PechaKucha Night Concepción take the stage this month with a sonic boom coming from this explosive poster for their upcoming Vol. 12. We were so blown away by it that we put it on our official PechaKucha Poster tumblr with more amazing poster designs. Go check it out and be inspired to design a poster for YOUR city's PechaKucha! 

PechKucha Night Concepción down in Chili caught our attention when they released a blueprinty design for their Vol. 11 event poster by Gino Pampaloni. We liked this design so much, we put it on our official PechaKucha Poster tumblr! Click through to see all the other amazing posters that we are constantly adding to it. Be inspired to design one for YOUR city's PechaKucha! 


PechaKucha Concepción anuncia su volumen 11 con la temática Food Design, serán 8 los expositores ligados a la comida y el diseño, entre ellos arquitectos, fotografos, diseñadores de espacios, quienes contarán su experiencia en torno al desarrollo de productos y servicios gastronómicos.

La cita es el dia 02 de Octubre en Club 5, una co-producción junto a la Facultad de Diseño de la UDD, y que este año además incorporó un concurso de afiches, desde donde nace la imagen que reprsenta a este volumen, diseñada por Gino Pampaloni, estudiante de diseño de Concepción.

La entrada es gratuita previa inscripción que se anunciará por las redes y medios de prensa.




El Viernes 24 de Octubre se desarrollará en el Club La Otra Esquina, un nuevo PechaKucha Night en la ciudad, esta vez con la temática del diseño. Además estaremos celebrando 5 años y 10 volumenes con presencia en Concepción. La entrada es gratuita, previa inscripción en nuestro sitio local:  



Pechakucha Night Innovación

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Pechakucha Innovación es producto de un enlace entre Innova Bio Bío y Pechakucha Concepción. Para esta oportunidad estaremos insertos en la feria de la innovación, evento que se desarrollará en el Espacio Marina, a un costado del Casino de la ciudad.

8 serán los expositores que esta vez hablaran de su experiencia en torno a la innovación, todos de diversas areas, diseño, empresa, educación.

La entrada es gratuita previa inscripción, luego del evento habrá una fiesta para cerrar la feria a la cual estan todos invitados!.


Pechakucha Innovation is product of a link between Innova Bio Bio and Pechakucha Concepcion. For this opportunity we'll be embedded in the innovation fair, event to be held in the Espacio Marina, next to the Casino of the city.

8 will be the speakers this time, they talk about their experience on innovation, from different areas, design, business, education.

Admission is free pass after registration, after the event we'll have a party to close the show, to which you are all invited!.

The Olympic Games in Derbyshire, Retail Design, and an Update from Chicago

PKN Shenzhen Vol. 11 Presentations Rory Slater's presentation (from PKN Derby Vol. 6) reveals what role the county of Derbyshire played in this year's Olympic Games. Cheng Fengqi is a visual designer, and in his presentation (in Chinese, from PKN Shenzhen Vol. 11) he shows how to arrange retail shops in order to provide a joyful shopping environment for the customer. PKN Chicago Vol. 23 Posters Today's additions to the Tumblr blog start with the poster you see above for next month's PKN Chicago Vol. 23, designed by Firebelly's Nick Adam -- let us also point you to this fun timelapse video that shows last week's special edition PKN held at the Art Institute of Chicago. Other posters added today include: PKN Buenos Aires Vol. 26, PKN Williamsburg Vol. 2, PKN Xalapa Vol. 12, and PKN Nashville Vol. 8. PKN Concepcion Vol. 8 PKN Concepcion Vol. 8 Photos Today we have a photo gallery [Flickr] for PKN Concepcion Vol. 8 to share, with a few photos to give you a taste of what the event was like. Above, presenters from afar, followed by two happy attendees.  Calendar Tonight (August 23) we have the following events in the calendar: PKN Edinburgh Vol. 19, PKN San Antonio Vol. 7, and PKN Vladimir Vol. 7. Tomorrow, you can look to the following two events: PKN Nagoya Vol. 12 and PKN Guangzhou Vol. 11.

PKN Jersey Vol. 1 Presentations In 2009, Nikki Mansel met a tiny bear during a trip. Since then, it has turned into her most trusted traveling companion, and as you'll see in her presentation (from PKN Jersey Vol. 1), they've been sharing adventures in quite a few countries. Here are details on this presentation by Alanda Kariza, presented in Indonesian at PKN Jakarta Vol. 7.

Indonesian Youth Conference (IYC) is an activity planned and organized by youth, and aimed at gathering Indonesia youth to share problems and ideas, enhance their awareness of current issues, and convince the public that youth voices must be heard and taken seriously. IYC consists of two activities that are intertwined with each other: 1. A forum that invites 33 young people aged 15 to 21 years from all over Indonesia to represent their respective provinces at this event. They are expected to be actively involved in communities and networks, respectively, are determined to make a change towards a better Indonesia, and want to start a movement or project in their community. 2. A festival, made up of organized seminars and workshops that can be visited by anyone by buying tickets. Seminar sessions and workshops at the festival are more general, covering a wide range of issues. It invites experts, professionals, government officials, and youth achievement to talk about law and governance, politics, culture, creative industries, information technology, environment, education, health, activism, social entrepreneurship, as well as journalism and media.

PKN Seoul Vol. 12 Posters We have a few new posters on the Tumblr blog today, starting with the poster above for this past Friday's PKN Seoul Vol. 12, which marked a re-launch of the series -- it had been dormant for a few years. Also uploaded are posters for tonight's PKN Fresno Vol. 16 and for next month's PKN Concepcion Vol. 7. PKN St. Louis Vol. 9 Photos Today we point out this photo gallery [Facebook], which covers last month's PKN St. Louis Vol. 9, held at the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis (CAM). Take note that PKN St. Louis Vol. 10 is set for September 27. Calendar We kick off the week with tonight's (July 23) PKN Fresno Vol. 16 and PKN San Jose Vol. 7. Tomorrow, you can look forward to PKN Rockford Vol. 2 and PKN Halifax Vol. 11. 

Poster for PKN Concepcion Vol. 7

The event details aren't up on the site yet, but here's the poster for the next PechaKucha Night in Concepcion (Vol. 7) which is set for August 13 at Sala Dos. 

Poster for PKN Concepcion Vol. 5

To go along with the previous post on Concepcion, here's a look at the poster that was produced to promote the last two PechaKucha Nights of the year, held in October and November (Vol. 5 and 6).

PKN Concepcion in 2010

We all know Concepcion -- and a good part of Chile -- had it rough this year, but we're still glad to see that life does indeed go on, and that organizer Alejandra Sepulveda Hernandez managed to hold four PKNs following that devastating earthquake. Here then a few photos from those events, and from the entire PechaKucha team, we wish everyone in Concepcion an amazing 2011!