The nomadic life of a musician is one of countless stories.

The legendary English musician/DJ/producer presenting in this edition of Presentation of the Day (from PKN Berlin) is none other than A Guy Called Gerald. He discusses 20 photographs that are particularly inspiring or reminiscent for him; these include hypnoitising images of fire, shots of sunrises and sunsets from all over the world, analogue sound machines, times of strife and times of dreams, as well as an old photo from the 1960s of his mother. Hear him tell a new story with each photo introduced -- in a stream of consciousness fashion. 

Japan Inspired in Berlin We'd like to highlight the fact that over the past few days we've added a few online presentations to the site, recorded at the special Inspire Japan event that was held in Berlin on April 16 (as part of our Global PechaKucha Day). You'll find the following on the site:

PKN Berlin + Inspire Japan Our good friend Uleshka -- you may recognize her name if you own a copy of the original PechaKucha book -- is organizing a smaller event in Berlin. The "private" in the flyer above only implies that it's in a small and cosy basement bar (MeyerMillerSmith), so do join in on the presentations if you can.

PKN Berlin for Haiti

When it came time to bringing together something for Haiti in Berlin for the big global event, PKN friend ULESHKA -- you may also know her as one of the driving forces behind the PechaKucha Night book -- took it upon herself to quickly organize an intimate session, inviting a lot of the great personalities we've recently featured both in the "Presentations" of the site as well as here on the PechaKucha Daily blog. Here then are a few photos from the event, which really show off Ryo Bordini Chikushi's "Liegewiese."


Megan Mann

Today we cover another presentation from the "PechaKucha for Haiti" event in Berlin held in February. This time it's Megan Mann with "Somewhere between dusk and dawn -- a life around club music."

'Motivation Megan' rocked at the end of our Berlin PechaKucha for Haiti. When desperately asking around for presenters to jump in 3 days before the event was scheduled, it was her casual nonchalance and effortless promise to show some of her amazing photos that gave us organizers enough energy to pull it all through. A Guy Called Gerald -- who Megan is working with -- made some relaxing live music for Megan's photos from around the world.

Danielle de Picciotto and Alexander Hacke

And capping off our look at presentations from Berlin, here is artist couple Danielle de Picciotto and Alexander Hacke with a presentation that also featured the debut of their new track, "Ballad of the Lonely Fish."

Danielle de Picciotto and Alexander Hacke are an American-German artist couple living in Berlin and New York. Painter, illustrator, filmaker and musician Danielle presented some of her drawings and images of the couple's latest tours and performances at our cosy PKN Haiti in Berlin.

This presentation also marked the debut of Alexander Hacke and Danielle de Picciotto's latest song called "Ballad Of The Lonely Fish." With Alexander being the lead guitarist of the legendary industrial rock & avant-garde band Einstürzende Neubauten, we were extremely honored to have such a "piece of music history" as guests in our humble home.

Ryo Bordini Chikushi

Ryo Bordini Chikushi

Today we highlight two more presentation from the Berlin "Global PechaKucha Night for Haiti" event, starting off with PKN vet Ryo Bordini Chikushi -- you can see his previous presentation on the "Peace Sweater" project here -- talking about his "Liegewiese."

Ryotaro Bordini Chikushi opened PKN Haiti in Berlin with a heartwarming presentation about the "Liegewiese," a very large lounger he re-designed and built himself in homage to the original custom made piece his Italian father invented during Ryotaro's childhood. A presentation about heritage. It was great to see how the guests fell in love with this piece of furniture (which they actually lounged on all together) after they heard the whole story about it.

Ben Urben

Following Berlin's Raoul Zollner and his haircuts, here is Ben Erben and his examination of the "idea."

Benjamin Erben explores the question about what "ideas" are. Can you own an idea? If so, what does this idea need to become yours and to eventually be so strong that you stick to it -- beyond all objective reason? And summing up those ideas, what do they tell about you? Inspiring talk!

Raoul Zollner

Today we feature a couple of presentations recorded at a special edition PechaKucha Night in Berlin during the "Global PechaKucha Night for Haiti," starting with this hilarious one from Raoul Zollner as he talks about the various "desired" haircuts he's had in his life.

Raoul Zöllner joined in spontaneously for Haiti and decided to talk about his Afro-German heritage and his haircuts, or to be more precise about the haircuts he had or the looks he wanted to have "at the age of 12" (for some reason he seems to remain twelve years old for a pretty long time.... Funny, chaotic, lovely!


There are certainly lots of reasons to want to attend this year's edition of the DMY international design festival in Berlin (June 3-7), and one of them is of course for the special edition PechaKucha Night, to be held June 4 (from 21:00). Presenters will include photographer Armin Linke, physicist Martin Springer, and Volvo expert Robert Richter.