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#PKNADL18 - SALA 2016 - A Pecha Kucha - Adelaide / De La Liff collaboration

FREE TICKET REGISTRATION (Capacity: 60) https://pknadl18.eventbrite.com.au 

Unliscenced and Unplugged, PechaKucha Night [Lite] events are limited capacity, creative, innovative, ideas filled events with four (4) highly skilled, terrifically interesting and often very funny presenters riffing it for an hour of fast-paced, after-work PechaKucha fun 20 x 20 style! 

Speaker #1. - Daniel John Purvis
- 2016 Epson AIPP SA Emerging Photographer of the Year
TITLE: Pulling it Together, Together
DESCRIPTION: A PechaKucha about the importance of photographic curatorship in a digital world and the importance of collaboration in selecting, editing and printing photography to make the most of every image

Speaker #2. - Helen Curtis - AIPP Photographer
TITLE: [Updating soon]
DESCRIPTION: Helen Curtis is a relative newcomer to the Photography scene. Having completed the Diploma of Photo Imaging in 2015 where she was named Canon Student of the Year, Helen recently entered the commercial category at the 2016 AIPP SA Awards, and was awarded a Gold and two scores of 79.

As an Emerging Member of the AIPP, Helen is working towards establishing a home-based commercial photography business and also enjoys storytelling through film images.

Speaker #3. - James Dean - Surrealist Painter
TITLE: [Updating soon]
DESCRIPTION: James is a Painter and Illustrator based in Adelaide South Australia. James is professionally trained by educators at the Panorama Art Group where he spent thirteen years learning the intricacies of Oil painting and also earned a Bachelor of Visual Communication with a Major in Illustration at the University of South Australia.

With keen interest in the development of society in the twenty-first century, literature and respect for History, James has developed a style inspired by the Old Masters that combines traditional oil painting techniques and tonal realism with narrative and allegory -. the result is a conceptually motivated brand of surrealism that explores the human condition, begging the viewer to exercise their own free thought and interpretation.

Speaker #4. - Gee Greenslade
- 2015 AIPP Australian Illustrative Photographer of the Year
- 2015 AIPP South Australian Illustrative Photographer of the Year
- 2015 AIPP South Australian Professional Portrait Photographer of Year
- 2015 AIPP South Australian Professional Photographer of the Year
TITLE: "We Could've Moved Mountains" 
DESCRIPTION: A PechaKucha about the making of the award-winning series, "We Could've Moved Mountains"


TICKETS - Reserve tickets as capacity is a limited and these short, fast-paced events can be very popular!

Please note: 
- Standing room only
- Wheelchair friendly venue


PechaKucha 20x20 is a simple presentation format where you show 20 images which are each shown for 20 seconds, giving a total presentation time of 6 minutes and 40 seconds before the next presenter is up! - The images advance automatically - so no pointers, going back, or forth - it rolls on, packed with great ideas and is done before you know it!

PechaKucha Nights are now happening in over 900 cities around the world - Anyone can present - that's the beauty of PechaKucha Nights. The key to a great presentation is to present on something that you love. Most people use PechaKucha Night to present their latest creative projects or work. Some people share their passion or even show their prized Nana Mouskouri record collection!

Good PechaKucha presentations uncover the unexpected - unexpected talent, unexpected ideas. Some PechaKuchas tell great stories about a project or a trip. Some are incredibly personal, some are incredibly funny, but all are very different, and they turn each PechaKucha Night into “a box of chocolates.”

Come and join the fun for a post-work, speedy, mini-event packed with creative heavy-weights, inspiration, networking and fun!

or sign up for the newsletter the Global site at www.pechakucha.org -  Share images and commentes on Instagram using #pknadl20 and follow on Twitter @Pecha_ADL. 

PechaKucha was devised and shared by Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham - Klein Dytham architecture (and a small amount of donations from the PechaKucha events over the past 2 years) has supported the movement and global network for the past 9 years, covering all costs for staff and web development. PKN are currently looking at different ways to keep the project sustainable and viable going forward as the network expands - Your donations are much appreciated!
Created and shared by Astrid Lien and Mark dytham, Klein Dytham Architects.

Friday, 5 August 2016 from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM (ACST) - Add to Calendar
De La Liff - Shop 9, Level 1, Rundle Place (Harris Scarf Building) 77-91 Rundle Mall, Adelaide, SA 5000 - View Map

A vibrant community and gallery exhibition, brimming with South Australia's emerging, established and unique multi-award- winning contemporary artists offering fine art photography, acrylic and oil paintings, exquisite henna canvasart, contemporary sculpture, designer lighting, print-making, jewellery, glass and more...

De La Liff is set to be SALA HUB with activities on most every day /night Photography, Social Media, Print-Making and Fluffy-Cloud-making Workshops, Sitting Artists, PechaKucha Night Presentations - Providing something for everyone throughout the month of SALA Festival 2016!



#PKNADL17 "Sustainable House Day" - the Adelaide Sustainable Building Network (AdelaideSBN) and PechaKucha Night

Come join us at The Joinery for #PKNADL17 "Sustainable House Day" - the Adelaide Sustainable Building Network (AdelaideSBN) and PechaKucha Night - Adelaide event this FRIDAY the 11th for a quick fire display of some of the most sustainable homes in South Australia!
Sustainable House Day (SHD) is Australia’s largest national sustainability event giving people the opportunity to see and learn from the best environmental homes. This year the Alternative Technology Association (ATA) is partnering with EnviroShop to hold SHD on Sunday, September 13th, 2015. In the lead up to SHD 2015, #PKNADL17 focuses on six (6) SHD 2015 sustainable homes in Adelaide as part of a fun event where you can meet the architects, designers, builders and owners who created these low footprint homes and buildings - hear about the projects at SHD 2015/PechaKucha Night prior to selecting which house you want to see!
Fantastic tastes of South Australia will also be available on the night - Thanks to our sponsors; Cafe Troppo Whistling Kite Wines Goodieson Brewery and Door Prizes and Raffles by De La Liff, Headshots Adelaide and Sustainability House - all be part of what is set to be a cracker of a night!
#PKNADL17 – AdelaideSBN / PechaKucha Night - Adelaide Collaboration "Sustainable House Day/Pecha Kucha Night" Date: Friday, 11th of September, 2015 Time: 6.30 – 8.30pm Venue: The Joinery – 111 Franklin St, Adelaide 5000
Tickets: $8 Online at Eventbrite, or $10 at the door. https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/pknadl17-sustainable-house-daypecha-kucha-night-tickets-18130336324
Speaker Line-Up: Brett Aylen | TS4 Architecture | The Miller Residence Mark Thomas | Goodhouse | Goodhouse #05 & #07 Mark Clayton & Jeremy Miller | Sustainability House | Emily Street Residence Bohdan Dorniak | Bohdan Dorniak Architects | Peacock House Nathan Mcgair | Passive Resistance House Peter Morrison | Strawbilly House
Come join the AdelaideSBN and Pecha Kucha Night - Adelaide for a rapid-fire presentations of some of the most sustainable homes in South Australia!

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About the City's Organizers

  • Anna Scott

    Community oriented and design passionate - I'm motivated to participate in creating vibrant, sustainable communities, am excited by development, business, networking, media and comms and a connector/change-maker at heart. Growing up on building sites and surrounded by Architects, it was only natural for me to follow and study Interior Design. Further study and work experience drew me to specialise in digital media + culture, urban anthropology and marketing. I nurture my passion for urban culture, development, design and architecture by hosting PechaKucha Night events and doing what I love; connecting people and enabling communities.