Past Chicago Event: VOL 37


VOL 37

March 01, 2016
@ Martyrs'

With Volume 37, PechaKucha Night Chicago is 9 years old!
See you on March 1 for the first PK of 2016!

Joseph Altshuler is our guest emcee.

Sharon Exley
Procurer of Art, Beauty & Curiosity, Fun Finders in Chicago
Shannon Downey
Mastastitcher, Badass Cross Stitch in Chicago
Danny Wicke
Architect, Wheeler Kearns Architects in Chicago
Matthew Haussler
Maze Artist, Matthew's Mazes in Chicago
Kelly Leonard
Creative Adviser , The Second City in Chicago
Clayton Smith
Writer,Teacher, & Archduke at Dapper Press, Self-Employed in Chicago
Myles Hayes
Musician in Chicago
Tom Greensfelder
Graphic Designer, illustrator and lettering artist, Magichead Design in Chicago
Ellen Dickson
Architect, Bailey Edward in Chicago
Isabella Copeland
Creative Consultant in Chicago

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