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We haven’t scheduled our next PechaKucha Night yet, but in the meantime you can watch some presentations, look at our map to see if there are any scheduled PKNs in nearby cities, or have a look at the long list of upcoming events, to see if there’s one you can attend!


Edmonton's Solar Powered LRT

@ VOL 26 ON SEP 29, 2016

"For something that's affordable, a mature technology, and the next generation of energy infrastructure, this is something that makes a ton of sense."

Progress Alberta's Duncan Kinney argues for a significant leap towards sustainable transit infrastructure and shares why he's helping build movement to encourage the Edmonton to procure enough renewable energy to power our Light Rail Transit system.


How to Accidentally Help Save a Heritage Building

@ VOL 26 ON SEP 29, 2016

"We have these things we're passionate about up and down, but we don't actually reach sideways and acknowledge all the other cool stuff that people do. And that's what actually allowed us to save this building."

Winston Pei shares an inspiring story about saving a historic church in downtown Edmonton. It started with the simple act of joining a choir, but rippled outwards into a process of collective action that highlights the transformative power trying something new.


More Than Minimum

@ VOL 26 ON SEP 29, 2016

“The other good thing about raising people’s income is that the lowest income people are the most likely to spend their income in the community. It boosts the community.” 

Rebecca Fletcher explains why rethinking how we pay our workforce is vital to creating a just society, and why offering a living wage is good for everyone, from businesses to workers to consumers.


There And Back Again: A Designer's Tale

@ VOL 26 ON SEP 29, 2016

"LA was just not the place for me anymore, so I packed up my stuff and moved home to Edmonton. But I had this flashly resume, so where would I fit in?"

In "There And Back Again: A Designer's Tale", from PechaKucha Night Edmonton Vol.26, designer Melissa Krystofiak's career has taken her behind the scenes of some Hollywood's biggest movies. In this presentation, she shares how her experiences working in different design discliplines has shaped her ideas about work, community and creativity.


Quidditch - The Fictional Game Redefining Sport

@ VOL 25 ON JUN 09, 2016

"There's no other sport that I know that's as inclusive as quidditch. It's brought nerds to sport—nerds who have never played sports before. It's a gateway drug to sports and a healthy lifestyle."

Quidditch player and Team Canada Head Coach Chris Radojewski dispels some misconceptions about one of the world's fasting growing sports, Quidditch is indeed real—and it's growing, staking a reputation as fast and hard-hitting while paving the way for gender inclusivity in sport.


Child Friendly in the City

@ VOL 25 ON JUN 09, 2016

"Children are part of our cities. If our cities aren't designed for children, then they're not meant for citizens. If they're not meant for citizens, they're not cities."

In Child Friendly in the City from PechaKucha Night Edmonton Vol.25Ian Smith speaks to a demographic whose voices often go unheard in urban decision-making: children. Though this talk, he challenges us to view our spaces through youthful eyes, while acknowledging that we all have a part to play in building child friendly cities.

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Tuesday, September 20th, 2016. 


Hacking Community

@ VOL 25 ON JUN 09, 2016

"The important part is getting to know people in a really informal setting, as people first. The running joke is if you want to ask somebody their business model, you have to buy them a drink."

Warren Johnston shares the underlying philosophies behind Edmonton's exploding startup community, which emphasizes inclusivity, togetherness and selflessness—and above all having fun while pursuing professional goals.


Spend Nothing, Do Everything: Using Constraints as Momentum for Creativity

@ VOL 25 ON JUN 09, 2016

"When I moved to Edmonton, I had a great time exploring my new city, but after about two years a started to feel a bit stuck. So I gave myself a challenge which would get me out of my routine."

Designer Laura Read recounts the story of her month-long challenge to spend less, connect more, and explore the free and uplifting underbelly of Edmonton—offering inspiring tips on how to rethink your routine and rediscover your surroundings.



Inhale | Exhale

In "Inhale | Exhale" from PechaKucha Night Edmonton Vol. 25, Pamella Heikel takes us on a personal journey of ups and downs as she learns how to truly breathe—and appreciate and conquer that persistent foe in all of our lives: stress.

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    Born and raised in Edmonton, Ryan spends his time absorbed in the stories and motions of the city as NextGen’s Pecha Kucha Nights Co-Chair, a freelance writer, and as Communications Coordinator for the Edmonton Heritage Council. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Sociology from the University of Alberta, where he grew fond of writing about Edmonton’s past and future for the University’s newspaper The Gateway. Ryan continues to write for local publications and spends his spare time fuelling his obsessions with writing, film and local heritage—all that accompanied by a hip-hop soundtrack.