This week marks Denver's PechaKucha Night Vol. 24, happening on July 24! Visit the official event page for all the details.

This week's "City Focus" goes to Denver, a city that not only has a fresh batch of presentations to share on the site, but this week also marks its PechaKucha Night Vol. 23, to be held on June 19 -- visit the official event page for more details.

Here's a look at the poster for Denver's PechaKucha Night Vol. 23, which it's billing as the CityBuild edition -- visit the official event page for more details.

Making ... allows me to invent something, mock it up, and fail. And then improve it. 

Mike Moore of Tres Bird Workshop, talks about his approach to architecture and design through making and inventing: a process that allows him to fail and continually improve on his work. In "Materials Innovation through Failure" from PKN Denver Vol. 19, he shows this process in action through his past and recent projects and how it has transfromed his work into innovative and environmentally conscious architectural design. 

Here's our look at what's happening today in PechaKucha. Presentations We've got two new presentations on the site, one from Curitiba and one from St. Louis. In "The Street Is Alive" (in Portuguese), Jorge Galvao shares his graffiti work, and talks about his passion for street art, and then in "Hitchhiking for Sanity," Myles Dickason shares some of his hitchhiking adventures. Photos Here are today's event photos to take in, coming from a few of our PKN cities. Above, the scene at Providence's PKN Vol. 35, which was held back in February.

PKN Gothenburg Vol. 31 The photo above is from the recent PKN Gothenburg Vol. 31 (see the full Facebook gallery, all photos by Nettan Kock), and below is a report from that city's organizer, Jesper Larsson. You can also find all Gothenburg presentations (in Swedish) on its YouTube channel.

On April 24th, we arranged our Vol. 31 of PechaKucha Gothenburg with a great turnout! Annelie Hulthén used mobile photos to show some of the backsides of the life of a politician. Our new city architect showed aerial photos of Gothenburg to show how much space is wasted on cars instead of human beings. Peter Korn told us about digging and how to plant exotic plants on stony Swedish hillsides. Sushi chef José Seruda spoke about "omakase" and his idea of Scandinavian sushi using locally produced fish and seafood. Siv Burell talked about the language Esperanto which celebrates 125 years this year. Klara Hansson spoke about perma culture and what's edible within the city centre. Jeanette Fagerström told the story that led up to her opening a sewing machine café in Gothenburg (similar to an internet café but with sewing machines instead of computers). Helena Andersson, Sebastian Popescu & Evelina Valtersson finished of the evening with a presentation about their project "Bostadsrotation" (residential rotation) where people change housing and routines with another person for a couple of days. In the break, Klara Hansson and her friends served up a 'Kokoro salad' based on wild city plants such as Garlic-mustard, Celandine, Common wood sorrel, Dandelion, Sorrel, Lady's Mantle, Daisy, Rowan Leaf, Ground elder and last but not least Lovage. They also served fresh natural birch sap. In this walkthrough video during the beer break, organizer Jesper Larsson tries out the birch sap and talks to former presenter Sebastian Näslund about it. We totally forgot to celebrate it, but the last presentation of the evening was actually #300 since we started!

PKN Muscat Links Looking for some interesting PechaKucha-related articles? We've got you covered. The photo above shows the team behind the soon-to-launch PKN series in Muscat (the organizer, Sara Fida, is second from right).

Calendar Tonight (May 16), it's PKN Wagga Wagga Vol. 6, and tomorrow night (May 17) you can look to these three events: PKN Hanoi Vol. 4, PKN For a peek at what's coming later this month, you can always check our calendar.

Flyer for PKN Denver Vol. 10

Organizers in Denver have enlisted the aid of a masked man -- or luchador, if you will -- in order to bring to you PechaKucha Night Vol. 10, happening tomorrow night (July 23) at the Denver Art Museum, or more precisely, "projected on the side of our own" Denver Art Museum. You're welcome to bring a chair, pillow, or blanket, and food will be available from the "Little Orange Rocket" Deluxe Street Food Truck. The flyer design is by Felix Tannebaum.

PechaKucha x Denver Art Museum

Denver Art Museum

And in other PKN Denver-related news, a surprise mini PechaKucha event is planned for this Friday night (December 4) at the beautiful Daniel Libeskind-designed Denver Art Museum (pictured above), with presentations shown on the interior ceiling. From PKN Denver organizer Angela Schwab: "The theme of the event at the museum is 'Toast,' so a handful of previous presenters will re-present their presentations that fit the theme."

Xs and Os at PKN Denver Vol. 7

Xs and Os at PKN Denver Vol. 7

At PechaKucha Night in Denver Vol. 7, the city continued its tradition of getting the audience to do some mobile phone spelling in the air. As organizer Angela Schwab tells us, "the crowd spelled out XOXO as a way to send love to our cell-phone spelling sister cities in Tel Aviv and Buenos Aires!"

There are more photos of the phones in action in this Flickr photoset, and also a video of it all, taken from the stage.

Flyer for PKN Denver Vol. 7

PechaKucha Night is back in Denver tonight (October 20) for Vol. 7, taking place at the Buntport Theater as usual. Expect to see some more great mobile phone light-up shots when we get our event review up.

Cellphone Drawing at PKN Buenos Aires

Cellphone Drawing at PKN Buenos Aires

As mentioned in May Groppo's report for PechaKucha Night in Buenos Aires Vol. 14, the event's MC invited the audience to participate in some "phone spelling," inspired by what we've seen at previous editions of PKN Denver. The photo above comes courtesy of Bluevertigo.