G'day Mates! PechaKucha is right smitten with these two brill Sheilas from Down Under who run the legendary PechaKucha Night series in Cairns. The "Queens of North Queensland," Cathy-Ann Kerr and Angie Quinn are so full of Aussie charm and humor, it's no wonder their magnetic personalities attract all the tradies & their ladies. On ya lasses!

PKN Memphis Vol. 2 Presentations Kerry Crawford has ADD, "real bad." She uses her presentation (from PKN Memphis Vol. 2) to not only explain what ADD really is and how it affects her, but also uses the disease to teach others how to get things done. We live in a world of remixes, and in his presentation (in Portuguese, from PKN Curitiba Vol. 1), Rafael Rosa offers up and sings his new version of the national anthem of Brazil. PKN Tijuana Vol. 1 Posters Today's additions to the Tumblr blog are led by quite a few posters from PKN Hyderabad (Vol. 6-10, with a few examples below), as well as PKN Tijuana Vol. 1 (pictured above), PKN Cairns Vol. 5, and PKN Mendoza Vol. 6.  PKN Hyderabad Vol. 8 and 9 Calendar Tonight's (August 30) lineup includes the following events: PKN Sevilla Vol. 13, PKN St. Petersburg Vol. 21, PKN Christchurch Vol. 15, PKN Xalapa Vol. 12, and PKN Nashville Vol. 8. For tomorrow night, you can look to PKN Kumamoto Vol. 4. 

PKN Toronto Vol. 13 Presentations Payam Shalchian and Jamie Black, two alumni from the Institute Without Boundaries, talk (at PKN Toronto Vol. 13) about the significance of collective action in reviving urbanized environments. They use Lota, a project in Chile, as a case study, reflecting on the project's outcome in relation to various aspects of Toronto. Marek Czechowski is a traveler and researcher, and in his presentation (in Polish, from PKN Koszalin Vol. 7) he talks about the real history of the teutonic knights, who during the 13th century ruled the North of Poland. This is however a history that doesn't follow any school books or academic sources. This story reveals the very truth about the knights, who, according to Marek, were not able to build their famous brick castles themselves... Gaining spontaneous applause, Marek proves they had no necessary knowledge to do this, and that they had insufficient money, as well as insufficient building materials. PKN Nantes Vol. 3 Posters We have two new posters on our Tumblr blog today: a flyer for PKN Kyoto Vol. 7, and then one from Nantes (pictured above), for the city's upcoming PKN Vol. 3 (set for June 19). PKN Cancun Vol. 3 PKN Cancun Vol. 3 PKN Cancun Vol. 3 Photos We have a few new Facebook galleries to share with you today. Above, a few photos from this past weekend's PKN Cancun Vol. 3 -- the event had been postponed because of bad weather, but this time it was all go for a beautiful outdoor setting.  

PKN Edmonton Vol. 13 Links A few links from around the web, including two that relate to the recent PKN Edmonton Vol. 13 (pictured above).

Calendar Tonight's (June 13) PechaKucha satisfaction comes your way from PKN Okayama Vol.  14 and PKN Adelaide Vol. 3. Tomorrow, look out for these events: PKN Pittsfield Vol. 2, PKN Toronto Vol. 16, PKN Sheffield Vol. 11, PKN Ornskoldsvik Vol. 1, PKN Portsmouth Vol. 11, and PKN Saint-Etienne Vol. 10.

Poster for PKN Cairns Vol. 4

Poster for PKN Cairns Vol. 4 Cairns will have its PechaKucha Night Vol. 4 on May 9, with the event held at the Tanks Arts Centre. You'll find a partial list of presenters on the official event page, so check later as it gets updated.

Poster for PKN Cairns Vol. 2

PechaKucha Night in Cairns Vol. 2 will be held on August 24, as part of the annual Cairns Festival -- you can check the official event page for more details, and more presenters will be added over the coming weeks.

Poster for PKN Cairns Vol. 1 We already shared a few photos from the first PechaKucha Night in Cairns, held earlier this month, but here's also a look at the poster that was produced for the event. What you see in the middle is the official PechaKucha Night book, and you can still order it online here.

PKN Cairns Vol. 1

PKN Cairns Vol. 1 The city of Cairns just recently played host to its very first PechaKucha Night, and here we have a few photos from that first event, courtesy of organizer Claire Grant -- you'll also find the list of presenters on the official event page. She also tells us that Vol. 2 "will be a 'special edition' as part of the Cairns Festival in August, which is our city's annual celebration of the arts and culture." We also include a scan of an article that was published in a local paper. Press for PKN Cairns PKN Cairns Vol. 1 PKN Cairns Vol. 1