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29 MAY

NEXT EVENT Chicago : City of Big Data

PechaKucha Night Chicago partners with the Chicago Architecture Foundation to bring you our first special event of 2014.

‘Big Data’ refers to the volume, velocity, and variety of the digital information we generate today. From information collected by urban sensors to Tweets, never before have cities generated so much data. Data is a 21st century design material. It has the power to transform how we plan, design, and build cities. Good data can help designers and citizens identify patterns and trends that affect the health and happiness of a city and the people who live there.

In Partnership with Architecture Is Fun and Visualized Concepts, sponsored in part by Goose Island Beer Company.

Check for tickets and more details at http://www.architecture.org/eveningprograms


Featured Presentation

When architect Margaret Yoo was laid off from a firm that specialized in constructing tall towers, she was thankful for the chance to rediscover herself. Since then, she has worked on many projects, including building homes for children in need. 


It's Not Just Christmas Lighting!

@ VOL 28 ON DEC 03, 2013

Why should lights be used only during Christmas to light up houses or public spaces? Why can't they be used all year round? Avraham Mor, a lighting designer, is certainly passionante about using light all year round to celebrate the importance of light in our lives and for the enjoyment of the outdoors. 


Hoop, There It Is!

@ VOL 28 ON DEC 03, 2013

Ana Skolnik explains her inseparable relationship with hula hooping and how her passion for it has grown throughout her life. From wanting to take the hoop everywhere she went, to street perfroming, to starring in a hula hoop documentary, to eventually starting up her own classes, to her hula hooping is so much more than a hobby or exercise, but an artist statement and way of life. 


TIF Know-How For A Better Chicago

@ VOL 25 ON MAR 05, 2013

Tom Tresser talks about the happening topic of tax increment finanaicing (TIF). Although it may not be the most engaging topic, the information that he has for the people of Chicago is important. By informing the commnuity of how tifs work and to give them the means to understand where their tax money is going, it brings the commnuity closer together and encourages them to voice their opinons on financial matters. 


Campaigning for President Barack Obama

@ VOL 25 ON MAR 05, 2013

Traci Wile talks about her experience working as a project manager for the design team for the President Barack Obama campaign. She gives humorful details about her experiences such as many long nights of stress eating and drinking (bourbon) in a noisy and smelly office. However, the rewards are repaid with grateful words and a hug by President Obama himself. 


Urban City Development in China

@ VOL 25 ON MAR 05, 2013

Thomas Hussey talks about China's current growth in urbanization. Although there are several challenges, such as outdated buildings, over-engineered highways, and pollution to deal with, they hope to redevelop the city, connect cities together, and create new cities entirely that would come to be potential solutions to those probelms. 



Life of Working Travelers

@ VOL 25 ON MAR 05, 2013

Can home be anywhere you want it to be? This may seem like an obvious question, but with work and multiplte belongs it may prove to be a challenge. Smith Schwartz and her husband had decided, since their jobs can be done from anywhere with a wifi connection, to sell their belongs and tavel around the world. They hope to change how people think about work and share their experiences with others. 


Community for Gamer Feedback

@ VOL 25 ON MAR 05, 2013

Are twitting, blogging, marketing and advertizing of the most importance when intorducing a creative project or product? To Mike Laurence, the above mentioned strategies are not as valuable as builidng a community. Mike talks in depth about how building a community for people to talk and build relationships has helped to advertize and market his computer game. 


Mike Laurence 


American-Style Architecture

@ VOL 25 ON MAR 05, 2013

Mark Campbell talks about the history of American-stlye architecture and its origins with a famous architect named Frank Lloyd Wright. Mark talks about how Wright's prairie style houses, that emphaises horizontally shaped houses, an open-planned interior, and copiuos glass windows, have had an empact on architects of the time and on the style of houses created today. 



Pizza and Pie

Pizza and pie are like siblings separated at birth, caught up in an endless rivalry. 
Elliana Krandel and Hannah Altshuler know everything there is to know about pizza and pie. In "Pizza and Pie" from PKN Chicago Vol. 29, they share the endless varieties and technicalities of these foods, and what they have learned over their friendship of seven years. Pizza and pie are not just delicious foods but also a means of bringing people together. 

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About the City's Organizers

  • Peter Exley

    Advocate for architecture for children, Peter Exley FAIA has created an internationally recognized architecture and design practice, which elevates the standards of design for public space and learning environments through the construction of new paradigms in pedagogy, play and participatory experience. Hailing from Yorkshire, he arrived in Chicago for a year in 1985. He has been there ever since, and founded ArchitectureIsFun on April Fools' Day 1994. He is an adjunct Professor in the departments of Architecture, Interior Architecture & Designed Objects and Contemporary Practices at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, the co-host of PechaKucha Night Chicago and was the 2013 President of AIA Chicago.

  • Thorsten Bösch

    President and Co-Founder of visualizedconcepts inc. in 2003, he arrived in Chicago 1996 via Hamburg, Passau + Konstanz.

  • Sharon Exley

    Procurer of Beautiful & Curious Stuff

  • Tess Landon

    Tess Landon is the Director of Education and Outreach for ART WORKS Projects. She earned her bachelor’s degree in art history from Bard College with a focus on museums and education and has worked in the collections at the Field Museum and the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum. Tess has taught in a range of arenas, including her many years as a children’s art teacher at Lill Street Art Center. She is currently teaching poetry at a correctional facility in Illinois and previously taught a reading and writing seminar at a facility in New York. She is in charge of the ART WORKS arts education initiative Workshop to Change the World.

  • Steven Haulenbeek

    I am a Chicago based designer and artist working in the fields of furniture, lighting, accessories, experimental/process-based objects and events.

  • Michael Genge

    I'm a bike obsessed designer and master of all things wheeled.

  • Dana Crawford

    Dana Crawford is a career changer with an MA in Interior Design, and a former intern at Architecture is Fun. Currently she is getting her feet wet at Harley Ellis Devereaux. Bursting with enthusiasm and tenacity, she is a wholehearted believer in the value of play, the spirit of volunteerism, and cats.