Following last week's "City Focus" which was for Guadalajara in Mexico, this week we highlight Bogota for a second time. The city's PechaKucha Night Vol. 11 is happening tomorrow (November 19), and you'll find more details as well as the full presenter lineup on the official event page.

Bogota held its PechaKucha Night Vol. 10 earlier this month, and since then a gallery of photos has been added to the event page. Pictured here, the attentive audience taking in one of the evening's presentations. And while you're at it, check out some of the city's previous presentations!

The magazine Infinitylab has kindly interviewed us regarding the hardships and joys of entrepreneurship in cultural management as independent creators who strive for a better life in the city.

To the inquiry about the mission of PechaKucha around the world we said we think it's a living creature who has grown very fast before the surprised eyes of its creators, Klein-Dytham architects, who, by putting together in a single website every bit of information concerning PechaKucha around the world, are consolidating a global community beyond social networking, where the presentations published provide a unique glimpse of what's going on virtually everywhere, thus getting people closer and making the planet a cozier place to live in.

As always, we feel very fortunate to be part of this growing creature!

Infinitylab (in Spanish)

Addendum - Vol. 10 has also been featured in Arcadia Magazine, presumably the most important cultural magazine in the country.

In one day and 18 hours we'll have our 10th PechaKucha Night Bogota and we can hardly hide our excitement! Since that first volume so long ago, more than a hundred presenters have shared their work and experiences with the audience, offering everyone the precious gift of inspiration. We can only hope for more PechaKucha Nights to come, for we know there're lots of amazing people out there making our city a better place to live in. 

Below we'll give some advice in Spanish for our local readers to not to miss this volume, by getting there early to find a parking spot and a free chair, to avoid fainting by having something to eat before, and to find the entrance to the Auditorium by reading carefully our instructions.
See you on Thursday!


En dos días celebraremos el décimo volumen de PechaKucha Night Bogotá y no podemos ocultar nuestra emoción: desde aquel lejano primer volumen en el año 2006 han pasado ya más de 100 presentadores que han compartido su lucha con el público bogotano. ¡Esperamos que sean muchos más! No se pierda nuestro décimo volumen que, como siempre, estará lleno de inspiración.

* Recomendamos llegar temprano para parquear cerca (si viene en carro) y coger buen puesto (si viene cansada/o)
* Aconsejamos almorzar con abundancia o tomar onces generosas para que no sufra un asalto de hambre en medio de una presentación
* El auditorio queda en costado Sur del edificio ML, que es donde quedan la Biliblioteca y el punto de encuentro de las banderas.
* No hay necesidad de inscribirse previamente y la entrada es gratuita.

¡Nos vemos en PechaKucha!

We are very thankful to the PechaKucha family for creating and sharing the format, allowing so many people to connect and share their vision of the world.
We wish there's 1.001 PechaKucha Nights with endless tales to tell, allowing us to live longer and yes, happier.


¿Es usted artista? arquitecto, fotógrafo, pintor o ebanista?

¿Le hace a las ciencias duras, las humanas o al diseño de sonrisa?

Sin importar su disciplina ni su oficio,
PechaKucha Night Bogotá le ofrece una plataforma para que valga la pena tanto sacrificio,
y pueda compartir con la sedienta audiencia
lo que le tomó tanto sudor y paciencia.

O tal vez ha visto alguna creación de gran belleza
y se ha preguntado ¿quién habrá hecho esta proeza?

Si es usted creador,
postúlese como presentador.
O si sabe de algún genio en emergencia
nosotros aceptamos su sugerencia.



Visite el blog local para ver las instrucciones para participar

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