PechaKucha Night El Paso takes the City Focus for their recent second Bi–National event in association with their sister city – PechaKucha Juarez. The two cities came together again for a two day, two city, one borderland event. Check out some amazing presentations both in English and Spanish!

Home of the Space and Rocket Center and one of our newest cities, PechaKucha Night Huntsville takes this week's City Focus for hosting it's first volume at Mad Malts Brewery and Tap Room. While we highly encourage shooting for the stars, we can't condone drinking beer and flying rockets ;-) Be safe now, Huntsville. 

One of the world's oldest continuously inhabited cities in breathtaking Armenia captures our City Focus, and our imaginations, this week with some presentations as vibrant as their city from there recent PechaKucha Night Yerevan Vol. 21, themed "Governance, What's next?" Check them out! 

In an effort to warm up our coldest PechaKucha Nights, we shine this week's City Focus on PechaKucha Night Winnipeg for uploading some amazing presentations from their recent Vol. 28. From Nude Croquet to Social Media Heroes, there's a little something for everybody! Stay warm Winnipeg!

PechaKucha Night Asahikawa takes the City Focus for their upcoming Winter Festival! The spectacle of snow, ice, light and fireworks will be beautiful lit up at night, and attended by visitors from all over the world, kicked off with this week's Vol. 5 PechaKucha Night! Their creativity is bound to impress!

After 5 years and 20 successful volumes, PechaKucha Night organizers in Taos admittedly wondered if it might be time to pass on the torch. It seems their community has demanded otherwise as they deserve this week's City Focus for kicking off 2017 with their 21st volume! Here's to you, Taos!

This week's PechaKucha City Focus lands on the City of Bridges, Pittsburgh. While the steel city straddles 3 rivers, it also hosts a vibrant PechaKucha Night, presentations from it's recent Vol. 25 which are now online. Head over to their city page and take in some of Pittsburgh's hidden creativity. 

PechaKucha Night Caracas deserves this week’s City Focus for writing us saying that each presentation at their recent Vol. 4 has "become a shot of inspiration for a community that is overwhelmed with the difficult time that we are living ... after each event is a halo of hope, you can hear people saying to us 'yes we can'".

Kennebunkport, Maine, USA, "A Place to Be All Year", lands the PechaKucha City Focus for sharing their communities' creativity this week, by uploading a batch of presentations from their recent Vol. 21! Their proximity to the sea informs topics ranging from Lobster Photography to Amphibious Tiny Houses! Check 'em out!

Despite a population of only 75, making PechaKucha Night Monhegan our smallest city, they are also one of our most vibrant, as you can see in this photo. That's why we're putting this week's PechaKucha City Focus on them! Keep an eye on their upcoming Vol. 3 and check out their past presentations!