PKN Gdansk Vol. 3

Yesterday we saw the badges that the organizers of PechaKucha Night in Gdansk put together for their Vol. 3, and now we get a look at the event itself. As organizer Filip Kozarski explains, the difficult weather did nothing to dampen the spirit of the event, and may have even boosted it:

It was the best event so far! This time we held it outside, and we had a big storm: rain, thunder, and everything! The computer was hidden under an umbrella, and the presenters also had to use umbrellas, but the people who stayed were really great and so was the atmosphere. During the last presentation (ours), the screen came off and fell down on my friend and the first rows -- everybody was wet but laughing!


Badges by PKN Gdansk

Badges by PKN Gdansk

Since its very first volume, the organizers behind PechaKucha Night in Gdansk have been producing some great visuals to promote their events -- see previous posters -- and the latest is the set of badges pictured above. They were produced for last month's Vol. 3, held as part of Gdynia Design Days.

Poster for PKN Gdansk Vol. 3

Another terrific poster from Gdansk, this time for its upcoming PechaKucha Night Vol. 3, happening July 18 as part of Gdynia Design Days at Plac Grunwaldzki.

PKN Gdansk Vol. 2

Gdansk hosted another terrific edition of PechaKucha Night a few weeks ago (Vol. 2), and here's a look at just what went on -- there's more to see in this Flickr photoset. According to organizer Filip Kozarski, there was "a good mix of presenters, with some very funny and some more serious presentations, a big crowd of people, and good beer in the bar!" Now that's what we call a recipe for a perfect PKN.


The Making of PKN Gdansk

We've posted plenty of PechaKucha Night event reports, but this is probably the first "making of" coverage we see, courtesy of PKN Gdansk organizer Filip Kozarski. It's great to see how things go down during those last hours of preparation -- we cover the result here. We're huge fans of the event poster that was created for that inaugural PKN Gdansk as well.

PKN Gdansk Vol. 1

Gdansk held its very first PechaKucha Night earlier this month, and there is indeed a Flickr photoset to prove it. From organizer Filip Kozarski:

It was amazing! We had very interesting speakers and a big crowd -- over 450 people sent me emails saying they wanted to come! The Wyspa Institute of Art is located in a former shipyard, and you still need to sign a list if you want to come, so I'm not sure how many of those people actually came, but i think over 300 easily -- you can see on the photos. Everybody liked it very much; the audience, the speakers, people from Wyspa, and we of course!

Poster for PKN Gdansk Vol. 1 Following yesterday's look at the beautiful PechaKucha Night posters from Chattanooga, today we give you a peek at the poster used to promote the first ever PKN to happen in the city of Gdansk. Vol. 1 will be held tomorrow (Saturday, March 7) at the Wyspa Institute of Art.