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06 DEC


It is with great pleasure we bring you Volume 33, our first youth focused event being held at Papa Hou, YMCA. Investing in the next generation of changemakers, creatives and global citizens, we are featuring young Christchurch talents sharing their creative projects and passions.


We are returning to YMCA after an amazing experience amongst the giant spray cans of Spectrum Street Art Festival in 2016. Since then, the venue has changed dramatically! We are excited to take you on a new adventure alongside some young people, who will inspire you in many ways using the 20x20 format. Speakers include a muscian, a performer, an architectural student, a graphic designer, a photographer and more!

WHEN: Wednesday 6 December
WHERE: Papa Hou, YMCA - 12 Hereford St
(Doors open 7.30, PechaKucha starts at 8.20pm)

Ruby Arrowfield // Performer // Your life is a creative project
Charlie Jackson // Freelancer Photographer // Will work for wine!
Anzac Gallate // Student // Sustainability through behavioural change
Yanjin Liu (Jack) // Ara student // Get out of your comfort zone
Claudia McDonald // Student // The Christchurch youth movement
Deen Coulson // Musician // Music speaks where words fail


Aisha Tupa'i // Youth Worker & Performer // Making Space for Youth in Ōtautahi
Andrew Dixon // Graduate Designer // Because why not?
Gina Papahadjis// Community & Events Guru // Rediscovering human connection
Caleb Skene // architecture student // Emotional architecture
Jess McLennan // Student // The fabric that connects us
Alice Ridley // Saikuru Founder // Navigating to neutral


PechaKucha Nights are devised and shared by Klein Dytham Architects


Featured Presentation


Charlotte Cottrell

Creator & Cultivator in Christchurch

Have you ever paid much attention to plants or flowers growing in your garden? Gardening is a creative venture connecting you with nature and your home. In this talk, Charlotte Cottrell shows her love for gardening and demonstrates the love that her garden gives back. 


Common Sense Innovation

@ VOL 32 ON SEP 26, 2017

Tyler Brummer spent 10 years as an academic ecologist but was itching to have more impact. He co-founded WeVisit, a company that is designed to create meaningful jobs for young people, give older people a greater sense of purpose and help families stay connected. At WeVisit, they use technology to create human connections to improve community health, education and well-being.


Weaving in the Goodness

@ VOL 32 ON SEP 26, 2017

Rebecca Parnham is one of the co-founders of Krama and Co. a company that supports the production of krama (traditional Cambodian scarves). She loves krama and everything they represent. Rebecca’s goal has always been to weave the goodness into every step of what she does. Her PechaKucha talk “Weaving in the Goodness” discusses how social work and the strengths perspective informs her.


Building Communities by Building Buildings

@ VOL 32 ON SEP 26, 2017

Camia Young has three jobs and one purpose, to draw out the creative potential in people and places. She does this through the project and people she works with at Ohu, DCL and XCHC.


From Nantes to Christchurch - culture, multi-sport and crepes!

@ VOL 32 ON SEP 26, 2017

Thomas Grandguillot and Sheena Hemens are co-founders of Maison de Crepes. They have very different backgrounds and the leap of faith and craziness took them to start a hospitality business from scratch with no experience or knowledge! Here's a talk following Thomas' journey from Nantes to Christchurch and how their shared purpose helped grow their crepe dream. 


When Scholarships Aren't Enough

@ VOL 32 ON SEP 26, 2017

Bambi Defensor is partner and COO of Messy Bessy, a manufacturer and distributor of earth-friendly, biodegradable and plant-derived household and personal care products. The company’s products are available in ten company-owned retail branches and up to 200 partner retailers across the Philippines. Messy Bessy is a unique, integrated social enterprise that provides work training and employment for at-risk (formerly abused, incarcerated and impoverished)young adults, with up to 70% of its workforce from an at-risk background. 


The Adventures of Bolt and Buzz: Tales of a Disruptive Social ANTerprise

@ VOL 32 ON SEP 26, 2017

Peter Randrup and Bex De Prospo launched sustainable food start-up, Anteater in 2016. Anteater wholesales premium edible insects to top restaurants and special events all over NZ. Due to the huge environmental, production and health benefits of edible insects, the Anteater team believes that they will play a major role in the future of protein production. Peter and Bex are working tirelessly to mainstream edible insects as a viable, delicious, sustainable alternative to conventionally-farmed meat products.


Why wood we?

@ VOL 32 ON SEP 26, 2017

Juliet Arnott is a Christchurch based occupational therapist and artist. She has long maintained an art practice that reveres traditional craft and it’s inherent resourcefulness, activates local under-valued resources, and often engages others in participation of the same. Her socially minded practice lead to the instigation of Rekindle and Whole House Reuse in 2012. Rekindle is a social enterprise that seeks to derive social and creative impact from reusable resources to avoid waste to landfill. 


What Is Purpose?

@ VOL 32 ON SEP 26, 2017

Daniel Price has been an environmental scientist for more than a decade. He completed his PhD researching the Antarctic using NASA and European Space Agency satellites in 2014 and has undertaken three Antarctic scientific field campaigns throughout his career. Dan has been selected as a fellow in the inaugural cohort of the Edmund Hillary Fellowship; a three year business programme designed to incubate high impact ideas in New Zealand and deliver them to the world. 

In his spare time, Dan is a keen mountaineer and skier. If you can’t get hold of him, he’s likely above the snow line, somewhere in the Southern Alps. 



Why I Love Photographing Food

In honor of World Food Day:
"It's art on a plate... it's a different art form."
In "Why I Love Photographing Food" from PechaKucha Night Christchurch Vol. 25, Food photographer Meredith Dyer explains why she loves photographing food in ten reasons. Spoiler alert, some of the most exciting parts are the people! 

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    Erica is an architectural graduate and is interested in how creative disciplines, businesses, community organisations and individuals can work collaboratively. With a Master’s degree in Architecture and a passion for making Christchurch awesome, she sees Christchurch as a place to experiment and grow creatively. She’s also actively involved in Te Putahi (Centre for Architecture and Citymaking), TEDxChristchurch, PechaKucha Night Christchurch, Startup Weekend and Gap Filler. She wishes to bring more excitement to Christchurch and attract more people to this city by initiating and contributing to a wide range of creative, community and entrepreneurial projects, which is why she also calls herself ‘Christchurch Ambassador’.