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16 OCT


Join us for Brooklyn//Volume ll at Galapagos Art Space! 

The theme: Doing Better

Confirmed speakers: Preeti Birla / Mauyra Cuves / Anthony Falco / Shaw Lash / Susanna Harwood Rubin / Jesse Paris Smith

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**Presenter list subject to change



PKN Brooklyn in the News

As we covered the other day, Brooklyn recently saw the launch of a new PechaKucha Night series, and here's Technically Brooklyn with some coverage of that first event.

PechaKucha started in Tokyo eleven years ago and has spread to 774 cities. Usually, there are more than 100 events each month. A new branch just opened up in Dumbo at the Galapagos Art Space last Thursday, though there has been a branch in Manhattan for a while. (This wasn’t quite Brooklyn’s first such event, but it was the first official event, with more to follow.)

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About the City's Organizers

  • Emma Exley

    Emma is a Brooklyn-based artist, educator, and scuba diver.

  • Jared Hatch

    Jared Hatch is a New York City-based ThoughtWorker, blogger, social media expert, and man about town. He enjoys contemporary art, architecture, technology, sandwiches, and new ideas–not always in that order. Find him on twitter @jared_hatch

  • Eylul Wintermeyer

    Though she has many homes in this world, Eylül is a Brooklyn-based architect, designer, art and lover of food.

  • Miriam Vieyra

    Hi everyone! I love architecture, art, meeting people, doing fun things. All of this = PechaKucha. Can't wait to see you there!!

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