Past Dar es Salaam Event: VOL 14


VOL 14

May 18, 2017
@ Triniti Guesthouse, Bar and Restaurant

We at Pecha Kucha are excited to be back again for HDIF Innovation Week hosting a special volume of Pecha Kucha on the 18th May at Trinit, Oysterbay.

This time the theme our presenters will be speaking on is "Sustainable Futures'. This means the presentation created for this upcoming Pecha Kucha will reflect people's passions or projects that are creating good for our future whether it's affecting climate change, the environment or how to better society etc, we want to hear about it. Theories, ideas and projects in any industry helping to tackle these issues and create a sustainable future for planet earth. 

From people making plastic out of waste material to social environmental projects wrapping the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro with messages of sustainability, we can't wait to see what people are doing and hear what they ahve to say. 


Sarah Scott
Creative Executive Officer, Archipelago in Dar es Salaam
Matthew Haden
Founder of the Recycler in Dar Es Salaam
Elizabeth Rogers
Founder & Managing Director, Kuunda 3D in Dar Es Salaam
Sameer Kermalli
Freelance consultant, Self in Dar es Salaam
Pia Rutaiwa
Educator in Dar es Salaam
Ladslaus Mnyone
Scientist in Dar Es Salaam
Freya Candel
Founder and Architect, C-re-aid in Moshi
Eng. Valerian Sanga
Co-Founder and Director of Finance and Administration , STICLab Ltd in Dar Es Salaam
Samson Genya
Co-Founder and CEO, EndlessTec in Dar Es Salaam
Karolina Zareba
Project Coordinator, BORDA in Dar Es Salaam
Jemima Pellatt
Business Development Consultant, Green WastePro Ltd in Dar Es Salaam
Ahad Katera
Industrial Engineer and Co-Founder, Guavay in Dar Es Salaam
Edward Anderson
Senior DRM and ICT Specialist , World Bank in Dar Es Salaam