What would PechaKucha Nights be without each city's tech support! Whether its sorting out presentations decks, projector connections, or making stellar recordings, our techs are the invaluable and unsung heroes of PechaKucha Nights around the globe. One such super tech is Joseph Veale of PKN Christchurch.  Picking up sound skills on the mean streets of pre quake Christchurch, he's been recording the audio for their PechaKucha Nights since their humble basement carpark beginnings in 2008. When not behind the sound desk, he records field audio for local docos and features, and the odd technical death metal band. Preserving and sharing stories for all walks of life is his tonic. Thanks Joe for keeping us sounding great!

In the grand glass foyer of the Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna o Waiwhetu, Netta Egoz and Erica Austin of PKN Christchurch welcome us to their 27th volume, aptly titled "Art Makes Me Succinct." Mad props to all for pulling off this beautiful celebration of creativity!  

Our PechaKucha People Spotlight lands on Erica Austin this week, of PKN Christchurch. As an Architectural Master's Graduate, Event "Awesomist" and Photographer, she's passionate about making Christchurch awesome, and see's it as a place to experiment and grow creatively, which is why she also calls herself "Christchurch Ambassador."

The PechaKucha Global Community sends out some much deserved love and inspiration to Netta, Erica, and our extended family in Christchurch New Zealand, who at this very moment on Mar 2nd 2016, are hosting there 26th Vol. of PKN!

Five years ago this week, Christchurch suffered a massive earthquake that rattled their city but not their spirits. When Japan's massive quake occurred just a few short weeks later, Christchurch despite their own tragedy, were the first to PechaKucha shores with blinding support. A true testament of their community's good will.
Even though 5 year have passed, the road to reconstruction continues, reflected in the many PechaKucha presentations about Christchurch rebuilding. And as a very small, and very late but sincere token of our gratitude to their commitment to Japan in our time of need, we're launching INSPIRE CHRISTCHURCH in an effort to keep the spotlight shining on their city.
Share your story of Christchurch with us, and together let's INSPIRE CHRISTCHURCH to it's vibrant self.

Poster for PKN Christ Church


Can we get a ‘hallelujah’ for PKN Christchurch’s praiseworthy Pechakucha poster? With design work by Holly Ross, this poster announces their 26th volume.  This event, set in the Spectrum Street Art Festival, is sure to be inspirational to all who attend. There are always great new PechaKucha Night posters to check out on our PKN Poster Tumblr and be inspired to make a poster for your next PKN!

This week the Pechakucha People Spotlight shines on Netta Egoz of Christchurch New Zealand, whose role as PechaKucha City ORganzier plays a key part in her community's "city-making movement''. In addition to PKN organizer and presenter extraordinaire she's also a community Lawyer AND spends her spare hours on the radio via RDU 98.5fm (Chch). 

"Fighting the fashion industry is not going to change the problems, but supporting environmental friendly and ethical products can."

In "The Cost of Cotton" from Christchurch Vol. 24, student Samantha Jones shares how she launched an eco fashion brand in her spare time. The environmental cost,  social cost, child labor, increased awarness and concerns in clothing production are the subject of her passionate talk. Let's support environmentally friendly and ethical products!

"After 100 years they are still standing,...the original buildings on the Antarctic Continent."

In Icy Heritage from Christchurch Vol. 23, Programme Manager-Conservator Lizzie Meek presents the Antarctic Heritage Trust which cares for a collection of simple, wooden expedition bases, filled with everyday objects. A life-changing experience for many of the people who visit them in Antarctica, they also strongly resonate with people who will never visit – because they are, despite the odds, still standing. Six minutes on the power of place, and the value of heritage in its original context.

Bundle up!

“What if [climate change] is all a big hoax and we create a better world for nothing?” -Joel Pett

Exhibition developer and sustainability professional Bec McMaster is fascinated by all things Antarctica. In “Antarctic Time Travel” from PKN Christchurch Vol. 20 Bec shares the process of engaging with some of New Zealand’s leading scientists in order to present past and future climate change in a balanced and empowering manner.

“Open up the doors, cook, let strangers come — this is the only way we can ward off ruin.”

Justin Strother tells a story of moving to the bottom of the world. In “The Supper Club Project” from PKN Christchurch Vol.22 she speaks about her journey to find a place to live in the little town of Lyttleton, and her food and warmth-filled path to finding a cure to loneliness.