internet per trovare decine di ottime recensioni da parte di blog e riviste online del settore, sia nazionali che internazionali. Abbiamo quindi dato vita al nostro shop online e siamo rimasti subito colpiti dai risultati. Le vendite sono all’ordine del giorno e questo ci riempie di orgoglio! Attraverso il nostro negozio online abbiamo venduto diverse tracolle in tutto il mondo, dall’Australia agli USA. Figosa è quindi una tracolla, ma speriamo possa diventare anche un “aiuto” per gli amanti della fotografia analogica e non solo, di tutto il mondo.


I Vestiti Nuovi di H.C.

@ VOL 9 ON JUN 05, 2014

Matilde Martinelli goes into depth on how I NUOVI VESTITI DI H.C. represents the willingness to establish a link between two of the most powerful means of expression turned to the world of childhood: the fairy tale (written or simply transmitted orally ) which refers to the Prize for unpublished fairy tales H.C. Andersen, and the illustration, which is not meant as a didactic translation of a text, but as an element that enriches a narrative of new meanings.

In an effort to introduce in the festival an aspect strongly connected to the field of illustration, some of the artists in the exhibition will take part in a live drawing performance. This event will take place on the occasion of the proclamation of the fairy tales Prize winners, constituting a visual counterpoint that will come back to introduce itself during the days of the event by conducting many workshops aimed at the children illustration. The group of illustrators operates under the name of UVASPINA, a newborn identity attributed to an open collective, which is active only during the days of the Festival.


Carte di famiglia

@ VOL 9 ON JUN 05, 2014

I want to realize some picture-postcards that show “historical” family scenes.

These drows are made on tellings and descriptions of caracters and environment, so them are personalized for a single family. As if we look at an old photo album, we could have a memory sketch album.

I work as architect in Genova.

In 2011 founded the graphic and photo project RetròScatto.

From 2006 since 2013 I have joined and worked with Linkinart, group founded with other architects.

I have attended at some art exhibitions and realized illustration for publishing and music cd.



Dynamicube floor & table lamp

@ VOL 8 ON MAY 08, 2014

DYNAMICUBE (floor lamp)

Dynamicube floor lamp is a simple cube made of eight enlightening smaller cubes. Three simple hinged movements invert the lamp: its outer surfaces all become inner surfaces and vice versa.

Dynamicube may easily be produced in series, given that its main structure is composed by the assembly of interlocking pieces having the same shape.
The framework is made of aluminum (a plate of a few millimeters shaped with the thick laser cut technique) and is covered with special polycarbonate films.
A sorter box is used for the exterior, which is assembled without the use of any screws or bolts.
The project takes inspiration from the patent of Peter-Michael Pfeiffer in 1964 and following evolution made by Naoki Yoshimoto in 1971.

DYNAMICUBE II (table lamp)
Dynamicube II is an enlightened cube (15x15 cm) which may be decomposed and shaped in many positions.
The project takes inspiration from the geometry of the cube and its simple decomposition.
A complete revolution of its shape may be done with a few easy movements: the outer surfaces of the cube all become inner surfaces and vice versa.
The lamp creates a paradox: when the bright faces are turned towards the interior it creates a lantern effect that does not really exist. As a matter of fact there is no light bulb or light source at the center of
the object: it's the structure itself of the cube that creates the light seen from outside.
Dynamicube II is made of four square surfaces and four triangular ones. Four square faces of the cube are OLED panels (also an option is to add four further OLED triangular panels): the OLED are both on
the external and internal faces of the cube.
The structure is made with the technology of Wood-Skin®


Vuoto a (p)rendere

@ VOL 8 ON MAY 08, 2014

The void is Smart! beacause it is unitary, secret, but also diversified, open, collective. The void is a primary resource for humans, starting with the fact that it is above all place within which it is possible to establish relationship between subjects, objects and places.
Vuoto a (p)rendere is a research axis of Neostudio oriented to the enhancement of the space starting from two main aspects: on the hand the identification and amplification of the specific qualities - both evident that latent - of the context, on the other hand the extension of the potential of fruition places through the establishment of a new balance between public and private domain, between inside and outside, between permanent and temporary.




