Presenter Information and Tips!


Thank you so much for having the courage to share your unique perspective in the 20x20 format. Having prepared thoroughly, you will confidently deliver a flawless address to a fully-engaged audience. Here are some tips to help you prepare an awesome 20x20 presentation.
  1. Tell a story. The best presentations are often good stories instead of just a bunch of facts or portfolio pieces strung together. Take the audience on a journey (albeit a short one) that has an intro, development, and conclusion. Think about how your story will combine with the images you've chosen to solidify your message and give the audience a rich experience. Be sure to share with the audience why your presentation topic is important to you and why they should care about it too.
  2. Decide what is most the important thing you want your audience remember. If the audience could remember just one thing from your presentation, what would you want that to be? Once you figure that out, your talking points and images will revolve around that theme.
  3. Use powerful, relevant images. The images you choose should reinforce your ideas. Make sure your images are high quality and that you have permission to use them.
  4. Don’t cram too much into your presentation. Even though Pecha Kucha/20x20 presentations are always exactly 6 minutes and 40 seconds (20 images, 20 seconds each), presenters often try to cram too much information into that short window and then have to talk rapidly to fit everything in. Less is more. Carefully edit out anything that isn’t vital to some aspect of your piece. Download a practice Pecha Kucha presentation PowerPoint to help you get the timing of your script just right before investing too much time finding images (you must be in slideshow mode in order for the slides to automatically advance). Keep your presentation simple, limited to a single theme/topic, and tell us a story. You can always sign up to do another 20x20 if your extra material can be fashioned into another fabulous presentation.
  5. Practice? Practice. Practice! The best way to stave off nerves and build confidence for speaking in front of a group is to practice your presentation several times. I encourage speakers to practice short pieces like this at least 10 times. Having many rehearsals under your belt will allow you to be comfortable and have fun during your presentation!

Tips provided by Samantha Nienow of Red Zest Design.

Presentation Ground Rules

  1. Your final presentation must include 20 images. Notice that we say "images" and not "slides." Successful PKN presentations usually have images that complement what the speaker is saying and not a bunch of bullets and text on the slide.
  2. Each image will be displayed for exactly 20 seconds. The images automatically progress during the presentation. Speakers have no control over the advancement of the slides.
  3. No political campaigning.
  4. No sales pitches.
  5. No preaching.
  6. No inappropriate images or language. Remember, you will be presenting in a public space that is open to people of all ages. Audiences may include everyone from high school students to retired folks in their ninth decade on the planet. Simply put, if you wouldn’t say it in front of your mom, don’t say it in front of this audience.