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Poster for Dar es Salaam Vol. 9


About the City's Organizers

  • Sarah Scott

    No (wo)man is an island. A installation or an event concept evolves and takes shape during the process of implementation, not in isolation but as a part of creative team. The key is to stay open yet focused, a balance between listening to others opinions and ideas and being able to extract their beauty to enhance the project without compromising original concept - it is a process of expansion and exploration. I see the inter connectedness of things and draw on the natural world, visual art, music fashion, and design concepts to execute a clients' brief, or a creative installation. I am curious, creative and conscious. I love the idea of art as a form of communication - to motivate, move and inspire.

  • Aichieli Temu

    A free spirit with a love of all things artsy. Currently working at Archipelago with a small team of the coolest people who fill my life with interesting conversations and creative output. I am also a musician, playing guitar and songwriting and also about to finish my MBA.