PechaKucha Presentation


Michael Edwards

Reader in Music Technology, University of Edinburgh in EDINBURGH

Algorithmic Compositions


Michael Edwards is a composer, performer, and software developer. He is the author of the slippery chicken algorithmic composition package. His compositional interests lie mainly in the development of structures for hybrid electro-instrumental pieces through the integration of algorithmically produced scored materials with similarly generated computer-processed sound. He is also active as an improvisor on laptop, saxophones, and MIDI wind controller, performing for instance at the 2008 Montreaux Jazz Festival.

Michael's compositions have been played worldwide at many international festivals, including the Darmstadt Ferienkurse, the International Computer Music Conference (Banff, Havana, Ljubljana), the Zagreb Biennale, the Seoul International Computer Music Festival, etc., and by leading ensembles/performers such as Klangforum Wien, Ensemble Aventure, Ensemble Intercontemporain, IRCAM, Experimentalstudio Freiburg, Marcus Weiss, Sarah Nicolls, Rei Nakamura, and Garth Knox.

Michael studied composition at Bristol University with Adrian Beaumont (BA, MMus) and privately with Gwyn Pritchard. In 1991 he moved to the US for further studies in computer music with John Chowning at CCRMA, Stanford University (MA, Doctor of Musical Arts). Whilst studying there he also worked at IRCAM, Paris, with a residence grant at Cité des Arts. During 1996-7 he was a consultant software engineer in Silicon Valley and developed a Document Recognition System used in several US hospitals. In 1997 Michael was appointed Lecturer in Music Theory at Stanford but later that year moved to Salzburg, Austria. He was Guest Professor at the Universität Mozarteum until 2002, when he came to the University of Edinburgh.


Music of Aphra

@ VOL 5 ON MAY 10, 2014

Afra Al Darmaki likes to refer to herself as an explorer rather than a musician, because her passion for singing and song writing has taken her on a journal of exploration- of the self and of the world. Afra reminds us that muisc can offer a person many things, whether it be a method of expression or of escape. 


Moondog, 20th century blind viking composer

@ VOL 8 ON JUL 04, 2014

Since 2009 Amaury Cornut works about the life and music of Louis T. Hardin aka Moondog, a singular and unrecognized 'classical' composer. He was a blind beggars, dressed like a viking, who also has conducted the prestigious New York Philharmonic Orchestra and influenced Philip Glass and Steve Reich in the same time he was jamming with Charlie 'Bird' Parker and Mingus and was a heroes for Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin or Elvis Costello. Amaury who just published few month ago the french biography and run the strings ensemble 'Minisym' which play Moondog's rare music, open with this PechaKucha a small door to discover Moondog's universe... {in French}



@ VOL 13 ON NOV 07, 2014

Martin Lutz makes things with sounds and sound out of things. makes this to music. sometimes. declares the ambience to music. makes music to a part of the ambience. this is the music. and this music is the sound.

Martin Lutz studied musicology at LMU Munich and SoundStudies at UdK Berlin. He works as a composer, musician and sound artist for dance, performances, theatre, installations and film. The focus of his work is the examination with sound and its relevance for and texture in the space. Field recordings and experimental sound production are the basis for compositions, that take sounds and soundscapes out of their natural context to give them a new content-related and spatial sense.

Martin Lutz has been invited to work out and realise the sound concept and a music score for the new dance production "Bhinna Vinyasa – Multiple Assemblages" commissioned by the Kochi-Muziris Biennale from the Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts, for the 2014 edition.

Two years ago he worked with Attakkalari on the performance "AadhaaraChakra - A Dancelogue“, which performed in India and Europe. The idea was to research contemporary Indian urban sound environments, to make field recordings of them and to create with this audio-material (in collaboration with the Austrian sound artist Sam Auinger) sound compositions that could be termed as somewhere between music and soundscapes. For this project they also worked together with Indian musicians to mix parts of the soundscapes with elements of Indian classical and folk music.

The requirements for the new performance will be similar. Basis for the artistic process will be the examination of site-specific Indian urban developments, social and cultural transformations of individuals and societies. The task will be to find a sonic language that characterises typical urban Indian milieus and their inner dynamics. He will work with Indian percussion musicians from Bangalore and also with video and light artists from Europe to find a performative path between (sound)installation, performance and music for contemporary Indian dance.


It Comes in Whispers

@ VOL 21 ON DEC 10, 2014

"I was driven by this insane inner urge to do something...the only way to deal with it was to abandon myself."

Based in Paris since 2012, Lebanese-Canadian pianist & composer Jad Salameh shares with us the story of his life-long affair with creativity. In 'It Comes in Whispers', from PechaKucha Night BeirutVol. 21. he goes through his composition process and how he came to understand the relationship between his own mind and the music he writes.Little whispers, great ideas!

This was "Presentation of the Day" on March 30, 2015. It was featured again on November 16th, 2015 in a show of solidarity with the cities of Paris and Beirut who, over the weekend, both experienced harrowing tragedies.


Music makes the world go round

@ VOL 2 ON FEB 20, 2015

A journalist and former artist Ingerlise takes us through her story of leaving journalism to return to her passion: music.


Creating Liturgy for Our Times

@ VOL 13 ON FEB 25, 2015

Stephen Travis Pope is a composer, computer scientist, videographer and social and spiritual activist based in Santa Barbara, California. He has realized his musical works at studios in America (Toronto, Stanford, Berkeley, Santa Barbara) and Europe (Paris, Salzburg, Vienna, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Berlin). His music is available from Centaur Records, Perspectives of New Music, Touch Media, SBC Records, Disc-O Records, and the Electronic Music Foundation, who released a triple-disc anthology of his work called Ritual and Memory in 2007. Stephen was educated at Cornell University, the Vienna Music Academy, and the "Mozarteum" Music Academy in Salzburg, Austria. He has taught and conducted research at Mozarteum, Stanford University, the Technical University of Berlin and the University of California, Berkeley. From 1995-2010 he was on the faculty of the University of California Santa Barbara, first in Dept. of Music, then the Dept. of Computer Science, and finally in the Graduate Program in Media Arts and Technology.


Lost In Music: The Doc Brown Trio play their shortest ever gig featuring a hand picked selection of twenty classic tunes

@ VOL 27 ON OCT 04, 2016

In "Lost In Music", The Doc Brown Trio (feat.singer songwriter Wes Finch) play their shortest ever gig featuring a hand picked selection of twenty classic tunes.


Music and Place: Considering Coventry & Detroit

@ VOL 27 ON OCT 04, 2016

In "Music and Place: Considering Coventry and Detroit", the artist Spencer Graham discusses his mild obsessions with self-imposed constraints, specificity and record collecting.


To Hastings And Beyond: Confessions of a Balearic Assassin of Love 


Art educator, music journalist and wax hound Ade Peachment waxes lyrical about his passion for pop, Acid House, the Ibiza party scene and more.