@ VOL 8 ON MAY 08, 2014

Smart.Map has been developed on behalf of Expo 2015 S.p.A. and in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Milan, within the two-year project Alta Scuola Politecnica. It is based on using technology as a proactive system to implement the meaning of a territory and to build and strengthen connections among local actors, physical places,

citizens and tourists. The objective is the enhancement of the main characters of a specific city and its metropolitan area, through thematic itineraries and the creation of a network of local businesses under a common brand. This provides an immersive, customized, interactive and social experience of the urban environment, as well as a usercontext direct interaction. Smart.Map has an inclusive approach towards all the major actors of the considered territory (PA, possibily existing agricultural districts, the major producers of agro-food products, local associations, tourists and citizens), towards whom it interacts through a smartphone app and a web platform providing dynamic customized itineraries with gps navigation, e-commerce services and real-time data management.


speakers Michela Delbosco and Giovanni Fassio


Munch Before Munch

@ VOL 9 ON JUN 05, 2014

Published by the new bornly Tuss Publishing, Munch before Munch is the first graphic novel written and drawn by Giorgia Marras. The story is about the less-known life of the famous Norwegian painter, during the critical period of education and training. It's an illustrated journey to the discovery of the less-known Norwegian painter Edvard, young and fragile, which the echo of his masterpiece has partially hide. It's the story of objects, places and people that inhabited his emotions. Munch before Munch shows one of the most important painters in the history of art but without any temptation of an easy-mythological portrait.
Edvard is a young man like all of us, looking for his place in the world, similar to us in his human desire of being approved and accepted. Munch Before Munch is available on www.tuss.it



Crescere Con L’Architettura

@ VOL 9 ON JUN 05, 2014

Nowadays it is interesting to reflect about the importance of the manual skill in the architectural practice. It is a needed task and a challenge to tackle: it deals with the future of architecture, with his civic role and with the possibility that technical knowledges could be still transmitted and spread in useful ways for our time. Showing you the Swiss program held by i2a “Crescere con  l’architettura” it is a way to purpose you a talk about the effectiveness of a learning and working model which embeds the practical and manual behaviours. “Crescere con l’architettura” wants to show the potential of a learning model which shares the learning by doing principle: a learning method which shows the emerging
need of a practical volountee especially in the architectural subject, in order to reconsider the original role of our subject, so far from reality and real objects.

Letizia Carini, 27 years old from Milano. Master of Science in Urban Planning and Policy Design at the Politecnico di Milano in 2013. She is really interested in educational and pedagogical studies related to architecture. Her Master Thesis is about the relation between knowledge and doing where she investigates the importance of practice, manual skills and technical knowledge in architecture.

Silvia Ducart, from Cordoba (Argentina). Graduated in architecture at the FAU UNC of Cordoba, she moved to Switzerland in 1992. She worked as architect, graphic designer and illustrator and she also took part to research project about space, the importance of playing in childhood and handicap deseases. In 2001 she started working as an independent architect and collaborating with other studios in Ticino and in Zurich. In 2011 she started her experience with “Crescere con
l’architettura”, giving to the project a big contribute.

Neostudio Associated Architects is a studio active from more than 10 years, nationally recognized;
Neostudio is a reality that deals with urban projects, with several awards and some built works;
Neostudio is a team active in field of interior design & temporary, with residential, commercial and temporary exhibitions works;
Neostudio is a laboratory in which the profession and research aspects converge in a multidisciplinary structure.



@ VOL 9 ON JUN 05, 2014

Cantiere-scuola di autocostruzione sulla teoria delle strutture curve, archi, volte e cupole, dell'architetto Fabrizio Caròla.

Mission: Antiche Tecnologie per una Nuova Architettura | antiguas tecnologias para una nueva arquitectura | anciennes technologies pour une nouvelle architecture.

La N:EA e l'architetto Fabrizio Caròla organizzano ogni anno dei corsi di formazione nel cantiere scuola N:eagorà 7 piazze. I corsi sono aperti ad architetti, ingegneri, geometri (studenti e laureati) e chiunque sia interessato ad apprendere tecniche di autocostruzione di archi, volte e cupole, contribuendo, inoltre, alla realizzazione del villaggio sperimentale situato in San Potito Sannitico, a 3 km da Piedimonte Matese (CE)

e-mail info@neaculture.it




open call PKN Genoa #10

Sono aperte le iscrizioni per il prossimo PechaKucha Night di Genova che si terrà venerdì 31 ottobre presso la Sala del Minor Consiglio di Palazzo Ducale.
Il tempo la tematica che unisce il 12° Festival della Scienza e la 10° edizione del PKN genovese.
Tempo presente, tempo passato, tempo futuro, ma anche tempo metereologico, tempo biologico, tempo della natura e delle stagioni...time...è giunto il momento!
Queste le date da ricordare:
DEADLINE presentazione progetti > martedì 21 ottobre 2014
Comunicazione selezionati > giovedì 23 ottobre 2014
Invio progetti selezionati > martedì 28 ottobre 2014
more info on FB https://www.facebook.com/PechaKuchaGenova?ref=hl

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