Pizza and pie are like siblings separated at birth, caught up in an endless rivalry. 

Elliana Krandel and Hannah Altshuler know everything there is to know about pizza and pie. In "Pizza and Pie" from PKN Chicago Vol. 29, they share the endless varieties and technicalities of these foods, and what they have learned over their friendship of seven years. Pizza and pie are not just delicious foods but also a means of bringing people together. 

"Supporting independent games is the same thing as supporting art ... it's an artistic revolution happening right under your nose."

Max Temkin talks about the revolutionary change in the computer gaming industry from publisher and distributor producted games to independent games that could be sold directly to the customer. In "The Indie Game Revolution" from PKN Chicago Vol. 29, Temkin gives an overview of independenly created games, like Minecraft, Fez, and Spleunky, in order to show what great games (and great art forms) could be created outside publisher and distributor influences. 

"Our lives are this strange opportunity to be aware of the most beautiful and complex creation and to express to one another our unique experience with it."

Preston Jones talks about how following the pulse in our lives teaches us just how profound and important our lives are. In "The Pulse" from PKN Chicago Vol. 29, he shows us that we all possess a skill set that has the potential to be world-changing -- we just have to learn how to use it. 

We point the "City Focus" this week to Chicago, with its PechaKucha Night Vol. 29 taking place on March 4. Visit the official event page for more details, the list of presenters, and for a glimpse at the poster, designed by Cards Against Humanity's Max Temkin (who will also be presenting).

Chances are you've heard of Cards Against Humanity -- and if so, chances are you've had a hell of a good time playing it -- and so we were very excited to see that not only is the game's creator, Max Temkin, presentating at Chicago's upcoming PechaKucha Night Vol. 29, but he also designed the event poster! If you're in Chicago on March 4, you know where you need to be.

December has begun its strut down the street, and amongst the chilly air, snowflakes, and holiday spirit (or heat and humidity perhaps, if you're in the Southern Hemisphere) drifts a small stack of five very special presentations: November 2013's top 5!

Have a cup of cheer on us!


"Sushi for Smiles" by Takayo Kiyota.

"Perfecting Portraits" by Ian Taylor.

"Turnaround" by Aubrey Williams.

"Make It So" by Shannon Downey.

"Live for Today" by Shay Howe.

Think no one can make you do anything?

Well, we bet we can make your mouth water! That's right, we're playing with your involuntary actions like Pavlov played with his pups (well, kind of).

Here are five meaty, food-related presentations ready for your consumption:

"From the Kitchen to the World" by Aram Reed

"Designing Cakes" by Mhairi Wild

"The Savory Month of Ramendan" by Jed Schmidt

"Molecular Gastronomy" by Nik Mavromatis 

"8 Things Designers Can Learn from Baking Cakes" by James Stockdale

How would you like to slip around a basement coated with laundry soap, or eat 3 cheeseburgers before riding a rollercoaster?

In today's Presentation of the Day, "Plus: A Non-Chronological Story of Gleeful Self-Deprecation" from Table XI's October Table Talks: My Worst IdeaJC Grubbs (of software developer DevMynd) reverses the flow of time and recounts eight of his favorite mistakes, each one more inane than the last.

His gaffes are not all for naught, however -- he encourages us to "keep making enormously huge mistakes, do it with gusto, tell the stories, and hopefully some of them will end up good."

"Sometimes a bad idea is only a bad idea because you're not hanging around with the right people -- or drinking enough whiskey."

In today's Presentation of the Day, "Make It So" from Table XI's October Table Talks: My Worst IdeaShannon Downey tells us of a night she and her friends were out drinking and took pictures with a Captain Picard action figure. Upon returning home she created a Facebook fan page for the photos. What happened next resulted in Shannon exploring strange new worlds.

Top 5 Presentations in October 2013

Time just carries on with its tireless march forward and -- wow, just like that -- it's November! You know what that means: we have a fresh, steaming, stuffing-filled cornucopia of presentations for you (with a side of cranberry sauce)!

Here are the Top 5 Presentations of the Day for the month of October 2013: 

"Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time" by Kate Garmey.

"Introversion" by Caleb Keller.

"Human Trafficking" by Ali Weiner.

"Fear. Pain. Humor." by Mark Rickmeier.

"The San Francisco of Tomorrow" by Craig Scott.