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23 SEP


At Woodside:
Dancing bears, waterfalls of fire, tetrahedrons, vast landscapes, the music of the spheres, enlightened bliss and the tragedy of the commons.

potluck at 6:30. presentations start at 7.


David Banks
Holding Things in Common: One Small Step towards an Alternative to Capitalism
Typically when we hear something has fallen to the "Tragedy of the Commons" we imagine a lack of structure or regulation, when in fact the real tragedy that befell the English commons and similar institutions was one of too much control by too few people. How can we build new organizations that hold resources in common and what sorts of metrics can we use to measure our success?

Andrea Rose Mapel
Micro Financing & Sloth Bears
Although by nature sloth bears are both nocturnal & borderline aggressive, the taming & enslavement of these creatures has long been entrenched in the economy of India since the 13th century. In this talk I will explain one wildlife organization's approach to resolving a massively ineffective government ban on "dancing bears", by instead giving small grants & loans to their handlers to invest in both education and starting alternative businesses.

Maria Cristine Diotte
Shaping Creative Connections and Cultivating Enlightened Bliss
The arts provide a platform for people of all ages and cultures to connect with each other. Through the process of creative expression, we come to new understandings about ourselves by putting our energy towards sharing something within us and creating a painting, a poem, a rhythm, a story, a dance or any number of things. This kind of sharing and expression is the enemy of fear and shame, which is why the arts are healing as well as educational. The connections we make through the arts can empower us to walk the paths of our individual purposes and lead us to experience more moments of perfect happiness with the understanding that we are being true to ourselves.

Ellen Foster
The Music of the Spheres
Music of the Spheres has many different historical connotations and cultural meanings. In this presentation I will be exploring its historical context within astronomy and musical composition, as well as its implications for current research in sound studies and data sonification practices. How do we conceptualize sounds of (outer)space and the resonance of particular objects?

Adam Frelin
The Firefall: It's History and Recreation
For nearly a century an event took place at Yosemite National Park known as the Firefall, which involved shoveling large piles of hot embers over a cliff at night to create a waterfall of fire. What started out as a research interest resulted in the first full-scale recreation of this spectacle in almost 50 years in 2012.

Kurt Przybilla
Tetrahedrons, Toys and the Structural Systems of the Universe
Though tetrahedrons are the minimum 3 dimensional shape and according to Buckminster Fuller the primary structural system in universe, most people have no idea what one is. After this presentation, you will understand why everyone should.

Kersten Lorcher
Contemporary Relationships between Nature and Humanity: Adoration, Exploitation and Art
Landscape photography: vacation snap shot, a precise document or an idealized Garden of Eden? How we portray the landscapes around us is a commentary on how we, as individuals and cultures, see ourselves in relation to nature.