Presenters at PKN Istanbul Vol. 13

The organizers of the upcoming PechaKucha Night in Istanbul Vol. 13 -- part of our Global Cities Week -- have sent us the following info about the event's presenters, that we share below. And here's our previous post, that includes details and the poster for the event.

Who will be on stage on PechaKucha Night Istanbul Vol. 13? Curators, artists, cultural operators, editors, festival directors, DJs! People who make us run around the clock not to miss a beat in town and keep us busy all year long with a royal buffet of events in art, culture and entertainment in Istanbul. What is trendy in Istanbul? Check that out with Benan Bal, fashion designer. What are the latest party trends? Future Generation’s Orkun Bozdemir is in da house. Keeping up with Istanbul’s agenda is a full time job. Thanks to media who does that on our behalf. Editor Eraslan Sağlam and strategist Serdar Paktin from will tell us how. Being a curator in İstanbul, curating in İstanbul, curating with İstanbul or being curated by İstanbul? Curating an Istanbul of our own? Curating a İstanbul for all? Photographer Murat Germen, video mapping artist Candaş Şişman and curator Fırat Arapoğlu will discuss. Without them, it would be incomplete: two newcomers to the biennale scene of Istanbul, Design and Architecture. Özlem Yalım Özkaraoğlu, Director of İstanbul Design Biennale and Genco Demirer of İstanbul International Architecture Biennale will take us to a tour. Where all these take us? What is in the making? Fırat Kasapoğlu of Partners will point the direction for creative industries in Istanbul. Join the discussion on February 23rd, Thursday, at 20:20 in PechaKucha Night İstanbul Vol. 13 – Curating İstanbul at Yapı-Endüstri Merkezi (YEM). Please get registered here.