“Trust me when I say that sharing beer is not a bad way to spend time.”

Marilee and Karl Rutherford really like beer. So much, in fact that they decided to go all in and make their hobby into a business (Rude Hippo Brewing Company). Though their pie-in-the-sky initial plans were downgraded to something more realistic, what they traded in volume, they gained in momentum. In “The Poor Brewers” from a special AIA 2014 Convention edition of PKN Chicago, hear the story of their trials and ultimate triumph.

Poster for PKN Chicago Vol. 31

Chicago's PechaKucha Night Vol. 31 is just over a week away (on Tuesday, September 9), and here's the poster -- designed by Matthew Hoffman -- to prove it.

84 days on an airplane. Buying Ferraris after lunch. The life of one architect.

Mike PfefferAIA Chicago member and winner of the 2014 national AIA Young Architect Award, has spent almost three months in the air flying between Chicago and China in the past six years. In "Balance in the Life of an Architect" from a special 2014 AIA Convention edition of PKN Chicago, Mike talks about what this entails in his job as Managing Director of SOM in Chicago.

"The love of the process isnt about solving, but about the asking. It's taking your agenda out of the picture and seeing what there is to be discovered."

Leah Ball's childhood fascination with outer space, alien beings, and cosmic thinking informs her research, inquiry, and design process. In "Aliens Might Have Claimed My Sisters" from PKN Chicago Vol. 29 Leah shows us her passion for creation, and how that passion started out with metal working, and has led her to ceramics. Every work she creates she does so in reference to her miniscule presence in the vast universe.

This is what one might call a minimalist's nightmare:

Chicago-based AIA architect Dan Wheeler, FAIA has an eBay problem. In "My Name is Dan, and I Have an eBay Problem" from a special edition of PKN Chicago held during the 2014 AIA Convention, Dan shows us the growing number of objects he's accumulated over the years in his home. Though the sheer volume might seem overwhelming, he has put his collections to exemplary use in the home he shares with his wife Julie.

No, it's not a report about PechaKucha, but we love seeing PechaKucha Night Chicago organizer Peter Exley in this CBS local news report about George Lucas' upcoming museum, as he sports his "20 images x 20 seconds" PechaKucha t-shirt. Watch the full report here.

Young God and Old God playing table foosball on the ocean. Gifting an ice sculpture of the Ten Commandments to the public. A Bust of Obama composed entirely of butter.

Industry of the Ordinary is a two-person art group that aims to explore and celebrate the commonness of everyday life as well as challenege the derogatory notions of the ordinary.

In "I Want to be Ordinary" from PKN Chicago Vol. 25 Listen as they humorously speak about a few of their inane projects and encourage us to reconsider what it means to be ordinary. 

Stunning works of projection-map lighting paired with works of modern architecture -- what's not to love?

At a special edition of PKN Chicago set during the 2014 American Institute of Architects National Convention, we see the luminous work of Chicago-based artist Petra Bachmeier.

In "Light is the Theme" she details her collaborative, Luftwerk, which focuses on projection-map lighting on iconic works of modern architecture.

Be part of the largest event in world architecture this year. PechaKucha Night Chicago with AIA Chicago and SOM are pleased to present a special edition PechaKucha Night at the AIA National Convention in Chicago.

This event is one of a series of "Design + Dining" events hosted by AIA Chicago in conjunction with the 2014 AIA National Convention. If you plan to register for the National Convention, you can find this event in the official convention schedule by using the code EV217. Non-convention attendees are welcome to RSVP and purchase tickets through AIA Chicago’s website. Ticket price includes buffet food and 2 drink tickets.

Two tickets to the gun show. Take a tour? 

Ben Nicholson, frustrated by his raccoon problem, decides on which gun to use in plans to skin it, eat it and make it into a hat to match his fur coat. In "Raccoon Problem? There's a Gun for That" from PKN Chicago Vol. 28 he humorously describes different types of guns in hopes to stop his raccoon friend from visiting his log cabin. 


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