PKN Quito + Inspire Japan Quito will take part in the Global PechaKucha Day - Inspire Japan event on April 16 -- we're including details in this post from PKN Quito organizer Francisco Mejia, and all three posters for the event, but you'll also find some details in Spanish on the official event page.

We will have a special guest that is going to perform, Tyler Spencer, a DIDJERIDU performer who has been traveling around South America and during his journey through Quito he very generously offered to perform for free at our event. We are also planing to have a tent where people attending the event can donate and share their talents, it could be all sorts of design material, clothes, paintings, CDs, etc. The idea is that everyone can contribute (even if they are not on the presenters list) by selling their stuff and the profits will also be donated to the cause.  Our talented designer Andrés Pacheco from Mokenke has put up 3 designs for the event poster. The idea is to use background images that can inspire peace and hope. The event will be held at Centro Cultural EL AGUJON on Saturday, April 16th at 8:00pm. More info on the event and how people can help and contribute can be found on our local website.