Thorsten Bösch is one of the colorful cast of characters behind PechaKucha Nights in Chicago. When not busy designing visualizations for architects and other creatives via visualized concepts, he's focussed on building the most up to date and complete digital model of the entire city of Chicago! We love ya, Thorsten!

Israeli designer of the Rafsoda Project, artistic director of Jerusalem Design Week, AND organizer of PechaKucha Tel Aviv, Anat Safran captures the PechaKucha People Spotlight this week for just hosting what might be the biggest PechaKucha Night EVER! 10,000 in attendance at Tel Aviv's Vol. 19 at Heichal Ha Tarbut TLV!

PechaKucha Night Christchurch organizer Erica Austin steps into the "PechaKucha Passionate" spotlight again for being recognized by Architecture Now for all the many hats she wears in her effort make Christchurch a more liveable city. Working for the city's "Ministry of Awesome" we salute Erica's awesomeness! 

PK People: Yukinari Hisayama

The PechaKucha Person spotlight lands on the man behind the very name, "PechaKucha", Yukinari Hisayama. Hisa-san, as he's known at PechaKucha HQ is a veteran architect at Klein-Dytham architecture, who with Mark and Astrid, devised the 20x20 format some 14 years ago. We have Hisa to thank for it's tongue-twisting moniker, PechaKucha, which means chit-chat in Japanese. We love you Hisa-san!   

Portland in Tokyo! The "PechaKucha Passionate" and on-target dynamic-husband-and-wife duo, Katie and Chris Wojda of PKN Portland Oregon joined us in Tokyo last weekend for our 3rd annual Organizer meet-up. When not absolutely crushing their PechaKucha Nights in Portland, believe it or not, they're serving their city as professional dog trainers. Just goes to show how our PechaKucha Global community is made of all kinds! 

Netta Eogz is the first person to have the PechaKucha Person Spotlight shined on her twice. Once was to honor her charismatic leadership in the role of PKN Christchurch organizer and now - SURPRISE - as our newest edition to the PechaKucha Global Team here in Tokyo! Welcome Netta!

This week's PechaKucha People Spotlight lands on Marianna Vardanyan and Diana Babayan of PKN Yerevan who were recently recognized by European Internet Governance Initiative, EuroDig. Presentations from their series always impress with some of Armenia's most passionate and creative people. Click though for more info about them. 

Marianna Vardanyan is a lover of modern art, photography, and traveling. She also is a digital marketing professional, interested in possible applications of tech and design practices into social impact projects. She began her career at a non-profit organization, then moved to a large technology organization, and now has started her own creative agency, Proper Company with her husband. Last year she welcomed her first baby daughter! 

Diana Babayan is a Volunteer Coordinator who specializing in the non-profit sector. Having obtained two Master’s degrees from European Universities in international relations and European interdisciplinary studies, she proves again that we are organization of bright and on-target people. Passionate about traveling, exploring new disciplines and hearing people's stories, she also enjoys drawing, making hand-made gifts, and nature photography. 

Thanks for all your PechaKucha Passion, Marianna and Diana!

Theoretical physicist, hackathoner, camera connoisseur, and PechaKucha Night Erlangen co-organizer, Nils Pickert proves that we have some brainiacs amongst our PechaKucha People. And speaking of brains, Nils is in Tokyo this week on business overseeing some technical aspect of a live Brain Surgery!

PechaKucha People: Joanna Gillespie

Joanna Gillespie steals the PechaKucha People Spotlight this week. An independent consultant and project manager for the arts & culture sector, she co-organizes PechaKucha Night Buffalo (along with Nick Bruscia, Clinical Assistant Professor, University at Buffalo Department of Architecture). From the early days of fastening a projector to a bar stool with duct tape, to the recent PechaKucha Buffalo 10th Anniversary celebration at Buffalo's esteemed Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Joanna sees PechaKucha as a way to bring different groups together to share ideas.

"Sometimes creative people are so engrossed in their own work they don't have an opportunity to connect with the larger community. PechaKucha is a space for architects, actors, artists and activists to share ideas and maybe even spark a collaboration. That's what inspires us to keep organizing events." 

We couldn't be more proud of Joanna's PechaKucha Passion! Way to go PechaKucha Buffalo Team! 

The PechaKucha People spotlight shines on Elyas and Heba, PK Organizers in Aden who, after their visit to Tokyo in 2015, were never able to return home as war broke our in their native Yemen. Calling Amman in Jordon home for the past 2 years, they'll be starting a new PKN series there soon. Good Luck!