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The Hong Kong New Wave and Birmingham

@ VOL 13 ON APR 20, 2016

Matthew Carter from the Black Country Cinema collective takes a subjective look at the unlikely and downright bizarre connections between the Hong Kong New Wave and Birmingham, based on stories from Hong Kong-British Brummies and the fragmented rumours and stories picked up over the years.


Made in Hong Kong

@ VOL 13 ON APR 20, 2016

Robert Sharl is helping spearhead Flatpack’s forays into Asia and his talk weaves together memories of films and toys with the times and places that produced them, in the hope of creating a loose map towards the next Flatpack Hong Kong.


The Psychedelic Experience: Subjectivity Through Art

@ VOL 13 ON APR 20, 2016

Omar Khan is a freelance writer currently looking at how psychedelics have influenced art and counter-culture over the years. His talk is on how altered states of consciousness are represented in film.


Permission to Play

@ VOL 13 ON APR 20, 2016

Jess Greenhill works at a Forest School and tells us all about them and how adults can benefit from “permission to play”.


Parenting through Cinema

@ VOL 13 ON APR 20, 2016

Joel Wilson is a Birmingham-based filmmaker who has a very specific list of movies to watch with his daughter as she grows up which he calls Parenting through Cinema.


Teacher As...

@ VOL 13 ON APR 20, 2016

David Thompson teaches education studies and popular culture, so naturally his talk is on teachers in film, from Educating Rita to The History Boys to Carry On Teacher! What can teachers learn from these teachers?


Translation vs Adaptation

@ VOL 13 ON APR 20, 2016

Danielle Blackburn is fascinated by adaptations in film and drama. Where do you strike that balance between staying ‘faithful’ to the original, and evolving it through a creative license?


Over 60mph and Under -8 Celsius

@ VOL 13 ON APR 20, 2016

Susan Kruse describes herself as “an introvert who makes stuff. I’ve given talks before, no-one walked out.” Her talk, Over 60mph and Under -8 Celsius, explains how she uses wind, rain and ice to create her art.



Let the chit chat begin! Pecha Kucha nights, Birmingham edition

Rocio Carvajal Cortés writes about her experience talking at the 12th Birmingham Pecha Kucha! 
Taking part on a multicultural, interdisciplinary and international conversation, meeting new people, new ideas and be surprised by the infinite resources of human creativity is what PechaKucha is all about.
As long-time fan, host and speaker I was excited to see the open invitation to participate in the 12th edition of PK nights in Birmingham, UK. It had been a long time since I last experienced one and it was in another continent, another latitude and I was involved in projects around urbanism and regeneration. Here you can see a sample of the works I presented years ago for a PK in Oaxaca, Mexico.
After a friendly and quick exchange of emails with Ben Waddington and Pete Ashton I was signed up to share my new projects on gastronomic heritage and colonial bread from Mexico. 
The impeccable organisation was only compared with the rather sophisticated venue, the brand new and dare I say already emblematic Curzon Building of Birmingham City University was a glamorous canvas for a night full of thought-provoking projects and interesting people.
It was a great experience and I’m ever so thankful to the PK-Brum team for having us all on the 12th edition. 
I invite you to believe in the power of open and limitless imagination; make things happen and share.
Watch her talk: The Language of Food: Bread Stamping in Colonial Mexico

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About the City's Organizers

  • Ben Waddington

    'Cultural intermediary' describes my work - I'm interested in the deeper exploration of the world immediately around me. Where that leads might mean a festival of walking tours, looking at lettering on buildings, plundering archives, providing a cultural consultancy service, the championing of John Baskerville, sculptures made from voles...

  • Pete Ashton

    Pete Ashton is an artist based in Birmingham, UK, who works mainly with cameras. Sometimes he makes photographs with them.

  • Kerry Leslie

    Kerry Leslie is a graphic designer and illustrator, designer in residence at Birmingham Open Media, and Senior Designer at Aston Villa Football Club. She’s the editor of the Created in Birmingham blog, a round up of Birmingham-centric creative activity and is the Manager of Stirchley Community Market. She previously co-ran the local chapter of Glug, who program live events for the design and creative community.

  • Jenny Duffin

    Independent Creative Producer based in Birmingham working with visual arts as well as multi-disciplinary projects. My work involves bringing together artists, creatives and arts organisations to deliver outstanding projects.

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