PKN Charleston in the News

There's a great piece in the Charleston Regional Business Journal about how that city's PechaKucha Night series is fueling ideas to the community:

Charleston needs its own music festival.

This was one idea floated at Pecha Kucha’s 19th event, held Tuesday at Memminger Auditorium in downtown Charleston. Creative types, entrepreneurs, residents and businesspeople gathered to hear seven presentations of stories, ideas, passions and inspirations.

Speaker Charles Carmody said the Spoleto Festival serves the city’s art and music scene well, but that local musicians and artists should work together to bring a festival dedicated solely to music to Charleston.

Carmody, the manager of the Charleston Music Hall, noted that many other artistic cities, such as Savannah and Knoxville, Tenn., have their own music festivals — and some cities have multiple.

“There’s no reason why we shouldn’t have one here,” Carmody said. “We need to be working together. We don’t need to be competing. We can feed off of each other.”

Read the full article here.

PKN Genoa Vol. 3 Presentations As you'll discover in his presentation (from PKN Toronto Vol. 14), Emmanuel Lopez -- aka Motivatorman -- has a blog that talks about how different films can help people overcome difficult times. Gianni Stevano's presentation (in Italian, from PKN Genoa Vol. 3) is about how he came to produce -- or what inspired -- the new Master of the Midfield clothing line. It is expressed through the memory of playing on the road, in the sand, or anywhere else where there are no restrictions. PKN Yogyakarta Vol. 4 Posters Our last addition to the Tumblr blog this week as we head into the weekend is the poster for tomorrow night's PKN Yogyakarta Vol. 4 (pictured).  Video We offered a peek at the recent PKN Charleston Vol. 15 just the other day, and now here's a video highlight of the event, to give you a better idea of how things went down.  Calendar The weekend starts tonight (October 12) with PKN Bogota Vol. 9, PKN Longmont Vol. 8, PKN Pune Vol. 6, and PKN Seattle Vol. 39. On Saturday we have PKN Ostrava Vol. 9 and the aforementioned PKN Yogyakarta Vol. 4, and then on Sunday it's PKN Whistler Vol. 7. 

PKN Sioux Falls Vol. 1 Presentations TJ Olson uses his presentation (from PKN Sioux Falls Vol. 1) to take us on a tour of the development of Sioux Falls, by way of Google Earth. This presentation (in Czech, from PKN Znojmo Vol. 1) by Paulina Ebringer covers various concepts used by the artist when preparing and painting portraits. PKN Charleston Vol. 15 Posters Today's additions to the Tumblr blog includes posters for PKN Charleston Vol. 15 (pictured above), PKN Las Palmas Vol. 8, and PKN Glasgow Vol. 11. That Charleston event was held last night, and we quickly started seeing photos all over Instagram of the outdoor PKN, with two examples pictured below (see larger versions here and here). PKN Charleston Vol. 15 Calendar Tonight (October 10) you can catch PKN Hawkes Bay Vol. 4 and PKN Auckland Vol. 31, while tomorrow takes the form of yet another big Thursday: PKN Salzburg Vol. 14, PKN Regensburg Vol. 10, PKN Augsburg Vol. 2, PKN Kosice Vol. 24, PKN Norrkoping Vol. 20, PKN Utrecht Vol. 5, PKN Omaha Vol. 16, and PKN Kyiv Vol. 9.

PKN Usti nad Labem Vol. 2 Presentations Don Kratzer has lived in Japan for 20 years, and following the PK 20x20 format, he uses his presentation (from PKN Tokyo Vol. 95) to share what he's been up to all this time using one image for each year. In her presentation (in Czech, from PKN Usti nad Labem Vol. 2), Zofia Drut talks about her public and street art activities, that have been held in elevators, buses, markets, and any other public venue she's been able to use. PKN Banja Luka Vol. 6 Posters We have two new posters to share today on the Tumblr blog, starting with PKN Banja Luka Vol. 6, pictured above -- the event was held just over a week ago. The other addition is a second poster for the upcoming PKN Mendoza Vol. 6 -- see the lovely "moustache" edition we shared last month. Links We are often contacted by teachers and professors from around the world who are interested in using the PechaKucha format in their classes, and here's a great example of its use at the College of Charleston, and one that was inspired by the local PKN series. 

