City Focus: Brooklyn

We're putting this week's "City Focus" on PKN Brooklyn, who is co-hosting NYCxDesign, May 8–19, 2015. NYCxDesign is citywide celebration of design, with events throuought the city showcasing all disciplines of design, with a special PKN scheduled for May 18th at Kinfolk 94!

PechaKucha at NYCxDesign

PechaKucha Brooklyn is offering a chance to win two VIP tickets to this week's event, happening Monday, May 18 as part of NYCxDesign. "Make your own PechaKucha" design for a chance to win! Check out the official event page for more details!

Prototyping Architecture

Founder of the The Living in Brooklyn, an Autodesk design studio, David Benjamin will be in presenting in Brooklyn this week as part of NYCxDesign, 2015. Pscyh yourself up for his talk by watching his previous PKN presentation, Prototyping Architecture, from NYC, Vol. 14.

Presentation of the Day

Repeat PechaKucha Presenter and Yokohama Knit Artist, Bernd Kestler started an initiative called "Knit for Japan" in repsonse to the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami of 2011. Originally aimed at providing knitting supplies for people of Tohoku, the project evolved into the "Granny Square Project” in which Bernd collected 20cm X 20cm knitted squares from all around the world. Little did he know he would receive so many that he was able to create the worlds largest crochetted blanket. Check out how this creative project became greater than the sum of its parts. 


Past Presentations of the Day


Gender and the General Election

@ VOL 14 ON APR 29, 2015

Coco Toma, Vice President Communication and Democracy at the Huddersfield Student Union, looks at developing women's engagement with politics in the 21st century.


Strange Fruit; Split Seed

@ VOL 1 ON MAR 31, 2015

Jean-Marc Superville Sovak presents a series of drawing based on lynching photographs:

"I began my drawing series based on James Allen’s “Without Sanctuary: Photographs and Postcards of Lynching in America” to reject the roles I found myself in when viewing the images; at first, vicariously the victim, then, a spectator guilty because of my ineffectual presence. In the act of just looking, I also became a witness to the exhibition of a human being's destruction, no different than any other spectator. Like the other participant's affirmation and justification of the inhuman act that had occurred, I also became accomplice to the crime.

I asked myself: How could I avoid the irreversible effects of the photograph? How could I conversely act upon the photograph?"


Turn Off To Tune In

@ VOL 13 ON AUG 07, 2014

Artist, animator, Gallery Assistant at The Foundation Gallery in New Orleans, Alice McGillicuddy, talks about her process to find fun and to get into the mind frame to create.  Alice is the happiest creating structures, large and small, to house animations and enjoys making every sort of bit and bob.


An Appeal for Calm

@ VOL 1 ON MAR 24, 2015

Associate Technology Director at digtial advertising agency R/GA London and semi-professional geek, Andy Hawkes talks about calm technology and why modern devices make and break the rules around calm technology.

Friends of PechaKucha

Friends of PechaKucha