Theoretical physicist, hackathoner, camera connoisseur, and PechaKucha Night Erlangen co-organizer, Nils Pickert proves that we have some brainiacs amongst our PechaKucha People. And speaking of brains, Nils is in Tokyo this week on business overseeing some technical aspect of a live Brain Surgery!

Joanna Gillespie steals the PechaKucha People Spotlight this week. An independent consultant and project manager for the arts & culture sector, she co-organizes PechaKucha Night Buffalo (along with Nick Bruscia, Clinical Assistant Professor, University at Buffalo Department of Architecture). From the early days of fastening a projector to a bar stool with duct tape, to the recent PechaKucha Buffalo 10th Anniversary celebration at Buffalo's esteemed Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Joanna sees PechaKucha as a way to bring different groups together to share ideas.

"Sometimes creative people are so engrossed in their own work they don't have an opportunity to connect with the larger community. PechaKucha is a space for architects, actors, artists and activists to share ideas and maybe even spark a collaboration. That's what inspires us to keep organizing events." 

We couldn't be more proud of Joanna's PechaKucha Passion! Way to go PechaKucha Buffalo Team! 

The PechaKucha People spotlight shines on Elyas and Heba, PK Organizers in Aden who, after their visit to Tokyo in 2015, were never able to return home as war broke our in their native Yemen. Calling Amman in Jordon home for the past 2 years, they'll be starting a new PKN series there soon. Good Luck! 

PechaKucha Night Trondheim organizer, Lina Aspen deserves this week's PK People spotlight for herself being a youthful beacon of creativity (and UX designer) brightening up Norway's dark winter days by organizing the city's 7th volume this week. Driven by students, PechaKucha Nights in Trondheim aim to be the meeting place for all creatives!

Fun fact from Trondheim, according to Lina - "Our most memorable PechaKucha was by a professor who had the slideshow with 'old fashioned actual slides', you know physical slideshow..."
...Yes Lina, some of us are sadly old enough to have presented with "old fashioned actual slides." Thanks for reminding us how old some of us are ;-)

For PK Person of the Week, Kevin S. Fox, PechaKucha Nights are a 21st-century forum “where the professional, the poetic, and the personal find their public.” Over the past 2 years this American cultural geographer has presented at 9 PechaKucha Nights in Austria, Slovakia, Poland, Germany and USA. For the presentations he usually discusses his monthly radio show, Geographical Imaginations, where he explores the geographies of everything and nothing with a wide range of people—including academics, artists and everyday geographers. He asks questions and explores themes through dialogue and experimentation. Inevitably, these explorations return to simple, yet complex, questions: How does _____ inform the way I picture the world in my head? How does that picture, in turn, limit or expand my place in the world? Check out his Salzburg, Austria based radio program or his recent presentation from PKN Aalen, Geography of PechaKucha.

This week's PechaKucha People spotlight shines on Amazon UX Design Lead and PKN Seattle organizer Ana Pinto da Silva who epitomizers the very best of our creative community. She was recently recognized for her continued contribution to her community and company through PechaKucha. "There is a sense of connectedness, of friendship, of inspired transformation ... a need to share experiences that allow us to dive deep into a topic, shining a light on the incredible people in our community doing such important work across so many different areas. The audience gets to hear a multitude of perspectives in a way that honors the collective intelligence of the community." Read more here.

This week's PechaKucha People spotlight heads high up to the Austiran Apls, shining on Lienz organizer and bubbly do-gooder, Ulrike Madritsch, who recently joined other organizers for a regional meet-up in Aalen Germany, making evident just how passionate she is about PechaKucha! Here's to you Ulli!

This weeks PechaKucha People spotlight goes to Charlotte organizer, and architect/urban designer and founder of Que-OS, Manoj P Kesavan, whose city was shaken earlier this year by protests and unrest following a police shooting. Manoj put out a call for the creative community to respond to the new realities, and was overwhelmed by the response. The event that followed reflected the seriousness and urgency of the situation, and brought together most diverse lineup and audience to date - not just for the cities PKN, but for any cultural platform in the city. Read more about it here

Kesavan says: “In a city where everything - including cultural venues - are highly segregated, and where trust between races/classes/communities is in short supply, we are humbled to be the safe and welcoming place for diversity and inclusion.”

We couldn't be more proud of you, Manoj for making a positive impact in your community though PechaKucha! Keep it up! 

PechaKucha Night New Westminster committee member, and PechaKucha Person of the Week, Jen Arbo is being recognized and interviewed in the New Westminster Record as the city's Citizen of the Year, and we at PechaKucha HQ couldn't be more proud of her. Check out the full interview here.

The PechaKucha People spotlight shines this week on business-savvy funnyman, Hironori Okada, organizer of PechaKucha Nights in Osaka. A gregarious fellow, pictured here with PechaKucha founder Astrid Klein, he embodies the best of Osaka's lively no-nonsense spirit! Look out for PKN Osaka's Vol. 15 this week!