The People Behind PKN Beijing

With PechaKucha Nights happening the world over -- in 338 cities and counting -- we here at PK HQ in Tokyo don't often get to see who is organizing the events locally, and so it's fun when it does happen. The photo above is by Robin Fall, and features the team behind PKN Beijing, led by Sebastian Linack. The next PKN in Beijing takes place in October, and appropriately enough, will have "photography" as a theme.

PechaKucha Doubles Up in Beijing

Flyer for PKN Beijing Vol. 10

The last PechaKucha Night in Beijing was held back in February, so it's exciting to see not only the return of PKN this coming Saturday (November 21), but also a companion event a week later (November 28). Note that both events are taking place at different venues: at Original Design Circle on the 21st and CNEX Salon Cafe on the 28th.

PKN Beijing Vol. 9

The last PechaKucha Night in Beijing was Vol. 10, held in May, but we just dug up this photo -- found on Flickr -- of February's Vol. 9. It's the first look we get of that edition, held at the Yan Club in the Beijing's 798 art district.

Flyer for PKN Beijing Vol. 10

We're not quite sure of the significance of the "58" listed on the flyer, but PechaKucha Night in Beijing Vol. 10 happens this Saturday (May 23), at the Three Shadows Photography Art Centre.


Lukas Birk is an Austrian artist currently based in Beijing, and at the most recent PechaKucha Night in Bejing (Vol. 48), he talked about his "Kafkanistan" project. From PKN Beijing organizer Alessandra Henderson:

On February 28th at Vol. 48 Pecha Kucha Beijing, Lukas Birk presented to the crowd his project "Kafkanistan." Over the course of three years, artist Lukas Birk and anthropologist Sean Foley traveled to Afghanistan as tourists in one of the most publicized war torn areas. In Birk's words: "... it all started with an email sent to me by anthropologist Sean Foley asking if I wanted to join him exploring the world of tourism in conflict zones around Pakistan and Afghanistan. Our first 4 week trip turned into a three year project resulting in a book, three films, and a multimedia exhibition."


PKN Beijing Vol. 9

PechaKucha Night hit the city of Beijing late last month for a ninth time, attracting over 300 at that city's Factory 798 art hub. One of the organizers, Alessandra Hendersen, contributes this report:

On February 28, Pecha Kucha Beijing hosted its ninth edition at the Yan Club Arts Center in Factory 798, a former industrial complex turned art hub where the most avant-garde contemporary art galleries and studios are found alongside hip cafes and design spaces. Attended by well over 300 of the most curious types in Beijing, PK BJ Edition 9 featured compelling talks from artists, architects, designers, film industry insiders and more. While the audience hung over the gallery’s balustrade and vied for space on the tiered steps, the ten speakers dazzled with black and white photographic images of Afghanistan, the symbiotic relationship between religion and brand, sneak peaks of short films created by the most cutting edge Chinese directors, and so on. We were even lucky enough to import a fellow Pecha Kucha-ite from our Japanese counterparts, Mr. Satoshi Ohashi of Zaha Hadid architects, an organizer in Hamamatsu, Japan.

One of the most exciting speeches of the night came from Ilya Rozhdestvensky, Managing Director of ONEDREAMRUSH, a project featuring 42 short films of 42 seconds each by world famous directors. More information on his project can be found at

Above and below, images from one of Satoshi Ohashi's projects, followed by a few images taken from Ilya Rozhdestvensky's presentation. PKN Beijing Vol. 10 will take place May 23.

PKN Beijing Vol. 9

PKN Beijing Vol. 9

PKN Beijing Vol. 9

PKN Beijing Vol. 9

Flyer for PKN Beijing Vol. 9

You can't really get a bigger week than this one in terms of PechaKucha Night events, with 16 editions set to take over cities around the world, including Vol. 59 for the Tokyo mothership.

Here's your cheat sheet on where to catch PKN this week:

We'll be anxiously following Twitter feeds throughout the week to find out how things went. Above, the flyer for PKN Beijing Vol. 9.