Professor Jeanette Guinn says PechaKucha in an integral part of her course, Understanding Creativity. “The PechaKucha concept stretches students to be creative and expand their writing and public speaking skills,” she says. “You just can’t achieve that with a paper and a test.”

Calendar Tonight (October 9) you can catch PKN Usti nad Labem Vol. 3, and tomorrow sees PKN Hawkes Bay Vol. 4 and PKN Auckland Vol. 31. 

Indonesian Batik, Skateboarding as a Life Philosophy, and an Illustrated Crowd in Longmont

PKN Tokyo Vol. 93 Presentations UNESCO designated Indonesian Batik as a "Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity" on October 2, 2009. As Yudhinia Venkanteswari explains in her presentation (from PKN Tokyo Vol. 93), what distinguishes it from other manual wax-resist dyeing technique is that traditional Indonesian Batik uses "canting," a bamboo pen with copper wax container, as a tool to draw a pattern with melted wax on a piece of cloth. Another technique used is "cap," which is to create a shape of melted wax with a copper stamp. The waxing and dyeing is then repeated to get the desired colored patterns. Pablo Martínez has won numerous skateboarding championships in Argentina, Chile, Brazil, and Uruguay, and has adapted skateboarding to his own philosophy of life, which he shares with his sons. In this presentation (in Spanish, from PKN Mar Del Plata Vol. 2), he talks about how great it is to travel with them around the world for skateboarding. PKN Bordeaux Vol. 7 PKN Bordeaux Vol. 7 PKN Bordeaux Vol. 7 Photos Kicking off the week, we have a few photo galleries to share from around the web, some larger than others. The photos above are all from last week's PKN Bordeaux Vol. 7. Please note that the link for the Pittsburgh event also includes a report of how things went.

And instead of a photo, below is a wonderful illustration by PKN Longmont organizer Dwayne Wolff of the audience at the city's very first PKN, back in 2011. PKN Longmont Vol. 1 Links We have a couple of links to share today, one covering PKN Muscat, the other PKN Charleston

Calendar Here comes July, and as is usually the case during the summer, we start seeing fewer events due to the holidays. There is an event tonight (July 2) though, and so you can look to PKN Pittsboro Vol. 11 for some PechaKucha satisfaction.

Iamikan Here's a piece and accompanying video from a recent presentation by artist Iamikan that was held as part of PechaKucha Night in Charleston Vol. 9, sent to us by gallery director Atmah Ja.

Pecha Kucha, an international event, brings together innovative artists possessing expansive and visionary ideas with the intention of inspiring and igniting audiences the world over. At PKN Vol. 9, artist Iamikan was invited to lecture on his creative process, showcasing his collection projected on a 12x14 backdrop screen. His originality and uncanny flare to perform to his creative beat left the crowd suspended, taking the stage to animate a cartoon like character called “Master of Organized Chaos,” Iamikan’s mentor from a parallel universe training him in the science of computer programming and projection. Master OC and a seemingly vulnerable Iamikan meet “off of the grid” of earth tangible time for a final “stage of training/preparation”. More...

Presenters for PKN Charleston Vol. 5

You may have just missed last night's PechaKucha Night in Charleston Vol. 5 -- and if you were there, hope you had a great time -- but it's always nice to be able to find out more about all of the presenters, even after it's all over. You're in luck, since organizers had been posting short profiles on all of the presenters over at their blog.

Pictured above, from left to right, are tattoo artist Jason Eisenberg, artist Nathan Durfee, and photographer Peter Frank Edwards.

PKN Charleston Vol. 4

The Charleston City Paper takes a look at last week's PechaKucha Night in Charleston Vol. 4, and finds a lot to like. Looks like the night turned into a lovefest for the city:

There was also the embracing of our fair city and the celebration of the artists, authors, musicians, and doggone talent Charleston has been known to encompass. I’d say the centerpiece of this event was, in fact, the city itself, while the presenters formed a talented worship circle, idolizing The Holy City and all her historic glory.

You've already had a peek at last week's PechaKucha Night in Charleston Vol. 3, held outdoors, and now's your chance to see some video of the event, courtesy of Charleston Magazine. It was put together by the style editor, so yes, there's a heavy focus on what people are wearing.

PKN Charleston Vol. 3

Couldn't make it to this week's PechaKucha Night in Charleston Vol. 3? The Charleston City Paper has you covered with a great write-up on the night's "outdoor" proceedings. You can also get a good look at the event, courtesy of this Flickr photoset.