Civil Bikes

@ VOL 30 ON AUG 21, 2016

Nedra Deadwyler shares how her search of local history led to the creation of Civil Bikes, her bicycle tour group in the city of Atlanta, Georgia. Providing tours of Atlanta with accompanying historical information, this is a tour group you wouldn't want to miss! 


The Love Drug

@ VOL 30 ON AUG 21, 2016

"When you are able to harness the love that comes from within you and surrounds you, you are able to heal, help and transform others."

In The Love Drug at PechaKucha Atlanta Vol. 30, Michelle Khouri shares her thoughts and scientific findings on what the emotion of "love" really is. By delving into the chemistry of the human brain and personal experiences, she discovers a surprising yet simple answer to this timeless question. 


Ageless Interaction(s)

@ VOL 29 ON MAY 22, 2016

Meagan Jain shares her project, Ageless Interaction.

Everyone has a birthday therefore we all age and Meagan comes to ask the question, how will you age? Will you go kicking and fighting or will you go with the flow and fall into old age? 

Through college Meagn found that the elderly were missing out on a personal connections with other folk. She began to fill this gap by setting up a group that visited and visitied with elderly folk around the city. From that, Meagan founded Ageless Interaction. List in as she tells PKN ATL of her journey and where it has led her. 


Love... Framed in Black & White

@ VOL 29 ON MAY 22, 2016

Paula Wright's story comes to us from over 200 years in the past and through a family's photo albums, handed down through the years. This true tale sees the HIGHLY unlikely and, at the time, illegal union of two individuals and where that union lead them... Join us as Paula relates this tale, true in every regard, and learn what happens when loved is framed in black and white. 


Advocacy through Animation

@ VOL 29 ON MAY 22, 2016

"When you educate a man, you educate an individual, but when you educate a woman, you educate a generation."

In Advocacy through Animation from PechaKucha Night Atlanta Vol. 29,  Neia Omer tells her story. Animation is a inclusive medium when one is trying to reach a large subset of individuals. What do you do and where do you start if you know absolutely ZERO things about animation? What is your subject matter? Neia Omer's story is a personal journey, a personal goal, a family legacy, and one of animation being the key to her brand of advocacy. 

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Monday, June 13th, 2016. 


Changing the World, One Dinner at a Time

@ VOL 29 ON MAY 22, 2016

Might I interest you in NOT eating out once-a-month and, instead, using that money toward a collective good? Dining for Women looks to do just this, pool small funds amoungst an intimate group. These funds go on toward bigger, better initiatives all around the globe. Hear Kira Walker give us a breakdown of the program and why it resonates with her! 


Criminal Justice -OR- Sustainability?

@ VOL 29 ON MAY 22, 2016

Joshua Byrd has been on a criminal justice journey his whole life. Quite a bit of it was spent on one side of that journey: US Marines, Dept. of Defense, Georgia Sheriff Deputy, Superior Court of Fulton County (GA), North Carolina Dept. of Justice, United States EPA... The man knows what he talks about when he says there is a better way to approach crime in our country and in our cities. Listen in as Joshua talks "4-D" involvement and sustainability as a road to better criminal justice pratices. 


Paranormal as the New Normal

@ VOL 29 ON MAY 22, 2016

Have you ever felt someone in a room without sensing them with your "five senses"? Have you felt a so-called 'vibe' from someone? Dana Robinson wagers you have and you've felt that person thanks to their electromagnetic enegery. Dana grew up in a traditional family but began to have quite untraditional feelings that lead her down the road of metaphyiscs. Listen as Dana shares her story and maybe you'll find that paranormal can be your new normal, too! 


Atlanta Has Something to Say: Refugees Welcome

@ VOL 29 ON MAY 22, 2016

Bee Nguyen has something to say on behalf of Atlanta: Refugees are welcome here. But, what exactly does that mean? What is involved in welcoming a family who is immigrating to the United States? Bee's family knows firsthand what that means having immigrated from Vietnam. Now, Bee is growing her Syrian family right here in ATL and she wants to tell you all about her "ice cream boo"! 


The Exponential Growth of Emerging Technology

@ VOL 29 ON MAY 22, 2016

Andrew K. Stein wants to talk about small, furry mamals that rule the world. These mamals have a linear perspective that, over the years, has given them the ability to predict linear events. Exponential growth does not play well with linear sensibilities, however! Listen as Andrew describes exponential growth and how it affects emerging technologies. 


A Zero-Waste Junkie's Journey to Pesto

@ VOL 28 ON FEB 21, 2016

“Three R's! The waste hierarchy! It’s a hierarchy because reducing is more effective than reusing and reusing is more effective than recycling.”

In A Zero-Waste Junkie's Journey to Pesto from PechaKucha Night Atlanta’s 28th volume speaker Lisa Pellegrino discusses what she has learned while recovering from being a “zero-waste junky”. As part of her recovery she is ensuring that she is part of A (not THE) solution on a micro scale. Hear Lisa’s background in sustainability, where that background led her, and where she has followed that road to today… (Hint: pesto is part of it).

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Tuesday, April 20th, 2016. 


7(ish?) Lessons in Handmade Living

@ VOL 28 ON FEB 21, 2016

“I’m that annoying friend that can’t just sit and watch a movie, I knit and watch a movie. But I also make really awesome homemade gifts for everybody so you know– they can only get so mad about it.”

When you hear the word “homestead” what do you think of? I think of the old west in the US of A’s past, of folk heading out into the unknown with just their wits and wares and know-how. In 7(ish?) Lessons in Handmade Living from PechaKucha Night Atlanta Volume 28, speaker Kimberly Coburn would do just fine out there on her own given that she is helping revive the hand-me-down knowledge that was once passed from generation to generation but has somehow stopped now. Sewing, smithy work, growing food, glass making, and more! Tune in to hear Kimberly make the case for bringing back the “old knowledge”!

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Monday, May 9th, 2016.