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We haven’t scheduled our next PechaKucha Night yet, but in the meantime you can watch some presentations, look at our map to see if there are any scheduled PKNs in nearby cities, or have a look at the long list of upcoming events, to see if there’s one you can attend!



The People Behind PKN Beijing

With PechaKucha Nights happening the world over -- in 338 cities and counting -- we here at PK HQ in Tokyo don't often get to see who is organizing the events locally, and so it's fun when it does happen. The photo above is by Robin Fall, and features the team behind PKN Beijing, led by Sebastian Linack. The next PKN in Beijing takes place in October, and appropriately enough, will have "photography" as a theme.

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About the City's Organizers

  • Sebastian Linack

    I am architect living in Beijing for more than 6 years. I have been organizing Pecha Kucha in my freetime in Beijing for the last 5 years together with my friends Florian Pucher and Nicky Meng

  • Florian Pucher

    I am a dedicated designer with love for all scales, always trying to switch between large projects and small projects. I have been living in Beijing since 2004 and worked on everything design related, from product design and interior design to masterplanning and architecture design. To keep my life interesting and to contribute to Beijing's design scene I am organizing Pechakucha Beijing since 2006.

  • NickyMeng 孟令达

    Nicky Meng, Chinese, with 9 years brand promotion and curatorial experience, 3 years experience in film production, 孟令达Nicky Meng做过大学英文老师,翻译,客串节目主持人,艺术策展人,美国电影制片人罗燕私人助理。其拥有八年品牌推广营销及策展经验,三年电影制片经验。工作涉及过艺术,设计、时尚,电影等众多领域,目前专心致力于创意、跨界与融合。其参与并联合创办的国际创意论坛PechaKucha已成为北京艺术、设计、时尚等创意领域最为热火的活动之一。并与朋友合伙开办“森星传媒”,个人入股Kenneth’s Cake/梳理瑜伽等品牌。 其合作过品牌: 华晨宝马、克莱斯勒Jeep、大众自造、诺基亚、SOHO中国、太古地产、龙湖地产、周大福、德国大使馆、英国大使馆、加拿大大使馆、奥地利商务处、荷兰设计会、北京国际设计周、大声展、UCCA、PageOne、新元素、Hotel G、Timezone 8、Hoegaarden、Optoma 等等 曾接受过的媒体采访: Hi设计、时尚座驾、时尚先生、设计管理、FRAME、MARK、TimeOut杂志、环球时报(Global Times)整版专访、《优度》杂志专访、新浪、新华网、腾讯网、博宝艺术网、视觉艺术网、现代青年杂志、MSN中文网、凤凰时尚网、土豆网、CNTV大时尚、和讯网、搜狐时尚、优酷、酷6、CCTV2等。