Past Chicago Event: VOL 41


VOL 41

March 07, 2017
@ Martyrs'

10 years ago, PechaKucha Night meandered into Martyrs' and hasn't looked back. Volume 41 takes you on yet more amazing, fascinating storytelling journeys that reside in the lives and minds of cool Chicagoans (or people who happen to be in Chicago that night).


Poster by Josh Mings AIA

Stuart Candy
Futurist in Chicago
Ryan Biziorek
Senior Acoustic Consultant, Arup in Chicago
Michael Turner
Artist in Chicago
Duangchai Kaur Swani
Interior Architect/Designer in Chicago
Ryan Brandoff
Photographer, Ryan Brandoff Photographer in Chicago
Obi Nwazota
Owner, Little Unicoco/Orange Skin in Chicago
Jessica Jacobs
Educator, artist, designer and entrepreneur, Columbia College Chicago in Chicago
Sarah Davis
in Chicago
Josh Ellis
Vice President, Metropolitan Planning Council in Chicago
David Thomas
Educator, Artist, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago & Columbia College Chicago in Chicago