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On Thursday, August 7th, PKNCLE is partnering with LAND Studio to help kick off the AHA! light installations on the public mall, which will help start the Cleveland Gay Games!

We will be perched on the grassy hill created by the convention center below, looking back towards the beautiful skyline of Cleveland with the sun setting behind us over Lake Erie. The presenter list will be fantastic, as we curate a mix of international artists with installations at AHA! and an amazing group of local creatives.

The event is FREE and dows not require a registration. Come with a blanket, so lawn chairs, or just yourselves and be ready to hear some stupendous new presenters!


Special thanks to LAND Studio, Cuyahoga Arts & Culture, and Cleveland Public Power for making this event possible. 

Photo credit: Global Rainbow, After the Storm by Yvette Mattern. Image courtesy of Positively Cleveland/Jill Wisniewski.


Featured Presentation


Angelo Merendino

Photographer in Cleveland

Based in Cleveland, Ohio, Angelo Meredino is a photographer with a truly amazing approach to life….He does freelance work for both Corbis News and Getty Images and his photographs have been exhibited in New York City, Washington, D.C. and Rome, Italy. Online features have appeared on The New Yorker Photo Booth, Angelo Merendino's photo-documentary, The Battle We Didn’t Choose – My Wife’s Fight With Breast Cancer, has received worldwide recognition and he shared that amazing story, along with his thoughts on life and love.

"Presentation of the Day" on July 2, 2014.


Autopsy of America

@ VOL 21 ON FEB 21, 2014

Enigmatic artist Seph Lawless uses his photographs to capture the abandoned, neglected areas of America as a metaphor for our decaying society. By transforming social media into a social movement, Seph hopes that his work will spark political debate and constructive dialogue.

"Presentation of the Day" on May 28, 2014.


Because I Said I Would

@ VOL 18 ON MAY 24, 2013

Promises are important. Alex Sheen believes that promises carry a special weight that should not be taken lightly. "Because I said I would" cards enable a person to really see the worth in the promise that you've made them.

"Presentation of the Day" on September 3, 2013.


Salutation to Corrugation

@ VOL 9 ON SEP 24, 2010

One day, artist Mark Langan received a large amount of corrugated cardboard boxes from his neighbors, and decided to do something amazing with them. His three-dimensional works are composed entirely of recycleable material, and have become popular among eco-friendly movers and shakers.

"Presentation of the Day" from October 26, 2013.



The Battle We Didn't Choose

What would you do if the one you loved was diagnosed with cancer?
When photographer Angelo Meredino's wife was diagnosed with cancer, he did what he does best: capture her story through the lens of his camera.
In "The Battle We Didn't Choose" from PKN Cleveland Vol. 22, hear Angelo's simultaneously heart-breaking and amazing story, and his thought-provoking approach to life and love. 

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About the City's Organizers

  • Michael Christoff

    In 2005, after graduating with a Masters in Architecture from Kent State University, Michael moved to Cleveland to work on master plan designs for the Flats East Bank redevelopment project. Working on this and a variety of urban redevelopment projects throughout the United States has afforded him a deep appreciation for the urban environment and how people interact within it. When Michael is not in his office at architecture firm Vocon, he is immersed in a variety of initiatives to leverage Cleveland’s assets and creative efforts into visible and tangible results. He co-found the international Cleveland Design Competition which annually attracts over 150 design ideas from more than twenty different countries for important civic projects; co-found PechaKucha Night Cleveland which quarterly seeks to expose and attract new creative ideas and incite meaningful collaboration; serves as Board Chair for the Cleveland Municipal School District’s Campus International School Advisory Board and sits on the Board of Directors for both SPACES (Art Gallery) and the Cleveland American Institute of Architects. Michael is passionate about having a positive impact on the City of Cleveland and believes Cleveland’s best days are still ahead of her. Michael currently lives on the west side of Cleveland in Lakewood with his wife Jill.