This coming Saturday the 16th, on the island nation of Bahrain, we'll see PKN Bahrain's Vol. 6 come to pass. There are numerous changes occurring in Bahrain, and it's all the more impressive and humbling to see PechaKucha events transpire in light of it all. It looks to be a great evening, and will be preceded by a Collective Art activity at the Bahrain Fort Museum. 

To see more great posters from PechaKucha Nights all over the world, check out our Tumblr blog.

PKN Toronto Vol. 13 Presentations Payam Shalchian and Jamie Black, two alumni from the Institute Without Boundaries, talk (at PKN Toronto Vol. 13) about the significance of collective action in reviving urbanized environments. They use Lota, a project in Chile, as a case study, reflecting on the project's outcome in relation to various aspects of Toronto. Marek Czechowski is a traveler and researcher, and in his presentation (in Polish, from PKN Koszalin Vol. 7) he talks about the real history of the teutonic knights, who during the 13th century ruled the North of Poland. This is however a history that doesn't follow any school books or academic sources. This story reveals the very truth about the knights, who, according to Marek, were not able to build their famous brick castles themselves... Gaining spontaneous applause, Marek proves they had no necessary knowledge to do this, and that they had insufficient money, as well as insufficient building materials. PKN Nantes Vol. 3 Posters We have two new posters on our Tumblr blog today: a flyer for PKN Kyoto Vol. 7, and then one from Nantes (pictured above), for the city's upcoming PKN Vol. 3 (set for June 19). PKN Cancun Vol. 3 PKN Cancun Vol. 3 PKN Cancun Vol. 3 Photos We have a few new Facebook galleries to share with you today. Above, a few photos from this past weekend's PKN Cancun Vol. 3 -- the event had been postponed because of bad weather, but this time it was all go for a beautiful outdoor setting.  

PKN Edmonton Vol. 13 Links A few links from around the web, including two that relate to the recent PKN Edmonton Vol. 13 (pictured above).

Calendar Tonight's (June 13) PechaKucha satisfaction comes your way from PKN Okayama Vol.  14 and PKN Adelaide Vol. 3. Tomorrow, look out for these events: PKN Pittsfield Vol. 2, PKN Toronto Vol. 16, PKN Sheffield Vol. 11, PKN Ornskoldsvik Vol. 1, PKN Portsmouth Vol. 11, and PKN Saint-Etienne Vol. 10.

PKN Curitiba Vol. 1 Presentations In a culture where robots are everywhere -- whether as a toy, in an industrial setting, or as a movie villain -- it's good to have someone like DJ Sures, CEO, roboticist, and the visionary behind EZ-Robot. Watch as he shares (from PKN Calgary Vol. 12) his passion for robots, particularly the ones that are easy to control. With "The Art of Communication" (in Portuguese, from PKN Curitiba Vol. 1), Michelle Thomé fully embraces the 20x20 format -- specifically, the numbering -- as she covers effective and efficient ways of speaking in public. PKN Bahrain Vol. 5 Posters We've got a few new posters on the Tumblr blog today: the proper poster for PKN Williamsburg Vol. 1 (we shared the flyer a week or two ago), PKN Kingston Vol. 3, PKN Katowice Vol. 7, and the poster for tonight's PKN Bahrain Vol. 5, pictured above. PKN Bahrain organizer Mohammed Jannahi adds a few details for that poster:
The poster is designed by Bahraini designer Muna Yateem, who recently launched her brand HARAKA (a common word used by Bahrainis which means to wear or do something with swagger). The idea behind the poster is making fun of Bahrainis and their reaction when they hear and pronounce PechaKucha, some find it very difficult and its even funnier when elder people try to say PechaKucha. The great thing about this parody is the fact that PechaKucha has an audience from all age groups and the word itself makes it "special" in Bahrain.
And although not a poster, here's a look at the new logo for PKN Seoul -- the series has been on hiatus for quite a few years now, but is about to relaunch this summer. PKN Seoul PKN Nara Vol. 2 Photos We've got another fresh batch of photo galleries from around the web, and if you missed the live streaming of the recent PKN Edmonton Vol. 13, you can still watch the video here, courtesy of the Edmonton Journal. Above, the scene at PKN Nara Vol. 2. Links and press A pair of links (that second link is also an invitation to read more interviews with PKN Birmingham's presenters), as well as some press coverage. Below, a scan of recent coverage for Jersey's first PKN from the Jersey Evening Post. Jersey Evening Post Calendar After a rather busy week, the PKN network slows down a bit over the weekend. Tonight (June 8) you can catch PKN Cagliari Vol. 3 and PKN Bahrain vol. 5, and then tomorrow night (Saturday) look to PKN Cancun Vol. 5, an event that was supposed to happen last month, but got postponed due to bad weather (yes, you guessed it, it's an outdoor event).

Poster for PKN Bahrain Vol. 4 PechaKucha Night in Bahrain Vol. 4 will be held this Friday (March 4) at the Amwaj Beach Club which, considering the cold gray weather we're enduring here in Tokyo, sure sounds nice. Organizer Mohammed Janahi tells us that one of the presenters will be Bahraini Nourah Al Sayeh, curator of the "Reclaim" project, winner of the Golden Lion for the best National Partcipation at the International Architecture Exhibition (Venice Biennale). The poster for the event was created by Bahraini designer Ebrahim Al Mulla, and here are a few words from him on the concept:

The land of pearls, or so did our grandfathers call Bahrain, has always been known for its exquisite treasures. The message of the PechaKucha team is to carry out this tradition, by diving and searching for these shining pearls of Bahrain, and give them the opportunity to cast their glittering creative shine and broadcast themselves.


Sure, it may be in Arabic, but it's great to see the organizers of PechaKucha Night in Bahrain be interviewed on Bahrain TV's Hala Bahrain morning show. As organizer Mohammed Janahi tells us, the reason for the scarves was in celebration of the country's National Day. The interview is a follow-up to the city's Vol. 3, held earlier this month -- you can still find the list of presenters on the official event page.

Poster for PKN Bahrain Vol. 3

Bahrain is readying its next PechaKucha Night (Vol. 3), set to happen tomorrow (December 4) at the Shaikh Ebrahim Center, with a start time of 18:30. You'll find the full list of presenters with links on the official event page. Let us also note that we love the colorful cityscape pictured on the event poster, above.

Flyer for PKN Bahrain Vol. 2

PechaKucha Night in Bahrain Vol. 2 is happening this coming Saturday (June 12) at the Bahrain Society of Engineers -- see the list of presenters on the official event page. Like the funky flyer for the event? Here's a bit more from organizer Mohammed Janahi on the concept behind it:

The idea behind the flyer is to introduce PKN in Bahrain as a casual cultural night, hence the quote, and not to forget the artistic/creative part of the event. What I also tried to do is that the event can be a fun learning experience for all ages and we can all learn from each other either young learns from experience or experience learns from fresh ideas. It is also a message for future presenters not to be shy and have enough courage to present. That is the idea(s) behind it. A Lot of ideas for one small flyer, but personally I love it and its "hip-funky" style, that a lot of people in Bahrain are afraid to approach. We are only trying to make a difference and push design forward.