This week's PechaKucha People spotlight shines on the person behind the spotlight (and presentation deck) at PechaKucha Night Tokyo, Kenneth Chong. Co-curating Tokyo's always-impressive presenter line-up is just one of his appreciated talents. He's also a highly intuitive designer at Klein Dytham architecture. Cheers Neth! 

PechaKucha Night Santander's unsung hero, Organizer Honey Dahlia steals the spotlight in this week's PechaKucha People! As a newcomer to Santander, she went against all odds in a place where she was surrounded by an unknown language and stunned the Santander community with PechaKucha Night Santander Vol. 1 and 2! With hard work and dedication, she was able to overcome adversity and show the world what the spirit of PechaKucha is all about! Keep up the amazing work!

Few people are more deserving of the weekly PechaKucha People spotlight than PKN Markham's cracker-jack organizer, Ange Friesen. Time and time again, PechaKucha Night Markham curates a top-notch roster presenters whose 20x20 presentations continually stand out as some of the best. We thank and salute you Ange!  

Our PechaKucha People spotlight heads to Kyrgyzstan where we spotlight one of our newest organizers, PechaKucha Night Bishkek's, Tursunai Brimkulova. A fresh graduate, journalist, English teacher and traveler, she's open to new adventures and projects, committed to uncovering Bishkek's hidden creativity! 

We put our PechaKucha People spotlight on Kyle Soo, organizer of PechaKucha Night Manchester for keeping the city's united spirit alive and well by providing some much deserved creative relief with their upcoming Vol. 17. From around the world, we're cheering you, your team, and your city on! 

Our PechaKucha People spotlight this week lands on one of the many unsung heroes of PechaKucha, the man behind PKN Aalen's always legendary posters - graphic designer Klaus Schlichter! We salute you Klaus and all the artists who've dedicated their creativity to one of our most favorite aspects of PechaKucha - The Posters!!!"

Alejandra Sepúlveda steals the PechaKucha People Spotlight for time and time again creating an amazing space for discussion at PechaKucha Nights in Concepción City, Chile. Dedicated to showcasing the city's talent, projects, and experiences (check out some photos), she stands a head above the rest!

The "PechaKucha Passionate" spotlight shines on forward-thinking, trend-setting, globe-trotting, PechaKucha Gothenburg's veteran organizer, Jesper Larsson. A man of many hats, Jesper, partly resides in Shanghai where he runs one of several companies, all the while dedicated to making Gothenburg a more creative and vibrant city.

Thorsten Bösch is one of the colorful cast of characters behind PechaKucha Nights in Chicago. When not busy designing visualizations for architects and other creatives via visualized concepts, he's focussed on building the most up to date and complete digital model of the entire city of Chicago! We love ya, Thorsten!

Israeli designer of the Rafsoda Project, artistic director of Jerusalem Design Week, AND organizer of PechaKucha Tel Aviv, Anat Safran captures the PechaKucha People Spotlight this week for just hosting what might be the biggest PechaKucha Night EVER! 10,000 in attendance at Tel Aviv's Vol. 19 at Heichal Ha Tarbut TLV!