Some people just can't seem to catch a break!

Failure extraordinaire Kevin Byrd shows us some of his ideas that just did not work out. In "Kevin Byrd's Failures" from PKN Atlanta Vol. 20 we see that one was a photo-sticker art project, another was a new T-shirt design. He also tried his luck as a DJ and a dancer. Watch to see what happened with these and more.

A Crash Course in Independent Filmmaking

Running through the woods with a hatchet, setting stuntmen on fire -- ah, the life of a filmmaker.

Kristin Wright goes into great depth on her experiences working on her own films. In "A Crash Course in Independent Filmmaking" from PKN Atlanta Vol. 20, she talks about how to write great characters, the challenges of directing actors, and what's involved in the production process. Kristin touches on the good and bad points of being an independent filmmaker and gives us some invaluable tips on how to make the most of your work.

Ever heard tell of a pirate named Bubblebeard? How about Captain Confetti? ...anyone? 

Karla Davis and James Abercrombie have a daughter who loves books and pirates. So they did the only logical thing, they made a childrens book and filled with with poems about and pictures of pirates. In "Unfamous Pirates" from PKN Atlanta Vol. 20 they share the creative inspiration for the poetry (Shel Silverstein), as well as the illustration style they were going for, and detail the process of the book's creation. A few of the poems are shared here too, so pull up a seaweed-coated sofa, grab some mussel-munchies and give this one a listen. 

"No one ever laid on their deathbed and wished they had acquired more stuff."

In The Hijacked American Dream, Joel Larsgaard (at PechaKucha Atlanta, Vol. 20) speaks on what Americans currently define as "The American Dream." What was once defined by James T. Adams as a dream of a "land that would be better, richer, and fuller for everyone" has become twisted, and nigh unrecognizable today. He delves into the culture of consumerism that he compares to drug use, "a brief high, followed by a crash."


The relaunch of PechaKucha Atlanta was a huge success!  Big thanks to Octane Westside for hosting us!

Our kickass poster was designed by Dan Almasy:

Organizer Kevin Ward of Midtown Arts Cinema opened the event:

We had 100 PK buttons to give out to attendees, and ran out 30 minutes before presentations even started!

Presenter Cameron Adams, sharing his street photography in "Stolen Moments":

Jonathan Weidman presented on Atlanta's transportation history, and how the Atlanta Streetcar Project will modernize our transportation system:

GA Tech's Andrew Ruff shared his students' vertical gardens projects:

Ria Pell of Ria's Bluebird fame shared the 20 rock albums that influenced her career as a chef:

Harrison Kris of Volpin Props shared his journey from hobbyist to full-time prop builder:

UX analyst Beth Yeckley talked about returning to her roots, and discovering the connections between food and community:

Jeffrey Wisard's presentation, "From Old Man Spandex to Millennial Flannel: The History of the Mobile Social," discussed Atlanta's cycling community:

Artist Christopher Derek Bruno used questions to challenge conventional perspectives, and discussed his growth as a craftsman: 

Johnjay Fitih shared his journey from his couch in London to the screen in Atlanta:

Tyrie Smith of Braizen presented, "The Importance of Awesome: Working with People You Love":

Derek Koehl introduced us to VerbalEyze, an organization offering publishing opportunities to young writers:

Rick Glassman shared sustainable concepts and projects from Architecture for Humanity's Atlanta network of architects, designers, and builders:

Leslie Caceda introduced us to Atlanta Streets Alive, a vibrant community event opening our streets to the public:

Thank you to all of our wonderfully engaging presenters and the tremendous crowd who joined us! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and stay tuned for details on the next PK Night -- August 11th!

Enjoy more photos from Volume 18 HERE! 

Hello Atlanta!

I know you've heard it before over the last three years but this time it's for real- we're coming back at you!!  It's been a long time since PK has been a presence here and I for one have been ready and waiting to experience one of my favorite events ever.  I've lived here some months past two years and in all this time I have wanted to see PK happen again...  Now we're making it happen again!  We will be coming back to Octane on Sunday, May 12th for Vol. 18. 

I'm looking forward to meeting everyone, introducing myself and starting PK again with a terrific Vol. 18!  I hope we get a great crowd so please do come and see us!  

A big thank you goes out to Tony and John at the Westside Octance Coffee shop for immediately welcoming us back and being so accommodating with our needs so far.  Drink coffe.  

Drop us a line, keep in touch, volunteer to help out the day of or sign up to present!  Become a part of the PK movement here in Atlanta.  Also, check out our new Twitter feed @PechaKucha_ATL and help spread the word!  We'll also be creating a new Facebook page in the coming days so keep an eye out for that as well!  



PechaKucha in Atlanta

Good to see that even in Atlanta, organizers and attendees are learning how to write "PechaKucha" in Japanese, as seen in this photo -- credit goes to Kai Curl for writing out PK in katakana.

PKN Atlanta Vol. 16

Atlanta had its 16th PechaKucha Night this past Sunday, and we've already found a Flickr photoset covering the event -- the low-resolution would indicate that the photos were taken with a mobile phone, but it still gives a nice glimpse at what a PKN in Atlanta looks like. The top page of the photoset also includes a list of all the presenters, with plenty of links.

PKN Atlanta Vol. 14

Atlanta just held its 14th PechaKucha Night this past Sunday, and here are a few nice black and white snaps from the evening, sent to us by one of the organizers, Alfredo Aponte. Those treats you see in the last photo were courtesy of Chef Julia (from the Bookhouse) -- she was also a presenter that night.


Flyer for PKN Atlanta Vol. 14

PechaKucha Night in Atlanta returns to its regular venue of the Octane Coffee Lounge tomorrow (Sunday, November 15) for its fourteenth edition. The festivities kick off at 19:00.